I wish you read it...

Yes I confess I was wrong. I realised it just after but couldn't apologize. I do it now.
My mind was playing games with me by assurances and reassurances that it was not that bad as she claimed and that she mistook and misunderstood me
But those mind games are crystally clear to me now. Yes for sure, I insulted her. I know it's too late 8 long years late.
She was so enthusiastic.She was so energetic and vibrant. I killed her innocent advances... I killed something precious within her. Yes I did How could I be that mean.
If you can forgive me... come lets play again.
I know you didn't stop playing chess after this mishap.
sad flower
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Oh, and who on here plays chess?

One of the big ESL giveaways is use of wish for hope or hope for wish ...


you mean the.... the girl
you had a.... tough argument

who made... quite a chaos
at one time.... some years
Yes that girl. She was rightly angry. I was wrong as I was so rude to her. And you were also accessory before or after the fact because you were supporting me.
Right is right and likewise wrong is wrong. You need to contemplate when you were wrong and not when you are right. Self righteousness is an inherent evil but it needs a courage to locate the selfwrongness. I pity myself that it took eight long years.
I agree she presented it in a vulgar way, exaggerated it, that was her fault but I can't hide mine behind it.
Who initiated it? It was none other than me.
Well I think, life is like that.
What about you? I wish you good.
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