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"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(168)I Dont Know How.......................... You People Can Do It..................Talk About........ "Ramblin"................ Will You? One Side Wants...

namaron376-Sep 143 hrs agoSep 19

Our Greatest Fear - Poem from Marianne WilliamsonIt is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful...

daniela77744020Jun 20173 hrs agoJun 2017
I have all this but the part i want is not here

I have all this, but the part i want is not here..I have everything to make my life whole, when i was a young boy i used to have all these dreams of all the things i wanted to do with my life, some...

Honda_Guy4335Oct 20103 hrs agoOct 2010
I need help

I need helpHow do I attach another site on here to my profile? I am trying to start a single dating site over 40 for my area on face book.. but I don't know how...

WindinherhairCAS8309Sep 20153 hrs agoSep 2015

The Times They Are A-ChangingFor many years now the Spanish have been criticised for their ill-treatment of animals (bullfighting, circuses etc.) and the official answer to this h...

daniela77740336Sep 193 hrs ago4 hrs ago

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"("CONFUSION")(27)Back In The Days Of Elementary School...Junior High School...And Senior High School..If Two People Were Caught Fighting In The Class Room..In The Hall...

namaron38912Sep 20163 hrs agoSep 2016

FriendsShow me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. That’s right, birds of feather flock together. If your friends are thieves, then you are a thief t...

Catfoot89628Apr 20163 hrs agoApr 2016
Where would you travel if money were not an issue

Where would you travel if money were not an issue?I guess traveling is one of the greatest experience we could have as humans, I really enjoy traveling, just imagine the exotic places that exist all o...

single_again4u41340Sep 53 hrs agoSep 19

looking for loveAre there any single women near Amanda Ohio who want a passionate lover and friend who is caring and honest...

whitebarn943Oct 143 hrs ago8 hrs ago

Ghosting your date, can be illegal !I recall a couple of former blogs on here recounting "ghosting" as a method to deal with a date, that wasn't quite up to expectations. One seemed to...

JimNastics1459Sep 123 hrs agoSep 12

Then and now: Stevie Nicks or Christine McVie...I did a CS poll about two women who costarred on a 1960's TV show called Gilligan's Island, where passengers on a small fishing boat got lost at sea a...

chatillion2247Aug 133 hrs ago10 hrs ago

Bootyology...I went to the salon today for a haircut and my stylist didn't have anyone in front of me so the wait was only a few minutes. I've been a customer of t...

chatillion1140Jul 223 hrs agoJul 22

Large Breasts on a woman......are not necessarily always a good thing, or is that things. Granted, they may get a woman more attention from some males, but they make joggi...

JimNastics3,38134Sep 20113 hrs agoSep 2011
Im 100 in love Today

I'm 100% in love Today....Im 100% In love Today............. according to facebook test How about you guys, are you in love today?...

Unknown91636Mar 20103 hrs agoMar 2010
The Breakup

The BreakupActions carried out upon breakup: Delete photos, text, phone number, cut off any communication. Did they even ever exist? How do you handle it when th...

Shinegirl1,12259Oct 20173 hrs agoNov 2017
Gut instinct

Gut instinctTrust your gut? How much can you believe it? What if you are stupid, then what happens?...

Calidana65941Jun 33 hrs agoJun 6
Gays become succes in Indonesia

Gays become succes in IndonesiaIn America's TV Shows, all i know about the MC or Host are : 1. They Have the GOOD LOOKING 2. They have the charming personality 3. MACHO / so...

jefryhariyanto7428Jul 20113 hrs agoJul 2011
NewYorkcitylove139-Sep 20173 hrs ago
Another Year to Love Him

Another Year to Love HimBy Maria Fontaine DECEMBER 28, 2015 “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more t...

Keys7079095Dec 20153 hrs agoDec 2015
my visa is denied

my visa is deniedDon’t u have visa horror story to tell? well I DO i just wanna travel to europe to visit someone that i met in this site for a long time ....

bambina_bee78730Aug 20173 hrs agoAug 2017
lonelydaisy4294Jan 20133 hrs agoJan 2013

"NO END IN SIGHT"It Is All Understandable That The Only News That Gets Anybodys Attention..Is Always Bad News........................... If Its Bad News?...Itll Be In...

namaron283-Aug 20173 hrs agoAug 2017
Very sad indeed

Very sad indeedReviewing various female profiles and their perception of self and the quality of men they seek It's rather sad when they preach about how loving cari...

Akeldama4045725Mar 123 hrs agoApr 10
Finally 7 days have passed

Finally, 7 days have passed!Finally 7 days have passed until I can post something! 3 consecutive long working nights have passed until I can take a little break. There are still...

Emily_Yan43116Jul 163 hrs agoJul 18
stringman357-Nov 20153 hrs ago
Life is a punishment or Life is a reward

Life is a punishment? or Life is a reward?Life is a punishment? or Life is a reward? there are many questions in my mind since childhood. it is one of them....

Mr_Amor30617Apr 123 hrs agoMay 18
Declarations of love

Declarations of love.I posted this on someone's blog but thought it might be worth making my own blog on the subject,so here goes. I watched the Forums and blogs for a...

MICKEYMOST84544Jan 20133 hrs agoJan 2013

"SEE YA LATER JOHNNY""Imagine if Johnny only had a Body Gaurd 34 years ago this day?"....."If Only Johnny was Keen To "Mind Games"..(Then he would have sensed something di...

namaron49812Dec 20143 hrs agoDec 2014
2016 awards winner and 2nd place

2016 awards winner and 2nd place,...........After reading back through all the comments and deliberating I have decided to name one overall winner and a 2nd place as I dont want anyone to get hu...

Unknown90255Dec 20163 hrs agoDec 2016

It Always Will BeIt Always Will Be...

jarred1193-Sep 20153 hrs ago
Payback is a karmic certainty

Payback is a karmic certainty.My newbie announcer got herself fired yesterday. Annoying because I have established a new pattern for the listeners and now, like a soap bubble, it...

Unknown1,0691Nov 20073 hrs agoNov 2007
easily amused

easily amused !!!i just watched my dog chase its tail for ten minutes and thought "dogs r so easily amused" then i realized i just watched my dog chase its tail for te...

Townsend4163May 20133 hrs agoJun 2013
Ok where have you been

Ok, where have you been????Here is a link to Google Maps..expand the map with your mouse to the city level and hit Add Marker to mark the city you've visited then save the map...

sands881,34269Apr 20163 hrs agoApr 2016

Be Careful Of What You WriteIn real life you have to place a guard on your tongue. When on-line, your tongue is pretty ineffective, but what you write (type?) is as good as comin...

Catfoot1,08354Apr 20163 hrs agoApr 2016

These are a few of my; 2/2011 -For those who may be interested, a couple of nights ago, I posted a brand new photoalbum on another site. This is a very special photoalbum co...

JimNastics6287Dec 20123 hrs agoDec 2012

KAHLIL GIBRAN - On FriendshipYour friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanks-giving. And he is your board and your fireside. For...

Unknown4171Feb 20103 hrs agoFeb 2010
Negativism and Positivism

Negativism and PositivismDue to deal with certain questions in life I was led to see any positivism as a shallow calculation of possibilities. It was long ago when I was a you...

Unknown3952Jun 20083 hrs agoJun 2008

Filling out a profile here is a waste of timeIt appears time spent creating and filling out a profile here at CS is a complete and utter waste of our time, it would appear that the numbers of peo...

playnicelywithme22811Sep 233 hrs agoSep 24
Rock on

Rock onJust took this today And one else see the face,?...

oldblue5452414Oct 20173 hrs agoOct 2017

Chick Fil A song ala / BeatlesThe Chick Fil A song by Tom Hawkins taking off on a Beatles classic.

Willy34114245Jul 93 hrs agoJul 9

"STRANGER THAN STRANGE"I play the Lottery All the of the Time...But I never Won Nothing More Than 7 Bucks...Now Minus the 1 Dollar I paid..I Actually Won Only 6 Bucks...Now....

namaron1,88932Apr 20153 hrs agoApr 2015
My 1st join in Tahura Forest Archery Tournament

My 1st join in Tahura Forest Archery TournamentTaman Hutan Raya - TAHURA..the name of a conservation forest in Bandung area, is an integrated conservation area between secondary nature and forest....

Toe_toes15711Sep 243 hrs agoSep 25
xxcarriedeexx: "Whose's my soulmate"(meet us in the quizzes)

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