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Appeantelly some of us have the mind of a child and the body of a grow up I don't want to play the blame game But C S blocked my blog Hours Please General don't comment on any of my blog . I have been here a few year and my blog wa

I’d like to get a lover

Previous experience required. Now I cannot post so short a blog. They need fifty (50) characters. What exactly for?

there is only one race - the human race

I don't expect any of you Fox news racists to watch this Ted Talk - but then again maybe, just maybe Keep in mind every time you jump in with a comment this blog rises back to the top of the cue for e

Hot and Cold...

I don't like it cold... Even though when I feel hurt I may act a little distant... But I always like it hot, warm... Cozy, soft, hard, sticky, full of emotion, intense, passionate, obscene, sacred, s*xual, innocent... I love it... In all its ways, sh

Out of bounds assistance part 1

Dear Human, It is I Anon and I have sent you this letter to let you know that you will be alright. I know that certain events happened that have made you feel down in the dumps but fret not since, like a rollercoaster, things will go back up. Tho

Existence, Religion, Meaning, Voids

What do we get meaning from? There is an epidemic of meaningless among much of our youth. What are the root causes? And how do we address it?

Welcome to Heaven

(image not available) It seems I`ve upseted some people with my last blog , which was not my intention at all (image not available) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is actually memoars of a phedophile on a seksuall


The Way That Things Are Going............... All Over The World?.........(And It's Not Just The United States)...... It Is Seeming To Me?.................. That There's A Signal That Is Being Sent Out On The.............. "Waves Of Warning" And?...I

Political Bickering Is Pointless

The Citizens United Decision Made Corporations = People & Money = Political Speech. This is a Very Brief - ONE Minute - description of the 2010 Citizens United SCOTUS Decision ... (Corporate 'Crat Hildebeest w

Charley Daniels dies at 83.

It was a stroke. Rest in peace Charley.

Blood Type May Affect COVID-19 Risk: Study

March 20, 2020 -- A person's blood type may affect their risk for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, researchers report. They analyzed blood samples from nearly 2,200 COVID-19 patients in China and tens of thousands of healthy pe

Native American Humor addresses CS Blogs, and U.S. Government Relations

It is resilience that all Americans represent and yesterday my elder very eloquently said that she has travelled to many countries where they asked how do you Americans manage living with so many different types of people? Her answer was, We love ea

Terrier Tales....

Dream Worlds Evil, sharp, little teeth resembling baby alligators' grinned as the three dogs entered their dream worlds. As they slept their eyelids twitched with the white orbs rolling round and their padded feet waved in the


There are many misconceptions about this ancient practice. Its main objective is to create a sense of calm and inner harmony, finding awareness and achieving peace. It is a great stress reducer and it is therefore increasing in popularity these d

A Newly Hobby

Retirement means has many spare time in hand. So some old hobbies will be come back again to me. Such like knitting ,embroider, planting or even try doing some new things ... In short , find the way to kill the time and make myself happy as well.

The Oracle´s Corner

Open to everybody who wishes to share their esoteric experiences, thoughts, and ideas about various topics – all will be accepted, even Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds. Some Examples: Channelling, Mediumship OBE (out-of-bo

4 out of 5...

I logged on this morning to see that 4 of 5 profiles (with photos) created today are bogus. Guys, that's not good if your intentions are to meet someone for dating. We've got Jessica Clements and Valentina Nappi hanging out here!

The Lucky Spider.

I found a Lucky Spider on one of the Pot plants I have grown over the years. That must have been at least four years ago, maybe as much as six. I am not sure the Spider knew its Human name is Lucky or if it is indeed Lucky; I called it a Lucky Spider

Out of bounds assistance part 3

First off, you are never alone and always have a person helping you in all kinds of ways though they tend to stick to the shadows so you won’t know how they aided you or even why. Second, You may have been dealt a bad hand and maybe even a debuff fro

Out of bounds assistance part 2

Also no matter what words the use or experience they went through, words can be as flimsy as the material it was written on in the first place. To that I say, you're not completely wrong. I mean who is to say these words are from me going through sim

Can you read this?

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteers be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wo


I find myself sleeping less ever since this pandemic. I have been up just browsing through CS hoping I would get a date . I saw two persons online one hoping to buy an electric toothbrush at this hour and the other person was giving him encourage

Joey Chestnut did it again...

Every 4th of July, Nathan's Famous (company) sponsors a hotdog eating contest in Coney Island. This year added masks. Defending his throne, Joey Chestnut gobbled down 75 hotdogs breaking his record of 71 from last year making 13 years of competitive

There just is no way a man can make a woman happy even when he takes over the cooking for a change.

When a man volunteers to do the Barbecue, usually on a Saturday, the following chain of events is put into motion: Barbecue Routine 1) The woman buys the food. 2) The woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables, and makes dessert. 3) Th


Some Things.......................... In This World................... Are So Old .............................."When We Were Kids?"........................................ (You Can Something In................If You Care To.................. From He

VP Biden is released from his basement.....

.....FINALLY, to give a gaff filled press conference. Among other jewels, he can't remember the name of his local fish wrap, saying, after several furtive attempts, something like 'the state paper, or the newsroom'. And refers to a "reporter" as "Ale

Epstein didn't kill himself

He most certainly did not. Where's Ghislaine? Dark to Light. Evil will be exposed

Great day today!

I had what I would possibly describe as my best day in a very long time! There is a cafe close to me, that is run by a friend of mine. He decided to show the Formula 1 race today, so of course I went. The race was intense. 20 cars started, 11 finishe

The story of Van T. Barfoot

Retired Army Col. Van T. Barfoot, who received the Medal of Honor during World War II and decades later drew national attention when he fought successfully against his homeowners association to keep a flagpole flying the Stars and Stripes in his fron

Black National Anthem

Black National Anthem

I'm so pleased about this black national anthem. How many national anthems do we need these days? How 'bout one for the Hispanics and what about the Asians? Actually I don't watch sports much so maybe I'll be spared. As for some of

Biden Gaffe Compendium

"Cornpop was a bad dude" Add your Biden gaffes here

=== Some Things To Ponder ===

It took Nancy Pelosi 34 years to get offended by those Confederate statues. The communists living within the CHAZ “country” of Seattle have run out of food and supplies and are now begging for help. Welcome to actual communism morons! Maybe

Another Fake Racism Story Promoted By The Democrat Fake News

Remember that jerk "actor" Jussie Smollett in Chicago who claimed he was assaulted by racists saying they were Trump supporters yelling Trump slogans while they beat him up and it turned out to be a hoax? I think this freak was just having a s*xual

Like Father, Like Son

The KKK and Fred Trump used the tools of hate, fear and racism to push their political agenda in the 1920s. In the 2020s Donald Trump is using the same tools his father used to push his agenda. Hate, Fear and Racism Like Father, like Son.

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