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What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

All the great religious leaders of history have one thing in common: they are dead. Only one man has risen from a grave never again to taste death. Jesus Christ died, was buried, remained in the grave for 3 days, then was raised to life


Have anyone listen gramophone now adays Please tell me.

One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Pakistan’s top court directs central bank to issue funds for snap polls The parliament had on Thursday (13) ruled it wasn’t possible to spare Rs 21 billion ($74.79 million) in funds for the snap polls, which the court had ordered. Chief Justice

Growing a banana tree from a banana...

Growing a banana tree from a banana. That doesn't happen, right? I'm told the only way to grow a banana tree is small trees that sprout from a larger tree. This farming information comes from people who lived in banana growing countries. When my f

Anne Boleyn...

I'm getting a history lesson today about Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII of England. Sadly in 1536 at the age of 35 she was beheaded. There are a few paintings of her, none were impressive... but I found a video that did her story an

Turkey’s election

You can spot Turkey's global strategic significance - which has starkly increased against the backdrop of the Ukraine war - by the A-list potpourri of world leaders who rushed to congratulate Recep Tayyip Erdogan on his election win on Sunday night.

One is wrong and the other isn't?

Russia invaded the Ukraine. They have destroyed homes, and killed civilians. Even the ones who liked them. A good portion of the world's countries vilify Russia. They rush to help the Ukraine and cut Russia off from the world. So they get called a t

Nuclear weapons

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has claimed that nations who are willing “to join the Union State of Russia and Belarus” will be given nuclear weapons, days after confirming the transfer of some tactical nuclear weapons from Moscow to Minsk ha

Life's big picture

As I ponder what it is that each gender wants in a partner, I cannot help but think that there are going to be inevitable conflicts within the opposite gender we seek. Are we destined by life to be partners? I would say yes. We need to reproduc

CS site

All viewers I want to know that how many results of marriage are on CS. : I mean that we all here for getting marry. Result is how much percent.

Ohio women

Seeking women in Ohio Youngstown area seeking

Something Different

‘There’s a green mamba in my kitchen sink!’ screams machete-wielding mom A KwaZulu-Natal south coast woman recently received the shock of her life when she discovered a 1.7m green mamba in her kitchen sink. The elderly Sezela resident's son


Terrible Impact On Russian Morale’ – After Storm Shadow, Russia Could Face Hell From German Long-Range ‘Taurus’ KPED 350 Missiles. After the United Kingdom and France decided to arm Ukraine with their Storm Shadow/SCALP EG long-range missiles, Germa

sin lead to Rebellion

Do you know that every disbelief and thoughts and words which man do against God lead to sin. And sin lead to rebellion against God and so sin cause suffer to man. Devil is first who is rebelled and so he make you to be rebelled against God and so

Feminism today.

It has been awhile since I last talked about feminism and its dangers to society. I am curious, what do people on here think about feminism today? ...good ...bad ...indifferent

A Sad Song

Taylor Swift tells of how her 6 year romance ended. Sounds so familiar. In this situation I think men figure if they say nothing everything will be ok...and slowly we are dying inside. Women need communication, hugs, kisses, intimate moments-or even

Woke to death.

Has everyone gone insane. Lets put men in swimsuits and then put tuck it undies in Target in front of children. Lets push beer with a trani. Lets have men push tampons. How about a clown in skirt, red wig and uggs prancing around in nature telling pe

Some background to Ukraine and its place in Russia.

Prior to the 12th century the area covered by modern Russia excluding Siberia, Belarus and Ukraine was known as Kievan-Rus. The entire area was made up of multiple provinces which were mainly autonomous. There was little cooperation between them wh

to all

to all

why is there to many fake people in the world? where is the real people at?


Lessons I learnt today. Never spread quick drying super glue with your fingers, yes my fingers look like a snake shredding its skin. Never never power wash your feet however filthy they become while power washing. When cleaning out the spa remember

Oh, you're so rude...

I'm back from the Farmer's Market... unscathed. The snow-birds have gone back North so it's now possible to stop and put something in your cart without having someone jab your ankles with their cart. That doesn't mean it's not busy, especially for

Curious thing - Newton as a hyper-religious freak and heretic

Today briefly listening to a radio program about Newton, I discovered that this master of physics, calculus, gravity motion and the universe was simultaneously a believer in the occult and in absurd prophesy and alchemy, a prolific writer of the absu

Barbecue on a Sunday...

On Wednesday, it was my suggestion that the guys in the model helicopter group have a barbecue this holiday weekend. The new canopy was installed two weeks ago and the last barbecue was many months ago. We always talk about having them in the fall or

For women only!

Could you love and desire a mature Man with dentures?

Choose For Me Please

Choose For Me, Please..



ChatGPT can show empathy—but how well can it answer medical questions?

A Radio National Healthreport program earlier this month: John Ayers: That's right, the chatbot was 10 times more likely to give a response than a panel of doctors, judged to be as empathetic or very empathetic compared to responses written b

Situation room ...

Tag. } .what is the [ spirit ] . saying to the .chvrches ? ... .the charts are usually ahead of the Curve.. From nowhere .} .the Troggs. Road to nowhere. } Talking heads. Headed for nowhere.} Jets Overhead ... nowhere Cetera.. Fea

RIP Willy..

You will be greatly missed!!

Ay, finally some good news regarding the developement of our European community

Russia to build nuclear power plant in NATO nation Hungary! Not only will this give more green energy but cheaper electricity too. Great! First commenter from Liverpool said: "Hungary the only country in NATO that clearly sees this war as a prox

Conservation of E.

& .the Arrow of Time..[ .the date stamp for the below Equations was the Fall of 1890..that is, they sat in a book [ dictionary ] as potential Energy. 0056. State of ignorance 3907. Ocular evidence ..( Greek dictionary 3963. Patmos ./ My killing .

Is there a God?

Do you believe, there is a god or gods, if you do or don’t, please explain why?


So, after years of searching, I finally found someone! We met in 2019 in the US through a different site. We exchanged messages there for a short while then we exchanged phone numbers. A few days later, we met up in person and we hit it off. Unfor

GALWAYS best kept dirty little secret

GALWAYS best kept dirty little secret

No doubt it's Country wide ... but I'm sticking to personal facts only along with a warning to women living in my neck of the woods, if you are going out tonight, or any night, you're in need of a taxi home, do NOT get into a cab of a black taxi dri

The pipes are callin' me...

I'm moving some things around tonight and came across a bunch of CD's that looks like archived music I transfered to another computer. On it was several tunes of Irish Uilleann pipes. I'll have to do a time-line one day to see when I started to st

Wait... wait. Are you sure about that?

When Trump left the White House, he took documents that should have been turned over to the National Archives. Months of back-and-forth and a subpoena got some returned. Somewhere along the way, his lawyers said all the documents were returned, but t

Things Have Changed..

Some of the younger people here probably won't relate to this at all, but some older ones will. These are not my words, I don't know who wrote it, I got it from an old friend from another site and he got it from someone else. I think it's worth

Keeping your oath...

Top story this afternoon: Stewart Rhodes, founder of the extremist group OATH KEEPERS was sentenced to 18 years in prison for seditious conspiracy in connection with the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. His sentence is the longest that has been

Department of Transportation and...

knowing your left hand from your right hand. South Florida is in a perpetual state of road construction. Some projects take a few months and other take a few years. Currently, the 4 lane divided highway leading to my showroom has been under construct

New Investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Police divers have started searching a reservoir in Portugal in the long-running investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The Arade dam is 31 miles (50km) from where the British toddler went missing in Praia da Luz 16 years ago. Th

Hell Yeah

You're in the middle of the woods and you got to bust a gut, push a button and voila

Patriots: Mark Ponder and others...

Mark was given 63 months of prison for his actions in the January 6th insurrection on the Capitol. He's tied with Robert Scott Palmer who pleaded guilty to taking part in the siege. What did they both have in common? Believing the election was sto

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