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If you are sick of starting over, you have to stop quitting. Don't be so quick to throw in the towel, but rather use it to wipe the sweat from your brow as you try harder to conquer the situation. there are a million reasons to quit...but there is al

Lets Kiss

Lets Kiss ..

Heard on the radio that kissing decreases the level stress hormones in the body, hence it helps to release stress. checked it out in the internet and it seems to be true. come on, people, start kissing if u are stressed out !! :

one might wonder

one might wonder why i continue posting, knowing my actions could create more personal drama.... i post to process my thoughts. i could use a diary but sometimes feedback offers some contentment to issues i have brewing in my head. CS is my th

What happened to civility and decency

What happened to civility and decency?

Perhaps it’s my upbringing or distance from hatred but reading these political blogs from an outsider’s point of view shows that civility has disappeared. The pure venom that has been written here is bordering on insanity, in my book anyone that i

Girls never believe correct men

Girls never believe correct men

It is very hard to find out matching women through online..................................................... The time has gone without fruitfulness ......................

what is love

what is love

as true that when two live togather the most love each other



What do you think fellow bloggers? For some time now I have noticed several facts that lead me to this conclusion. * There is much less activity on the blogs. So many blogs just getting regurgitated and much fewer new blogs. There used to be ma


I Did A Blog Called "Person To Person"...And Whether You Will Believe This or Not(Because I Could Give a Damn Either Way)It was Presented As An Experiment...To See The Reaction That Would Come From It I Came Up With Ficticious People...And Presented

Who like Sex more women or men?

As far as i know men love to do sex while women are sensitive

Is There Even Such A Thing As A Prince Charming

Is There Even Such A Thing As A Prince Charming?

Some people say yes, some say no. I think it depends what we're talking about here. If we're talking about a Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome coming to carry you away to some magical place to live happily ever after-then of course that's a fairy

To Love Or Not To Love

So many times I heard people saying that they will never love again as it only brings pain but are they not doing themselves short for nothing? There is no guarantee the next affair will be the same. Surely there must be some good memor

brahmo samaj

brahmo samaj

There is only One "Supreme Spirit", Author and Preserver of Existence. (... Beyond description, immanent, transcendent, eternal, formless, infinite, powerful, radiant, loving, light in the darkness, ruling principle of existence .... Polytheism is de

Help need

Help need!

Whats Ennis, Ireland like! Going there in mid Feb next year?? For a few days holiday!

Friends & Acquaintances

A friend can be anybody who is not an enemy, therefore even an unknown person in another country, whom you have never heard of can be deemed a friend, simply because he belongs to a certain nation or a group of people. This is only for lack of a bett


Do you want or need a man in your life? Why do men feel like they have been insulted when I say I want a man in my life but don't need one? Surely they would be happy that I was with them because I wanted to be with them and not because I needed to





Worship covers all aspects of life and is not limited to prayer or beseeching Allah in times of difficulty."

Smitten bug

Smitten bug

if the possibility that there was a profile that you here? but something told you to hold back for fear of what will be the result here !! now i should practice what i preach ?..NOW twice i have looked at this profile the las



Happy christmas and Happy New Year 2013 to all CS members who celebrate it! May the gifts of peace be yours! Have a blessed and Joyful Day!

Bestiality And HIV/AIDS

A lot of people want to believe that the HIV/AIDS virus made the jump from monkeys to humans as a result of humans having sèxual intercourse with monkeys. We know today that Monkey AIDS (SIV or Simian AIDS) and Cat Aids (FIV or Feline AIDS)

Dearest Hippie

Dearest Hippie

Don't be creepy,sleepy,darn tricky freaky loco hippie, is your name Vicky? I know you can do better than that if I cry hard enough,you my invisible cat I got up this morn and took my golden fish, for a walk,having the most strangest tal

Yorkshire humour I like it

Yorkshire humour. I like it.

Cough, cough...

It was uncle Jason's 93rd birthday and we all gathered around a cake to celebrate. He got out of the hospital just last week as his Emphysema was getting the best of him. If you know uncle, he's a real trooper and insisted to be released against doct

Constant Fear

I live in constant fear that Trump will deport my latina mother-in-law who lives at 1837 3rd. St., Los Angeles, California, 90023 in a blue house! She gets off work at 6 PM! What do you think I should do?

dont judge me

dont judge me

Before you judge me, My past or My character...Walk in my Shoes, Live my sorrows, My fears, my pain... Remember everyone has a story.. When you've lived my Life, Sure you can Judge Me

How Grandma, brought up and moulded grandkids

Whenever am with my kids, I could hear people say..."you are lucky to have your four kids " . Am supposed to be proud. But the truth, it's not me, that brought them up. Their grandma moulded them that they became good kids .



I knew it was to good to be true, It couldn't happen... Why of why did i not realise this before?? I was so happy it seemed as if it would never end.. But now i realise it will.. Tomorrow it will be monday again.. no more weekend for such a long time

Ungodly proposition

Ungodly proposition

Recently the British prime minister Cameron called African leaders to adapt same sex marriage,If they would continue to enjoy aids from the UK.Was these a premeditated statement or just from Mr prime minister.I like the response from the leaders,"Go

Argentina Messi is pretty dangerous

Argentina Messi is pretty dangerous...

Argentina Messi is pretty dangerous, wonder what type of foot he got,hmm... Nigeria did pretty good job as well!! Looking forward England VS USA

Cant we have a garden without the weeds

Can't we have a garden without the weeds?

Alright, this is my first post on a blog site here. I have two large garden plots and this is the first year we didn't plant in containers. It seems like with the weather being as humid and moist as it has been for every 1 weed you pick 3 grow back i

Oops guess i'm doing it again

Breaking the rules that is but you know what, when a certain someone leaves me with no choice, then blabs about me on the blogs then guess what, rules or no rules i couldnt careless. And yes jack, your blog was

has dating changed

has dating changed?

Or is it me? Times have changed! Guys don't call as much. They prefer to spend hours texting or be on fb with you. Wouldn't it be easier to call & spend a few minutes chatting. They tell you they don't have time to call but can spend hours comm

Breaking news - sex is good for wrinklies

I mean really good. THIS is why we all carry on bugging the youngsters on CS by hanging around, for reasons like this - (First you should maybe look at pics of Florence Henderson at 81 when interviewed about her sex life. If you're too you

Speedway seasons about to start

Speedway season's about to start

here , and I'm sure looking forward to it this year

An accolade to...

The scammer's and the trolls

Manspreading and the re evaluation of sitting

Manspreading and the re-evaluation of sitting

Social justice busybodies and greedy public transport people are attempting to eradicate manspreading, its illegal in some countries including the USA and here in Spain. LA, New York and Chicago fine men $75 for manspreading, Madrid is making it i


This Blog For Sure...............And There Is No Doubt About It...................Will Bring Out The Jabs .................The Insults..................And All Of The People Who Cannot Stand America...........................But Putting All Of That A


Deep thoughts from the depths of what I thought I knew The flashpoint that fractures all reason Making irrational my temporary reality Viewing a personality split into two like I’ve got those VR goggles on watching real time twins of a man

Hey Bambina we were friends then you just blocke

Hey Bambina, we were friends, then you just blocke

Bambina, can you please give me an explanation, so I dont have to keep wondering what I did wrong. I see your star sign is cancer, and its seems every cancer girl I speak to does this, with no explanation. Could you help me with this, thanks.



Any one here to date me as I am from Nepal and seeking a good partner.

another great day ahead

another great day ahead

it is family visit before my boy goes back to school...first he is going to visit his chick in a faraway state and stay at the parental home and then off to youngest boy starts on the 12!! geeezzz...earlier every yr!!

appassionata: "Calabria 3"(meet us in the puzzles)

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