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Online dating sites dying?

What do you think? Are online dating sites becoming a thing of old? I know with this site, I hear about how boring the blogs are becoming and therefore people are just not interested in coming to the site as frequently. There is another dating s

Astroturf and spirit guides

Astroturf and spirit guides have more in common than you realize. The lesson can be learned through regular meditation followed by some herbal tea.

Are your socks dying?

What do you think? Is your underwear becoming a thing of old? I know sometimes our socks can start slipping down, piling up at the toe of our shoes. Even the elastic on our shorts or for women’s pansies starts wearing out and they start slipping d

French troops given go-ahead to ‘OPEN FIRE’ on Yellow Vest protesters if lives are threatened!

The French army has been drafted in to help keep law and order on the French streets as this weekend sees the 19th consecutive weekend of protests in the Country. General Bruno Leray confirmed French Army troops will be on the streets in


Giving Love and Kindness is not something you ONLY give if/when you receive. It should be given without any conditions attached. Remember the saying “You reap what you sow”? Meaning, the sowing is done before the reaping and not the other

If I Am To Relocate

If I Am To Relocate,

It would be to Finland.[/

Hal Atosis...

Some people don't realize they have bad breath. I try to keep a good distance from one of the salesmen I deal with as his breath is strong enough to wilt flowers. Nice guy, but when he gets close I have lean back as he talks. The same thing for a ge

Australian Cider Only in Australia mate!!!


NOW THAT THEIR RUSSIA SCAM IS OVER, WHAT THE HELL ARE THE DEMOCRATS GOING TO DO?!!!! We await the apologies to President Trump and his supporters from the Democrats and the liberal press. After tens of millions of taxp


I often hear and read about this beautiful city and some even have ambitions about spending their honeymoon there as it is the fabled glittering city of light, on “THE” hill. It is the city where I spent the first 20 years of my life. So, I do kno

The president said "No collusion, it's all a big hoax, everybody go home..."

Friday evening, Mueller concluded his investigation and amazingly every Conservative (like a fly on the wall) seemed to know what was in the report. Not yet darlings... They're already shouting "No collusion, No collusion no more indictments" and '

In the future ..

In the future children will be raised believing it is their duty to seek a happy life, with just one proviso*. They will be taught from the beginning that this life is the only one they have and when it is over, it is over. They will be raised to u

Who should I hate today?

Whether it's the media, politicians, or self-interested shills, there always seems to be someone trying to influence my opinion and to persuade me to choose their 'side'. Everywhere I turn there's someone trying to tell me what is good and what


As far as I know, no one has posted this here before so I'm not stealing anyone's post (as far as I know)

Saturday Morning Humor

LMAO!!! A little old lady wanted to join a biker club. She knocked on the door of a local biker club and a big, hairy, bearded biker with tattoos all over his arms answered the door. She proclaimed, "I want to join your biker club." The guy was amuse

This town is my town

I'll leave when I'm good and ready. I'm not ready yet.

Over The Edge

What does it take for a man to shoot his girl twice in her face? 54 years old, at that age he should know better... "For some reason, he got out at the circle and walked out to her car, shot her twice, got back into his car and went

Get real for a change. It might just work.

We have just seen the end of the Mueller investigation. 2 years proved nothing other than Democrats were pushing a make believe crisis to destroy a President who was legally elected as President. You have Chuck and Nancy claiming there is no cris

Why Joe Biden Will Never Be President

Is it Joe Biden's horse teeth that will disqualify him for president? Is it the fact that the day he would become president he would be as old as when the next oldest president in history LEFT office? Is it his constant embarrassing gaffes?

Hiding ?

This is my thoughts , yes you have something to hide , therefore please do not contact me . Email , another means to send me you photo to see what you look like . No Sir I am not interested , if you cannot put a photo of yourself on your profile

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINO

After a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her country retreat & got them to agree with her plan for BINI (Brexit In Name Only) how did

Yesterday from CNN - Recent court filings indicate more trouble for Trump & associates

New Mueller probe revelations explain Trump's rage Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN Updated 8:50 AM ET, Wed March 20, 2019 Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump looks -- and is acting -- rattled and encircled by the Rus

Difference between water and beer......

You're never going to believe this...... ......

what is it

first u dip it then u wet it third u taste it and last u chew it and swallow

Boy have I got

A deal for you... Dear Sir/Madam, I am Capt. SB Davies, of the Engineering Unit of the Artillery Regiment Division, a US Army division here in Damascus, Syria. I have good amount of Money which I want to move out of this Country at earliest a

Bye bye

This place is the reason it's over. This and a few dozen (probably) more "pointed" reasons. It must feel very freeing for you to have all your friends here commemorate you for being just like them. You were f*ck around the second I went into

NARCISSISTS – The Puppet Masters

Narcissists are masters at playing mind games. They play to win and they are poor losers and if they don’t win they will often react in a fit of rage and anger and have tantrums like a little child. The only way for the other person to win is NOT to

Major Gambling Site Puts Trump/Republican Odds For 2020 At Highest Ever -- Democrats At Lowest Ever

Put your money where you mouth is baby! Money doesn't lie. Show me the MONAYYYY! Man it must suck to be a Democrat these days. I mean how many times can you ke

Just got my Bachelors degree

Does anyone want some soup? ........

Revenge Or Forgiveness?

What Makes You Happier? What is not often addressed is the effect over time. We do sometimes see stories about what it's like coming home from war, but very rarely see stories about what it's like decades later. This is not just a portr

My New Medical Alert Bracelet

It has very important instructions should I ever be incapacitated

Don't judge all Muslims into the same category, before you have dig in first to the facts.

This equal to a a comment from me, but I think it is so important, that it should be as a Blog,there are 3 different part of Islam, that make them fight against each other and if we look at Indonesia, most Muslim there are very peaceful pe

Terrible News

Terrible News

Having a great family support system makes it fairly easy to deal with what my aging parents are going through. I'm glad I have no need to throw a pity party and can find things to be grateful for. What a jolt I got yesterday when my neighbor calle

Archaeological Discoveries Proving GIANTS exist

Archaeological Discoveries Proving GIANTS exist

Mankind's greatest inventions...

On April 10, 1790 the federal government of the United States enacted the fist patent statute. It was a concise law defining the subject matter of a U.S. patent as "any useful art, manufacture, engine, machine, or device, or any improvement there on

Whoops there goes another.....great white Hope

Yesterday (Thursday) in Vanity Fair; Hope Hicks Is Cooperating with Democrats’ Investigation into Trump The former presidential “security blanket” is turning over all documents and notes about Trump, his campaign, and his tim


I'm watching American Pickers and they are picking a guy who has tons of toys. This got me to thinking, how many toys of mine can I remember. I am 68 years old and I can honestly say I can only remember 2. A blue and orange dump truck. It was metal a


A man walks into a bar one night . He goes up to the bar and asks for a beer. "Certainly, Sir, that will be 1 cent." "one penny?" exclaimed the guy. The barman replied, "Yes." So, the guy glances over at the menu and asks, "Could i have a nice ju

So, according to Archie Bunker, I'm a Heeb, or a Yid

I had my DNA done by 23andMe and the results came as a surprise. I am 46.2% British & Irish, 15.8% French & German, and 18.7% Ashkenazi Jewish. I have found my Maternal birth family but still have no idea who my birth father is or who his family m

Another example

Of how the population is becoming smarter NOT !

chatillion: "Tats for tits..."(meet us in the blogs)

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