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My nick name Nsain Soldier is dibbed to me because it's insane how I have made it out ok in my life. I'm trying this site to get a second chance in the world because all my chances were wasted by the girls i chose(which they were cheaters, absuers, etc.). I have one hell of a ride with crazies and im ready to find someone who is more down to earth. Girls look at my mohawk and gauged ears and think "punk, loser, a nobody" and they never got the idea to get to know me. I came thro life with barely anything and having troubl in school but lookie here I graduated high school early and I got a good warehouse job with NO work experience. My life has been full of let downs and I'm always there to help people out of my same mistakes. I get told everyday that the past is the past and it won't ever change but I tell them the past sometimes ruins your relationships. Life is too short to go out and make mistakes then sulk for a long time. Live life how you wan't to and dont let anyone pull you down. I'll end this by saying a good qoute i got from a movie, "Mama said life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what your gonna get". As for the people reading this i hope you make great choices and learn from your mistakes and remember life is too short to waste it away. I hope you who read this have a great night/day and a happy and healthy life :). Now im off to go warm up for my MMA training :D
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