3:20 am

In the big F ...as Non Forecasted rain
.is sweeping the landscape.

.eYe have evolved - yup- that's the word - into Fresno's Foremost Night Creature.
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3:44...and just like that..
The storm has passed..

Damn. Climate change is real.
Noticed this for a long time
Every morning between 3:30 -3:45 pst
A large military plane passes directly
Over our Central Fresno neighborhood
...on its way to Leemore Naval Air Station.

This video very FeFe* rich in that
The wing Commander lives
@ Effie & Michigan in the big F.

* Freedom not free. Matter of fact there is
A big Family FEE. - team Amerika, world police
^^^^^^^ that clip reminds me of the saying...the Bull in the china shop...lol

Sept 9 was when my daughter was born..20 min after I got to the hospital. She was a tiny 4 lbs and moving fast. She came early and has always been one for surprises.

3:20 am in F. is about dawn here.
I'm retired..I go to bed at midnight or after, other wise I'd be at 3:20 drinking coffee with you. I don't sleep many hours ..4-6 hours and I'm up.coffee
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