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Track161281Aug 226 hrs agoAug 22
Will you ever

Will you ever?I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly...

zaoyar2800Mar 20096 hrs ago
Democrats are jumping ship

Democrats are jumping ship........while facing severe political ramifications in the 2010 elections and sagging approval ratings...many Democrats are jumping ship and not running f...

Unknown6567Jan 20106 hrs agoJan 2010
Its time to relax

It's time to relaxSome favorite songs, good wine and relaxation. What could I need more. I remember one of David's prayers: I lack nothing... I still am spiritual. A...

Unknown3962Jan 20116 hrs agoJan 2011

:/it looks like i will get sick how are you cs friends:) hope you doing fine:)...

Unknown2272Sep 20126 hrs agoSep 2012

APPRECIATIONI find that most people do not appreciate their partners in lives...I often wondered why as life taught me to not settle for less than what I deserve....

jenhs37111Jul 20136 hrs agoJul 2013
Lynx Eyes of Love

Lynx "Eyes of Love"What an amazing ballad and rare of course I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do

Musicman9956911Feb 20126 hrs agoFeb 2012

Mail from Connecting Singles staffI can't reply to mail from CS staff so I am writing to them here. Connecting Singles staff, I HAVE ONLY ONE PROFILE ON HERE with username Equiya.....

equiya84124Feb 20126 hrs agoFeb 2012
What do you think

What do you think?What do you think and why? Unity on this planet of all people or not?...

Johnny_Sparton67841Dec 20166 hrs agoDec 2016

GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE!!CHEERS!!A man went to the pub with his wife. When he left for the counter to buy drinks, a prostitute approached his wife and whispered, ''You must...

jeddah1249416Jun 20126 hrs agoJun 2012
Wish U Very Happy DIWALI the Festival of L ight

Wish U Very Happy "DIWALI" the Festival of L ightDear all CS users, to whom I know or not, to whom who knows me or don't know. Just want to say wishing u very very happy Diwali & Happy new year. To...

Unknown5928Oct 20146 hrs agoOct 2014

IM COOKING BIKO UBE OISHIIIBe kind to others, take a good look around Although we are different, similarities abound. Try not to judge, pick on, or tease. Tre...

violet212,15111Oct 20136 hrs agoOct 2013
y are there no genuine women i dublin looking to

y are there no genuine women i dublin looking toive been here ages now nd still nothing i mean ive chatted with a few women but when it comes down to meeting they opt out...

chicotime4387Jan 20126 hrs agoJan 2012
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason Or that things that happen as the result of our

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Or that things that happen as the result of ourDo you believe that everything happens for a reason? Or that things that happen as the result of our own choices? Most often than not we stri...

ysabeljhen29731Oct 46 hrs agoOct 6
The Significance of Ladybugs

The Significance of Ladybugs.....Almost all countries consider ladybugs good luck. But are they? My experience so far confirms this theory. I don’t think my Mom would agree, because...

Unknown6,44313Apr 20106 hrs agoApr 2010

What a shop!Yesterday, my son prodded me to go to a Premium Outlet. Iam intrigued just with the name. I thought I got to go and see what the labeling means and al...

tatami33310Oct 20166 hrs agoOct 2016
How to beat Government corruption and organized cr

How to beat Government corruption and organized crFor the record my PC cut off by itself before starting this blog. You know God has given me a gift for attention to detail and I am sick of the bull...

Unknown2911Dec 20126 hrs agoDec 2012
Emergency Rations for my mum

Emergency Rations for my mum!Phew! Have just finished making mum's home made Mother's Day present! I love my mum to bits, but she is in a nursing home 500 miles away, so I have to...

Juneau5418Mar 20136 hrs agoMar 2013
How many Hugs

How many HugsHow many hugs does it take for a man to give you before you know it's a signal he likes you? Randomly, Friday night, I was at a coffee house with t...

angeleyes198463712Oct 20106 hrs agoOct 2010

.. THE TREASURE OF LIFE .."One never knows who one is, one never knows what treasures one is carrying within oneself. One never knows that one is a bearer of Christ-consciousne...

owlsway4202Feb 20166 hrs agoFeb 2016

Take a hint!Irony of sweet irony. In case you haven't been paying attention to the liberal media (and why would you), the Clinton's are on tour.....and no one car...

Drcoctail1156Dec 36 hrs agoDec 4
question that has baffled only men for centuries and decades

question that has baffled only men for centuries and decadesI am sure that most, if not all, men have pondered this thought and question...and many have most likely shed a tear or two over it. Living alone....

Johnny_Sparton55741May 266 hrs agoMay 28
Read what The Sign Read

Read what The Sign Read.We docked in the dark so we didn't read what the sign read. - Tho simple enough it was demure and tough "The Ground Needs To Be Fed"...

InstincThis98-Oct 96 hrs ago
Love Came Down in Human Flesh

Love Came Down in Human FleshIn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made...

serendipity61531112Feb 20146 hrs agoFeb 2014

The Secret's Out NowEveryone knows its my birthday soon so . . . . . . well, I'm a year older...

Track1639610Jul 20166 hrs agoJul 2016
why oh why

why oh whyr there so many people on here without a pic...i thought that was just for newcomers till they post their pic...but some people never do is e...

sweetiefireball87872Sep 20146 hrs agoSep 2014
Nic Vin Zant

Nic Vin ZantLong ?!? but i really cannot write longer message, i read almost every one's "wish" and like their comments, Happy Birthday TEDDY I hope all your...

runningshiva46-Oct 246 hrs ago

Evolution, God, Whatever...Have you ever wondered why there is a male and female version of the species? Why not simultaneous hermaphrodites? Take worms, for example. Each w...

mollybaby71363Jul 256 hrs agoJul 27

Don't Ignore this blog. lolPerhaps you may remember Charles Grassley's completely ignoring the pleas of women in Congress to allow them to read the 42,000 pages that they were...

JimNastics1754Sep 246 hrs agoSep 24
Living with a writer

Living with a writer1. Never, ever, ask when the book will be published 2. Don’t ask if they wish they had written the last best-seller 3. Never say you are thinkin...

VivianLee36817May 20156 hrs agoMay 2015
dating allien

dating allienin my free time i watch t.v specially history channel ,today i saw that one day alliens will return nd destroy earth through natural calamities. i st...

shubhrank5924May 20136 hrs agoMay 2013

FriendsLife is a gift................... Accept it Life is an adventure ..... Dare it Life is a sorrow............. Overcome it Life is a tragedy............

Unknown2753Jun 20096 hrs agoJun 2009

"WONDERING MAN"...("WHAT WAS THAT?")..(3)Remember?....When You Thought You Almost Saw Something?....... Out Of The Corner Of Your Eye?........... Well...The Way I "See" It.....(Pardon The Pu...

namaron667-Jul 20176 hrs agoJul 2017
Vlog of mowing in 2016

Vlog of mowing in 2016I believe last year I Vlogged the West pasture. Today I vlog the South Pasture.

Ken_1944215Jun 20166 hrs agoJun 2016
miclee44613Nov 20166 hrs agoNov 2016
One to Many

One to ManyDo any one of you want to run a ONE TO MANY VIDEO CHAT Service ?!? (Browser based[ chrome only] ), i will give away the source code !!!...

zeroBalance280Dec 66 hrs ago


NewYorkcitylove155-Oct 20176 hrs ago
funnist magic trick ever

funnist magic trick everThis is really funny

Checkers1012041Jun 20136 hrs agoJun 2013
Lets go crazy

Lets go crazy!Yep ...I said it. Lets just go nuts!! I have decided to lighten up a little , no actually a lot I try to "figure things out" to "analyze" and underst...

Unknown93456Aug 20116 hrs agoAug 2011

All Good Things Come To An EndATTENTION PLEASE! NEWS UPDATE... For many years now, I have noticed something which seems to be a phenomenon: that is, when visiting supermarkets...

daniela77738746Oct 186 hrs agoOct 20
Its always refreshing

Its always refreshing!us husn ke suchhe moti ko...

iotaoo33913Mar 20176 hrs agoMar 2017

Let's have some fun!Name something you should never do naked?...

myhome86261Sep 20176 hrs agoNov 2017

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