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nighty705,10810Oct 20155 hrs agoOct 2015
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year in Many Langu

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year in Many LanguMerry Christmas and A Happy New Year in Many Languages...

Kapjen1,60514Dec 20115 hrs agoDec 2011
my fav 50 pickup Lines

my fav 50 pickup Lines ^_*1.Are your legs tired? because you've been running through my mind all day long. 2.Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged!...

thesunandthesea5,62020Dec 20105 hrs agoFeb 2011
What do you want to do when you like someone

What do you want to do when you like someoneHey guys, when someone catches your eyes, who is so hot and beautiful, what do you want to do them in ways of expressing how much you like them and la...

Cutietc123867May 20165 hrs agoMay 2016
Texting For Seniors

Texting For SeniorsSince more and more Seniors are texting, it appears to be a need for a STC (Senior Texting Code). ATD: At The Doctor's BFF: Best Friend Fainted...

Englishingermany2958Jun 20145 hrs agoJun 2014
stringman1215Oct 185 hrs agoOct 19
Caught on my CCTV

Caught on my CCTVI have had a few anomalies and weird things happening in my house and gardens recently. A few were: Huge piles of dirty laundry discovered each...

Mapmaker67742May 20175 hrs agoMay 2017

Today....Today I decided to let the past behind and I learnt many things from my mistakes and I decided not repeat them,I hope hehehe,and I leant I must forgiv...

claudya5075Jan 20125 hrs agoJan 2012
hmmm some women

hmmm....some womenOut just the other night. A friend and I meet up at a local bar. We both have a few drinks....sitting around talking and such. Another person we bo...

Johnny_Sparton1,498140Dec 20175 hrs agoDec 2017

profession1- What is your favourite profession ? 2- what is your favourite pet ?...

ali11028817Jul 20175 hrs agoJul 2017

LifeLife is best lived by being bold and daring. People tend to grow fearful when they taste failure, face a daunting challenge or fall ill. Yet that is p...

Unknown1611Jan 20095 hrs agoJan 2009
We all know nice decent Muslims

We all know nice, decent Muslims.But there are some terrorists, and the nice ones should help to suppres these. Plus, the Holy Khoran would be better if a few passages commanding kill...

Aaltarboy39326Mar 20175 hrs agoMar 2017
Karma and a litttle snapping turtle

Karma.....and a litttle snapping turtle.Of course it has profound meanings in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. But in everyday parlance, we hear things like "what goes around---comes around"....

Aaltarboy2725Jul 20175 hrs agoJul 2017
Dont beat around the bush name it like it is and

Don´t beat around the bush, name it like it is andHere you can find each kind of contact surch and i think it´s ok as long as you are honest. There is no sense of talking all night long about the li...

Unknown3671Apr 20095 hrs agoAug 2010

Always,,,,Always appreciate you more that person who you can not have, that the person who has ... Is it true?...

Rahmond2070May 20125 hrs ago
Linilla10562,8328Sep 20135 hrs agoSep 2013
Seek God while single

Seek God while singleI have been single for almost 2 years now, and when I ended my previous relationship in January 2016, I was hoping to start dating within 3 months' ti...

KindKay2666Apr 145 hrs agoApr 15

Languagehow many languages do you speak and wich language woud you like to know?!...

George888597137Dec 20125 hrs agoDec 2012
Something about skirts

Something about skirtsPants are comfortable and "safe" for women, especially those who do a lot of climbing and so on. It is also possible for them to look sexy in pants. S...

Crucible44612Dec 20145 hrs agoJan 2015

If..If God is DJ then Life is the dance floor,love is the rhytm and you are the music....

claudya5085Aug 20105 hrs agoAug 2010
Finding peace and contentment within yourself

Finding peace and contentment within yourselfWhen you come to the point of realizing that you really don't need anyone but your happy to meet someone.Isn't that when it happens or you really don'...

Unknown3045Nov 20105 hrs agoNov 2010
Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Never Let a Crisis Go to WasteThis maxim comes straight from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel & is responsible for the present scale & depth of the crisis now being seen in...

Unknown2322Jun 20105 hrs agoJun 2010
Astrology Zodiac

Astrology/ZodiacI meet a lots of people from different backgrounds, cultures and personality which i love to compare by their signs and see what they have in common w...

SweetnNeat67928Jan 20125 hrs agoJan 2012

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(64)Of Course They Care...After All....If They Didnt Lay Their John Hancock Down... Along With Those Words Of Concern... As The Others Like Them Did On Th...

namaron2293Aug 20175 hrs agoAug 2017
as dumb as a post LMAO

as dumb as a post... LMAOOh my goodness... tonight I had a once-in-a-lifetime-experience Some time ago I signed in at a german dating site. This evening was some kin...

just1look6319Nov 20115 hrs agoNov 2011

A Restless NightI think it may have been because I was frustrated at nothing interesting happening on the site last night that I ended up in one of my funny moods. T...

Harbal54644Oct 215 hrs agoOct 22
just something stupid I noticed

just something stupid I noticedMany things we build today are in the image of our bodies. The two things that caught my attention are buildings and cars. All three have frames....

Johnny_Sparton30919Feb 125 hrs agoFeb 13
pirategirl2620Dec 20145 hrs ago

iaheeeeeeeJust suck off! hahaha a certain someone is awesome, f*ck I hate you EX for being just you, You have any idea how tough it is, Yea I still love y...

Unknown5325Sep 20125 hrs agoSep 2012
You dont know what you got till its gone

You don't know what you got till it's goneI remember New York amazed me in so many ways when I first moved there. I found it hard to believe that one could not buy codeine without a prescripti...

Unknown1,1191Jul 20075 hrs agoJul 2007
You are not serious lol

You are not serious! lolI get so many emails from guys who ask me to chat on yahoo or skype on their first mail >>> of course I dont reply such messages .. some try to co...

african_single63536Mar 20135 hrs agoMar 2013
To Lifeisbest Welela

To Lifeisbest & WelelaFor bringing so much love & peace to the blogs ................ Thank Yo...

Unknown1,79583Dec 20125 hrs agoDec 2012

The truth about Muslims in AmericaThe truth about Muslims in America is perhaps surprising -- but not in the way Trump and his supporters might think. A look at polls and studies co...

socrates441,32249Jan 20165 hrs agoFeb 2016
The saucepan blog

The saucepan blog.Yesterday, I bought myself this shiny new saucepan. So I thought what a great blog idea, a saucepan blog. where people can share their saucepan storie...

pat8lanips80455Nov 20175 hrs agoNov 2017
Sperm Donation

Sperm Donation...! :)Recently i saw a bollywood movie based on the topic sperm donation. Actually i am kinda study-fatigue person , but i can't resist myself to drag a s...

HUNTER_VINAY99112Jun 20125 hrs agoJun 2012

HO´OPONOPONO And The Power Of ForgivenessHo?oponopono is a wonderful forgiveness method with deep roots in the beautiful spirit of the Hawaiian culture. "The Four Steps to Forgiveness is...

daniela77733818May 20175 hrs agoDec 2017
Is cheating an art

Is cheating an art?One of my past girlfriend told me that a woman can do cheating better than a man. Fortunately, I broke the situation early and we both agree not to fo...

carlosweb101,1476Dec 20105 hrs agoDec 2010
walk away

walk awaythe further you walk away from the person who hurts you is a step closer to finding the happiness you seek...

Ideliver2941Mar 20095 hrs agoMar 2009
Just a matter of priorities

Just a matter of priorities ?I'm sure £5,000,000($7,000,000) could have been better spent on protecting our boys and girls that are being killed for what?instead of wasting it on...

velsix4736Aug 20125 hrs agoAug 2012
Nic Vin Zant

Nic Vin ZantLong ?!? but i really cannot write longer message, i read almost every one's "wish" and like their comments, Happy Birthday TEDDY I hope all your...

runningshiva49-Oct 245 hrs ago
What the f or Dou yu imi desu ka

What the f or Dou yu imi desu ka ?!Anno ne, saki no blog zenzen wakaranakatta desu ne! Dou you imi ka naa. Tokidoki henna blogs ga arimasu ne. Boku no iken dewa, blog no kotoban, zetai...

robbyreal1,00545Aug 20165 hrs agoAug 2016

Women and and men... Men and women...TWINS...Our non identice (dizygotic) girls are terrific. Very smart, creative, beautiful, caring, etc. They are best of friends, although this was different b...

Vierkaesehoch1654Jul 155 hrs agoJul 15
"PLAY NOW: Eight off Solitaire"(meet us in the games)

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