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Free Zone

Free Zone

I have always been very interested in words. Words which reflect our thoughts. Words as pure energy, the finest energy possible: the mental and emotional energy. Words which we use as mediators between our mind and heart and the outer world. Words

mickael at New York

mickael at New York

1909 the spring of that year, Michael arrived with the steamer ship "Messinia",at the port of New York. Bending on the railing, looking at those very tall buildings, with dozens of floors. Cars on wide streets, with eyes and ears full of images

Muslim dating sites

Muslim dating sites....

Iran has opened up a muslim dating site purely for Muslims, because the the other 30 plus ones that are currently available in Iran are promoting naughty business. Now there are arguments that the Muslim way of life is great, yet the divorce rate

Just Live Your Life

Just Live Your Life..

Just Live Your Life..

Ladies I have a dilemma

Ladies, I have a dilemma...

Being off work has given me too much time on my hands... And I have become addicted to Arrow...the new TV series. I am a fan of most of the movies they use comic books to

$7 Million in cocaine !!

I just got home from Walmart (a.k.a. Wallies World) as I needed to get a few things, including ice cream The lastest flavor I'm trying is; Walmart's Brand - 'Decedant Fudge Tracks' It's chocolate ice cream with swirls of chocolate f

Im just me warped and twisted

I'm just me warped and twisted.

warped and twisted Harsh words,violent blows, hidden secrets nobody knows.. Eyes are open hands are fisted, deep inside im warped and twisted. So many tricks, too many lies, so many whens, too many whys.. Nobody special, Nobody gifted,

life can be tough sometimes just like love

life can be tough sometimes just like love

I am a 38 year old women looking for the right women to get to know and if it turns into a relationship it does looking for dating first anyone out there seems like it takes 4ever but you can't rush a good thing good things are worth waiting for

Dating at 50

Dating at 50

Dating at 50 is rough. It is sure not like it was in my younger years. People are harder to get along with and please. People do not want to compromise. Most of us at 50 or older have been married and had kids and are set in our ways til it makes it

You Dont Understand Us

You Don’t Understand Us

Yes, I know that we have given up trying to understand women a long time ago but that does not mean that you have to give up just as easily. We are more predictable than women and it is not that hard to understand us. We are fragile cr

the tie that binds us

the tie that binds us

hi everyone,you ever sit back a wonder what keeps us?well i use to,but now i don't for it is simple.when you born you are forever linked to is all round us in many froms good and bad,but without it we could not live.well get to the point man,ok




If you are born btw 1930 1979

If you are born btw 1930-1979

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can and didn't get t

Older men are more interesting for women

Older men are more interesting for women?

All of us have ever felt discriminated against by our ancestry, race, religion, economic or social status, political position, image, health, age, weight, height etc. Other parameters such as honor, honesty, humility, kindness, decency and all the o



christmas is approaching and santa and his slay are coming hope ive been good this year and would love to get what ive wanted this whole year ! a loving guy ! what do ya'll want for christmas ?

Last child in the woods

Last child in the woods

... I picked up a book an hour or so ago, and I know this book will fascinate me enough to capture me amongst it's folds. In the introduction, the author says; " For a new generation, nature is more abstraction than reality. Increasingly

To My Friend

To My Friend....

We've been a close friend for over a year now. I know you confused when your new girlfriend wants you to stay away from me. So, I'll make it easy for you. As much as it brings sad inside, I'll walk away and howl my goodbye to you. You don't need

DOD lists $12.8B ‘unused’ funds for border wall construction

The Pentagon has found $12.8 billion in funded projects that could potentially be used for the southern border wall. After a review of the military construction budget, the Defense Department produced a list of 400 funded military construction pro

Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas is just around the corner.

Time really flies. It is Christmas season again. I got a beautifully wrapped Christmas apple from one of my students this afternoon, which symbolizes safety and happiness in the upcoming year in China. I took it home and placed it on my piano i

The CS Retro and Vintage Art Roadshow Female bloggers edition

The CS Retro and Vintage Art Roadshow-Female bloggers edition

Things that some people consider older can be quite valuable and a great investment. Some valuables here are definitely worth looking at and investing in, some masterpieces available for a forthcoming auction are: The Geordie Sconemaker, a f

sigmund freud

sigmund freud.....

Where did my dream come from? It's your first day at new office and as you walk down the halls you notice that everyone is laughing and pointing at you. Suddenly you realize that you have no clothes on and panic sets in and BOOM…. you wake up and

Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria

We read about sex changes all the time and debate the morality of it even more. I’m not talking about corrective surgery when life dealt somebody a bad hand and both organs are present. I’m talking about apparent dead normal people wanting to change



Yesterday tissue to dry eyes had blood. Tody woke with blood just above sock. drove 11 miles to ER so foot nto amputated due to diabete. Hurry home 1 mile from exist Oil "stop engine" Then immediately "low fuel". No cell phone. Waveto trucks 15 minut

If I Am To Relocate

If I Am To Relocate,

It would be to Finland.[/

to my Friends

to my Friends

We take few second to hurt someone, but sometimes we take years to say SORRY, so before this year ends, I'm sending this message to everyone if I've ever hurt you knowingly or unknowingly /),,/) ( ' ; ') (,,)-(,,) Kiss me /),/) (; ' )

Another example

Of how the population is becoming smarter NOT !


Which one is the cheapest country in Europe to visit ?

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds

Sad news for fans of Burt Reynolds! If you don't already know, he died Thurs. Sept. 6. I was always a big fan of his! He made some very good movies! Smokey and the Bandit Deliverance The Longest Yard Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Boogie

Walking Dead Fans

Walking Dead Fans!!

So sorry! Had no idea that they hadn't shown it in Europe yet. One of the ladies from here sent me an email and told me. I didn't mean to spoil it for anybody. Well, for those of you that like it, it is an excellent epis

Jokes That Can Be Told In Church

Jokes That Can Be Told In Church

Jokes that can be told in Church.... ********JOKES THAT CAN BE TOLD IN CHURCH********* Two boys were walking home from Sunday school after hearing a strong preaching on the devil. One said to the other, 'What do you think about all this

Woman, who has been in a coma for 14 years, gives birth at a nursing home

January 4, 2019 at 2:05 PM EST - Updated January 5 at 1:23 AM PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK/CNN) - Arizona authorities are investigating the rape of a female patient in a vegetative state in a nursing facility. The woman stunned workers when she went into l

single or not

single or not?

can a person be single and still living and sleeping in the same room with his /her ex?



A proverb says:if you want to separate two lovers marry them.I think is true because after marriage both of them wonder why they took each other and they start to see each one deffects.

Poor Dogs

Poor Dogs !

Help these poor dogs that have been taken into your homes by you some of the residents here in this country and other countries too. You made them reproduce, then cannot feed them well enough nor timely, so they start to go astray onto the public

Just For Laughs 2

Just For Laughs 2.

A soldier returned from operations abroad after a years absence from home.In the night,he had a nice sex with his wife and when they were relaxing in bed he told his wife"wow,sex with you is always great"and the wife replied "that is what your friend

Do men gent anything right about women

Do men gent anything right about women?

will men and women get anything right when it comes to their relationships....

Tony Blairs sister in law converts to Islam

Tony Blair's sister-in-law converts to Islam

LONDON — The sister-in-law of former prime minister Tony Blair has converted to Islam following a visit to Iran, saying she is a "proud member" of the Muslim community. Lauren Booth has given up alcohol and pork, prays five times a day and has not

need an answer so badly

need an answer so badly

My 32nd birthday is the most saddest birthday i ever sister and her husband's marriage is on the rocks ...It may collapse at any moment due to her past...she never mentioned that she had other relationship while my brother-in-law is working



A random list of things I'd like to someday accomplish, discover or observe... Someday… Someday, I’m going to buy a small kitchen sink to pack with my buckskinning gear just so that when some smart alec says “Damn, looks like you packed every

How old are we really

How old are we really ...

Lighting the fire during a cold winter evening a resident of Vladivostok found a rail-shaped metal detail which was pressed in one of the pieces of coal that the man used to heat his home. Mesmerized by his discovery, the responsible citizen decided

A hard man is good to find

A hard man is good to find.

Or so they say, paraphrased. But being handy as a man, and as a member of the mightier sex, continues to fascinate and to draw, it seems. Women sometimes even specify it on profiles. As many handy males will understand, there's a special brand of an

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