.18..[ . addenda.

...we are moving from Serlings key of Imagination
..into Rumsfelds known Unknowns of knowledge
In a vain attempt at killing Parkinson & his Paradox.
..it takes sum practice, but in 1,000 more daze..
..you will eventually catch on...) ..or die...

50 song memoir. ) Magnetic fields
..10,000 reasons. ) .red Man.
C. . Mental Funeral. | Autopsy.
.2. Live bullet. ) .bob Seger & silver bullet band.
1. He's dead, Jim. ) .the country Doctor.
..a. r. ) Odessey & Oracle. ) Zombies.

Part 2. Parkinson still standing...
... before & After Science. ) Enos.
..the Sciences. ) .sleep.
C. .book of dreams. ) S Miller band
.2...dream police. ) . cheap trick
1. .this Time Long ago. ) .guess who [ ?
.a. r. ) Here I dreamt eYe was an Architect.) Dec.
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The situation | California, 1958.
All American boy. ) Bobby bare.
.over & over. ) .bobby day.
C. Western Movies. ) Olympics
2. Move it. ) Richard
1. Just a matter of time. ) Benton.

Current situation | Amerika

Machine gun Etiquette. ) .the Damned
Bales of Cocaine. ) Rev. Horton heat.
C. You R invited ) dismemberment plan
.2. . Adventure. ) Television
1. Government Plates ) death grip.
A R ] No hope. ) The Vaccines.
Speaking of Time..{ .law 2...& ..3.*

25 o Clock. } . } Dukes of stratosphere.
..z e r o . H o u r. } * .the weapon is zeroed.
C. .sword of Elohim . } .red Crayola
..2. .out of Time. ) .blur.
1. .No Time. } * .} ..guess who

..on my way to better things, eYe got myself sum wings...} ... standby.
This is how quick ..the view of world Events...can
..change....when the Changelings are in full weather mode...
..storm Watch. } .Tull
. don't think. Obey ! .} .storm bringer
C.... IGNORANCE. ) .The Weather Station
..2. down by the water. ) Harvey .[ 2017 himacaine.
1. Hurricane .) Dylan
..a. r. ) Landslide. ) .F Mac.

To what extent the weather is being manipulated we
Do not presume to know. There are other channels for that. We do know the world's 1st Himacaine was made in New Jersey circa 1947...and struck the Carolinas.... followed by a lawsuit within daze...
... Until the End of the World. } U 2.
Here w/0 you.. } 3 doors down
..synTax. } .5 years ahead of Time. } 3rd Mc] bardo.
Liner note | 6% inner turbulence.) .dream Theater

Ritual number 1. ) West coast pop Art
.....pop.Quiz...) .) .for all the T in China & all
.the Cruise missiles in $cientology...what is
Ritual # 1.?.
.a.) son worship. .b.) sun worship..c.. staring @ the sun. .d.) . Sunday morning....e.) coming down...

frustrated ..it's only rock n roll..
But I like it?

Congrats..) ..I'm sending you [ fed X ground
An autographed Cruise Missle.
Thankyou, Bob, I'm delighted....
Blending the mix..| . situation

.just a matter of Time. ) Benton
..time to think .} . torment
C.. .psalm 69 .} . ministry
.2. .Logic. } blk.spider man
1. .blk December* ) .hell yeah.
.a.r. } hallowed be thy name.) .blk sabbath
* .dec./ ten..+ ember/ moon.
...part 2. ..
Blue on black. ) .k w. . shepherd
..black cat. ) .jack.
Starless & Bible blk. ) .king Crimson.
.syn Tax. } .blk moshe. ) .hayes
... anyone can dew it....read charts, note patterns.
..behold the prime directive...
."always leave the record player ON..
...let your children hear words.." - super Joe | 46.
With it being Oct 2 means we are zeroing in on

Embedded image from another site

I could see you sneaking up on it.
Figured if I had a cat in the pic I might get by with it. wink
Fresh from forward medicine
..is this reminder of digital difficulty..
..per the Parkinson paradox of proverbs
... iconic Iconium. { .& Only logical..
frustrated ..it's only rock n roll
..part 2..) frustrated ..head East ,.. yellow man.
.. addenda. ) F M. } . frequently Masonic
.. Overkill. } .head On..) frustrated ..) .apply direct to skull.
..the degree. & PhD. ) .Free masonry w/ strange writing on the wall....piled higher & deeply disturbing..frustrated ..) mene meme tekel...
.. writing on the wall ) Elohim
....thick as a brick. ) Tull
...the Wall. ) .p Floyd

.. multiple silver bullets, Parkinson still up.....
..( .ergo, a brief but potent look @ the Eternal. ) ..
Silver expended...
..$witching to gold...
frustrated F M .) Forward momentum.
....¥ .) frustrated . Yello Journalist discover
...red China wall.
.[> ..the work Expanding to fill up the Time available
.for completion & $uch..- C N Parkinson..] ..
.frustrated . Said journal 1 .. writing on wall sez
.. Orange is bad for you.
....| frustrated | save rock n roll | fallout boy
..sound check one..
.blue sky mining .) Midnight Oil
..gold. ) Interference
.stay Gold. ) First aid kit
Heart of Gold ) .young
..$ynTax. } Ecstasy of Gold / Au.) Morricone
A R .] G O L D mine. )..take 06.
.liner note. ) After the Au rush..) Young.
frustrated ) eYe can't believe it's not masonry.

7 cities ) solar stone
... Rosetta Stone ) tool.
Thick as a brick. ) Tull.
.the Wall. ) P Floyd
.off the wall..) Jackson
...$ynTax. } .Rock of Ages | Top Lady.
A R .} .rock around the clock } H + comets.
What about pudendum?
Or is it pudendum?
Or is is pudenda?
Disregard my duplicated comment, above, unless you are a replication of a digital life-form, yourself

You meant platinum..

The beat goes on...
frustrated very ] defective thinking
.re Pete * as necessary ..frustrated

* Peter / Pete = rock.
No I mean Pudenda. (Hint: it's in the dictionary)....
.eYe know my anatomy ..[ and hers.
..but I was going on about Hertz..& .such.

frustrated Taurus | .keep an eYe on China.
Leo. | .. higher UPs insist that everything be kosher.
.virgo Not. } . Houston Astros on historic run..
.. Paradox alert. } .the LAST time they lost was to
Philadelphia [ but they took 2 of 3 anyhoo..
...Cancer | .. Cryptic Crying shame we do not have
NY presence @ CStepford. McBob has to fill that deficit with his NJ good neighbor policy.
Libra.| ..World $erious game 1 , phills @ Houston, 7:05 local bat Time.
Aquarius. | Let the sunshine in.

Capricorn. | .get Free Edumacations @ YouTube
.. Enterthestars | .clk.playlist; click Trump file.
Hangman 1128 ./ Loaded with SURPRISE.
DAy the Earth stood still [ 1951ish.
.. featuring grip strength physics & dialogue.
.her } .so Bobby was right..?!.
Klatuu Carpenter. } ¥€$.

Scorpio | ..Eli's a coming...and the cards say ..
... another broken Amerikan Election.
Reminder to remember..
frustrated .I'm dreaming of a red brick wall.

... having Covfefe with my chuckster { cat.
Fixin to get the latest Intel. ..
..from row 16 .) .and beyond..) ..
..the PepsiCo International Internet.

Rule One for Google Plex heads.
...do not attempt to use the Internet
In a manner that would augment the thick TV
Rule 2 . ) .kill your TV.
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