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It hit 97 farenheit in the shade here today

So this is my happiness today. laugh

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Wow that looks Gorgeous !!! they are so big over there, ours are smaller... well in Dublin they are.... you must have eaten it quickly or it would melt. Now I want an ice cream and its time to go to bed. It was 27c in parts of IReland today and to be 27 tommorow everywhere... not used to this heat. Enjoy !!
Soft-serve "twist"... my favorite is the simple chocolate and vanilla twist. Looks great Ken!

Note: GG - Do you have soft-serve ice cream there? The size is a bit misleading because it's whipped so less dense than 'hard' ice cream.

If I did the numbers right... 97 F is 36 C ... yeah, that's hot!

We were close to 90 F up here to the North... and now rain and thunderstorms coming tonight... Summer starts in a few days but I think this counts as 'Summer' weather. cool
Looks good. We are only in the mid 80s but Ice cream is good anytime during the warm weather.
Yes. It was a little taller when I got it. I had to lick quickly to catch it as it self shortened in the heat. Maybe a full inch taller. Then I remembered my friends here and elsewhere and took the picture. Brain Freeze on a hot day. What could be nicer?

This one is Raspberry/Vanilla twist. I was also eying the Peach/Vanilla and of course chocolate and vanilla twist. Today's choice was good. Maybe tomorrow if it is this hot again I will try one of the other flavors.
Looks yummy! I never get brain freeze, but I do get chest freeze and it's no fun! crying
The temperature sounds awful... way to hot for this lady, but that ice cream sure looks good. I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Wednesday!
yay teddybear hug
Richard We do have soft Serve. I love a block and wafers , its old fashioned but I love it as slice with 2 wafers on each side.
Its 30c here today where I am in Dublin, since I live on a busy dusty road, it feels hotter, its also very humid so its hot for Ireland. I better not complain, Staying in went for a long walk and back now. I burn easily enough even though I get a good tan.
Yep its Ice cream weather ok.
Ken, one plain vanilla ice-cream please! applause kiss

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