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it's etc. not ect.

et cetera (or etcetera) is abbreviated as etc. For some reason, many people spell it as ect. If you say et cetera three times, someone will think you are repeating actor Yul Brynner's line from the Broadway musical and movie THE KING AND I [yout

Reading TOO MUCH into comments

Its a bit of a pain when members sometime do that " directed at someone who seems to think the witch can be banished " Because I made a comment does NOT mean I had any other reason for saying it other then why I did. Because I

Going on national tv!

One of my Facebook-buddies wrote me, and said that I would be expecting a call from a producer on Denmark's biggest tv station. They are doing a segment on Slipknot, and I am the admin of the largest Danish Slipknot group. My buddy is going as well,

Post-interview stuff!

I had my Greek job interview today via Skype. I said it was gonna be a short one, but it wasn't. It took 40 minutes, but it was a good talk. I will know more tomorrow. Now I just need to relax!

Just for Laughs

Obligatory translation: Author released a book "How to change your wife in 30 days", sold 2 million copies in a week. Later found out there was a typo, and fixed it "How to change your life in 30 days" - only sold 3 copies in the following week.

"See" if this doesn't Grab your Eye

I call it ummm..."eye-hand coordination".

Joe Biden claims he will cure cancer if elected

Who thinks if Joe Biden has a cure for cancer, then he should share it whether he is elected or not?

Job interview later today!

I got a call yesterday from Greece, where I had applied for a job. They want to talk to me in 4 hours time, at 12.30 Danish time. It's via Skype, so I need to find my best shirt for that. It's just a short interview, so I should be able to nail i

with friends and family at her side...

I've always found it odd how famous people die with an audience. Yesterday, fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt passed away with an advanced form of cancer at the age of 95. It's understandable when someone is near death and it comes as no surprise,

Who Made God? some may wonder who made GOD this vid may explain it.

Sanders to leave White House staff at the end of the month

Yes, after a year of rumors, Trump announced that Sara Huckabee Sanders would be quitting at the end of this month. She sort of left 3 months ago, since she hasn't had a press conference in 95 days, a record in modern US history. She's still col

A Liberal's paradise

“A liberal’s paradise" would be a place where everybody has .. guaranteed employment, .. free comprehensive healthcare, .. free education, .. free food, .. free housing, .. free clothing .. free utilities .. and only law enforcement has gu


"For Those Who Dont Know?"......................."The Term "Impeachment" Means This.........We Are Going To Take A Vote In The House Of Representatives .............................To Try And Dethrone A Sitting President............And If The "House"

It's That Time of The Month Again

Oohh so very bloody red and sticky-juicy. The nature really has perfect cycle. Although sometimes I get mad but to be honest I always love it when this cycle takes place.. always enjoy it. I get mad only when other creatures get them firs


"It Is Times Like These ........And All The Unwanted Attention On Other Peoples Blogs ...............................................That I Created The "Ramblin Man".........."Many Years Ago....................You May Not Like It...But...As Of Yet?..

Rules.. Rules.. Rules..

Some believe that rules are to be broken. Some say that rules are only for those who are weak. You can believe and say whatever.. The thing is that whether you like it or not, rules make at least certain things in order. I have been on blog for qu

spectrum [ 01

Tagged: photo-Graph } Numbers from Dr Strong's Greek diction Aire, 1890 white... 3022 red...... 4450............ d3 ) ) digital dream door / Forgotten 200 [ albums yellow...3205............ ..... 28. El rayo X / Lindley green... 5200...........

wrote about this before increased suicide

wrote about this before...increased suicide

This is the 3rd suicide I have heard of in my small community in the last month. Two of the people I better than the other, and the third I didn't know. What leads to suicide? From my understanding, depression and a loved one leavi


"It Is Sometimes Embarrassing............................ To Have A Name .............................That Isnt Exactly Going To Get You Unnoticed.................Some People?................................................. Dont Give a Shit Less Ab


Some Of Us Are So Old Because..............................."When We Were Kids?"........................................ (You Fill It In From Here).


Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes. Feminism incorporates the position that soci

We Must Reject LGBTQ Craziness Becoming America's Accepted Norm

This blog represents my opinion on this subject, and if you don't like it or agree with me, please just leave your comment and express your opinion. Turning around in Walmart, I saw a large exhibit of Listerine mouthwash. The

Regarding rules

I recently posted a blog in which I violated blogging rule 13. I didn't realise I was breaking a rule when I posted the blog, but when it was brought to my attention I felt a definite buzz. I now find myself wanting to do it again; 'chasing the dr

Remember the old saying a picture never lies

Photography as an art form is now dead The days of the image taken being all down to the skill of the person behind the camera are long gone. I remember wasting endless rolls of film just to get one image that was a work of art Out of focus,cutti

The Candace Owens Show a couple of smart people discussing matters that concern us all.

The US and UK's relations with 'Huawei' are going sour.

The US and UK are placing either restrictions or bans on 'Huawei's' development of 5G phone coverage in those countries. Are those actions to ultimately protect their network security or will the impact be far greater for the UK with the erosion of f

The Pressure to Impeach Trump grows every day.

Ocasio-Cortez says pressure to impeach Trump grows every day By Kate Sullivan, CNN Updated 5:33 PM ET, Sun June 16, 2019 Washington (CNN)Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Sunday that the pressure to impeach President Donal

June 2019 - I am still alive and ......

Missing this site. Has it really been 2 years since I last surfaced here - oh boy! It is not that I have found someone special or busied myself dating - haven't found that one yet lol....ha ha ha ha How's everyone doing? To the old blogger

Don't let the old man in. Not today.

And if he pushes in anyway, don't let him make himself at home! How old would you be, if you didn't know the day you were born? Some people are born old and some would never be old if the calendar (ok, and the mirror) didn't tell them so.


My Dad was a proud man all his life. As a Father he was a hypocrite who taught us do as he said not as he did. No one is perfect. He loved the family and we are a large loving happy family. Last year after a few accidents I bought Dad a box of

Jinjer - Micro. A review!

The first time I heard about this band, was when they set the internet on fire with their song Pisces. If I am completely honest, I wasn't blown away when I finally heard it, so I kind of put the band aside, and listened to other stuff. But then I

It's My Good Day..

So any of you, bloggers, could simply tell me here (no PM allowed) which blog to go back to the first page, then I could do it for you.

Why Women Live Longer Than Men... And Why Some Kids Don't Survive Childhood - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, YALL!!

Nine Inch Nails...

I know there is a rock band with the name Nine Inch Nails abbreviated NIN where the 2nd N is backwards, kinda like the backwards R in Toys "R" Us. Anyway, with all the music videos I've seen, I have no clue what they look or sound like! The catchy l

Unwritten History of the Unknown

Unwritten History of the Unknown:

25 Nuclear detonations in the history of this planet, Have you heard of them? Now what I was thought in school was that back in 1945 their where 2 Nukes used one to test and one for real, now that's what history has thought us, can we agree on that?


He Was Only Two Weeks Younger Than My Son.......................He Was Kind Of On The Wild Side...............He Had A Collection Of Guns................................ That Could Hold Off An Army........................... For At Least An Hour...Bu

English cuisine....

....sure, we all know how many look down their noses at the prospect. After welsh rarebit and F&C, what is there, really? But look a bit closer, especially at the baked/biological goods. Peasant breads can be to die for. Cheeses and beers, as well. T

Prickly but sweet

If you want to see a hedgehog these days the most likely place to find one is in the middle of the road, looking somewhat two dimensional. Hedgehogs used to be quite a common sight from dusk onwards in the summer; now it is a rare privilege to see o

What color....

Do you like painting your fingernails?

To the dearly beloved

And greatly missed. I do not stand alone. What's always standing behind me to be strong, and do the right thing is the honour and love of my father. I try

The plot sickens....

Facebook report by Jeffry Barry Untangling the Web...Depending on reading speed took me about 5 mins...but a must read. The Plot Sickens... I am passing this on from someone who's connecting some dots with input from sources he cannot reveal

4MaryB: "eternal "(meet us in the ecards)

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