truth and belief

Truth is naked and ugly while Belief is well dressed and beautiful with make-up. Pure truth is tasteless hard and immutable because it is created by Nature whereas Belief is very tasty flexible and soft because we make it ourselves according to our wish.
The quality of Truth is that it is true for everyone and is acceptable by all. The drawback of Belief is that it varies from person to person and conflicts with each other. It is not wrong to live with one's own beliefs, but being bent on proving one's belief is the best and highest creates conflict among ourselves.
"You mind your own business and I'll mind mine, You kiss your own sweetheart and I'll kiss mine."
If we could create balance between Truth and Belief then our life and this world will become very beautiful.
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We need both Truth and Belief to run our lives smoothly. Truth is useless without realisation. Sometimes we know and understand the Truth very well but we are able to realise it very little. Our Beliefs and desires suppress that realisation. Only sometimes we are able to realise it on a special occasion.

for example:
It is known and confirmed that one day we will lose everything, even our body, we will not be able to take anything with us from this world, but still we aspire to achieve everything.
For some time at someone's funeral, we realise that one day I too have to leave everything here and go empty handed. But as soon as we come out of that funeral, we again get caught by our beliefs and desires.

Well, life cannot run only on the Truth, there should also be Beliefs and desires in it, but these should not become so dominant that the realisation of the Truth and common sense within you diminishes.
Do we believe in our own beliefs or do we believe in someone else's beliefs?
The society in which we have grown up has been following someone else's beliefs from generation to generation. Even though the peoples who has created this belief-system may not only beliefs but also their own true experiences, it cannot become our belief unless we experience it ourselves.
A belief is good only as long as it does not override our common sense. If our common sense begins to fade away, then it is time to examine our belief system.
Faith, no matter how pleasant and dear, cannot be bigger than truth.
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