I've been known to do other things...

Simple concept... I've been known to do other things when blogging. It's called multitasking. Maybe you have tried this too! In my last blog, a member was irritated that I wasn't able to quickly respond to their comment. Actually, It was after dinner and I was doing other things that included cat napping. Maybe I should leave messages that I'm away from the computer. No, that wouldn't be accurate as I was at the computer but my eyes were closed.

I'm so guilty of surfing, online shopping or replying to emails when I blog.

I called someone and they didn't answer the phone, so I left a message. After leaving the message, I went to do something else. On occasion, I've actually called another person right after that... and it's happened that the first person will return my call/message and complain that I wasn't 'standing by' for their return call. They had to leave me a message to call them.

Life goes on... I don't want to admit it, but the cellphone sometimes accompanies my trips to the toilet. Oh, I just admitted it.

I'm currently doing a bathroom remodel and met the client last week to go over details. He asked that a small cabinet be added next to the toilet so he can work when he poops. My response was "No problem, the cabinet is in the layout."

I was in a meeting with clients when a text message came through from another client who was shopping for a refrigerator and ready to make the purchase at that moment. He expected an instant reply from me.

Unless I take the job in a 911 emergency call center, there's a good chance I'll be doing more than one thing at a time.

"Suicide Hotline... please hold"
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I did twice or maybe even thrice.
I cooked while blogging.
Food was burnt. laugh
Post of the night ^^^^^^ innocent
There is only one so if your bad at math you got it right laugh
The thing is, Merc, I am not too bad at math. But I still got it right, I am sure. laugh
There's an old saying that applies to the hyper blogger: If silence be good for the wise, how much better for fools.
Yes we all got it right laugh

Are we in trouble going off topic..If so I will remind chat he has a few comments now angel laugh
Kal, if you be good and eat all your veggies, I'll teach you the secret of adding comments to blogs that don't allow comments...
If that happened to me, I would never respond to that person comments anymore! professor

I am popular for not "standing by". My family and friends know that. laugh
I like that thumbs up
Kal knows how to do that..Don't remind her because I got lucky tonight laugh

Good night all angel
thumbs up
Teach me how to really lock the blog from comment instead.
Besides I am always good...... to my Giant only! grin
And I hate certain veggies.. tongue
Still have no clue how you and Teddy did that. crying

Sleep tight, Merc, and have pleasant dreams! teddybear
I can no longer securely lock my blog frustrated frustrated frustrated
I think I am going to write that in your CS wish list! grin
Be my guest!
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