Win the lottery, do you stay or go?

We are all pretty much here because we can not find a person within our own status group.
If you win the lottery do you stay or go?

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I stay.
Stay the course. Fresno b0b is here to write & crunch numbers.
Why may I ask?
There are no odds to play on OLD anymore.
Tinder take spin the wheel and discover STD's or MURDER.
Go. Yesterday.

Only... has to figure out exactly where to... init....
Noting many of those outside the US have no clue of the size of our current lotteries.
Our PowerBall lottery prize is currently $1.04 Billion dollars. The cost of a ticket is $2.

Our MegaMillions lottery prize is currently a (paltry) $300 Million dollars. The cost of a ticket is $2.

Even if you hold a winning ticket, you must be a lawful resident of the US to collect your winnings.

Most stores in the US that sell the tickets sell tickets for both lotteries. During my time in DC while doing things involving keeping tabs on certain Embassy workers I became aware that several countries apparently decided why not? And lawful residents of the US associated with those embassies often bought hundreds (if not thousands) of those tickets. Makes perfect sense. The entire GDP in 2022 for the country of Tonga in 2022 was $460.2 Million dollars. South Sudan in 2022 $516 Million dollars. Burundi earned $891 Million dollars. Naturally suddenly having a citizen of that country lawfully in the US bring a lottery jackpot back to their country for deposit into their treasury would be a big shot in the arm. Anyone who hangs out at one of the 711s, like the one on S. Capital Street or Strick's liquor store in MD, *or Tik Tock Liquor in Chantilly (when it was open) would see cars with Dipple (Diplomatic) plates pull in the parking lot and some guy in a suit run in and buy a whole wad of tickets then scurry away. I would presume with the kind of payout sitting out there today that still goes on. Walk into a 711 10 minutes before lottery sales stop and there will be a line of at least 30 people waiting their turn to but a few tiickets.

Does anyone ever win? Absolutely. Some lucky person a Northeastern state won 899 Million dollars only a few months ago. Sadly sometimes multiple people who pick their number have a winning number. I remember last year 4 people had to share a $600,000,000 dollar jackpot. Broke their hearts for sure.

Do I play it?? Absolutely. The Risk / Reward ratio any time it passes a 12 Million dollar payout between the pay out and your $2 investment is so large you would have to be silly to not play it. A single jackpot win after 50 years of constantly buying a $2 ticket every 3 or 4 days days totally makes up for the investments with huge profit to spare. Have I ever won anything? A few times. A lot of $2 and $10 dollar payouts. A $50 payout once. I dopersonally know 2 people who won over $100,000 dollars. There was also a small business owner not too far away from me who won about $40 Million a few years ago.

Would I vanish from CS if the Billion dollar number to be alled in 2 days matches the number on the ticket in my pocket? Probably not. Some of the people on CS are actually just who they say they are. I have 'known' them for years. Late night video calls with some of them. Sometimes their night, my day, sometimes the other way around. Many conversations with multiple women from CS I would enjoy meeting in person and maybe more. But travel money is an obstacle. Having a Billion dollars in my back pocket wiould make that obstacle vanish for sure. Would I still visit CS? Sure, why not?
And if eYe won ....head banger .) Arthritis willing
.you would soon know. Ad I would certainly co create
Sum kind of cynical, kick a**, meme loaded . Jam invested..
Parkinson amended, Chess punctuated, internet thingy...
State takes half. The rest is nontaxable until it becomes income.
There is a LOTTERY LAWYER you can call to help receive your money.
Sometimes criminal organizations move in to launder their illegal money through the winnings.
States like NYS require the winner be named.
I play both Power and Mega once a week.
Same numbers and keep the old tickets to prove I play the same numbers.
I win I move as fast as possible.
Every organization and political entity family friends friends move in to get part of your luck.
The other problem is people get greedy. Their 500 million winnings they want to turn into a billion.
They wind up making shitty investments.
BIGOV may freeze your assets so they need to be placed securely in the world..
yes, you may.
I dunno....I mean, it would be fun to meet someone from way off somewhere and actually be able to afford to go visit a place I've never been.
My brother had this doper friend, pretty decent mechanic.
His mother won like 3 mill. He lived off her.
When the lottery first hit NY this nose of a a guy who hung out at an old mans bar, same one my father did, pulled a winner first try. I think it was a deal where you got tossed into a group drawing. "he walked away with 100k, bought a vet all under twenty five.
My problem is I have a unique last name.
Not many places to hide.
Outside Vegas maybe, Pahrump looks interesting.
Then again you got the money everything goes in storage and just keep moving to new rentals until you get bored.

Musk told Rogan he gave up everything and I guess does just that.
Moves into rentals or property his companies own.
Not everyone is on here looking for a partner,that's an assumption on your part.

Money is not the answer or even cure- all for everything.It's a necessity for some and an advantage for others.
You get money you move up in the world and lose the old friends.
Simple economic evolution.
Really you plan to return here and post about driving your new Lambo?
Or how your heated salt pool isn't filtering correctly?
Different Psychology from the Plebs.

You are very good at making assumptions about what others might or might not do.

I would never give up my friends over money that's for sure and some would welcome a helping hand . That's what true friendship is about.
Is is a fact.
How many here are rich?
Rich people don't hang out with the poor except to buy dope.
Eventually your life styles diverge so much it is nearly impossible to communicate at the same level.
That is reality.
Not an assumption but fact.
Ever go hang in the local hood?
Talk to the gang bangers or ex cons or Meth heads?
Ever sit in a homeless camp and chat for a day?
Not by choice.

Many of my neighbors are much richer than me. My little farm (which is large by the South Bronx standards I grew up with) is one of the most tiny in this sector of the county. I know people with whole square miles of land and similar sized bank accounts or stock holdings. We get along ffine. I am not after their money and they are not Aholes. I get invites to social events and some come here to visit now and then. I don't think our friendships will change much if I win the PowerBall. or the MM. I have been thinking it over and have decided if I win a 100 million or more I swill donate some of that to Ukraine's purchase of additional Storm Shadows for use against things Russian. With a check for 100 Million in my bank account dumping a paltry 10 million to kill some things Russian would be a good use of the money.

Powerball is up over 1.2 Billion today. Ticket fever is rampant.
Rich in the black or rich in debt?
I',m mostly in the black. Slight red.
My pretentious neighbors are all debt slaves.
I did grow up 1970's to 80's rich though.
Next time their is a fancy real rich folk get together see how well you fit in.
Find some trust fund kiddies and hang out, visit the kerry's.

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