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In a recent interview

In a recent interview..

former Springbok lock forward and rugby hero Frik du Preez was asked how the bok team from his playing days would shape against the current bok team if a match were possible.. he replied: “We’d win by at least 10 points”. The commentator was sl

Dead for 15 Minutes

Dead for 15 Minutes -

jog the mind

jog the mind

My mentor has been encouraging me to exercise, become a lesbian and watch chatterbate. Of the 3 options, exercise is the most palatable. Our nightly chats are informative concerning the subject of exercise along with images of toned thighs and test

Fear of God

Fear of God

This gift of fear of the Lord is sometimes misunderstood because of the word “fear.” “Fear of the Lord” is not a servile fear whereby a person serves God simply because he fears punishment, whether some sort of temporal punishment in this life

Scam Alert

Scam Alert?

I just want say, beware guys for two ladies who fooled me, jacked me over and took my money. Their user names are "Laxative" and "Molestina." Be careful. They may look attractive and seem like classy ladies at first, but then later, they might co

His hers

His & hers

Earlier today whilst getting the hair done, picked up a magazine, flicked through the pages till something of interest caught my eye, then I began reading.. it was a woman's story as to why she thinks having separate bedrooms whilst living together h

Past Present And Future

Past, Present And Future

Past, Present And Future



It is day 2 of blank. I don't know the reason for this lack of impulse to write. I read the blogs and try so hard to comment or be inspired to write but I have hit a wall. This wall is impenetrable. I have consulted a very stimulating person and

as a child

as a child

, i was burdened with a religion. They made up i was born with a sin, only to point to their importance. They never answered my question that i asked as seven years old - who created the god? Though, they blamed me i killed his son - a nice looking


I am talking about reporters, interviewees etc. We have seen devasting news, earth quakes recent, hurricans, fires, such devastation and loss of lives, do roving reproters have no sense of feeling Reporter---where were you, ----w

Seismic event coming soon

Seismic event coming soon....

I had a disturbing dream/vision last night, I don´t know what to do, I´ll tell you about it sometime, someday, oh god, I´m wetting my pants

All we will ever be

All we will ever be?

Either the writer of Game of Thrones is a genius or he/she has a very vivid imagination mixed with a philosophical thinking that does not hold too much water. I am at a part in the series where a very profound statement has been made. I have just b

Finally Back

Finally Back!

Wow! I didn't think I'd make it. I had a colectomy done on me the 17th of August. 5 days in the hospital and 16 days on my back fighting the pain from my abdomen, the pain from lying down in one position, the drug haze from the Vicodin and the ane


This is what I go to bed to every night.

St Louis Protests

St.Louis Protests

During the weekend some violence broke out during a protest after the Justice Department refused to become involved in the investigation of a former policeman who recently slain a black teenager??

PC vs iPad Which platform do you sophisticated CS bloggers prefer

PC vs iPad. Which platform do you sophisticated CS bloggers prefer?

Two hundred dollar cheapskate HP PC was on the Fritz. Windows 10. Luckily had time left on Walmart 2 year extended warrantee. Sent it in and hoping they can't effect repair so I'll get a check, like the one I got recently from homeowners' for a free

Bitterness is ugly

Caught a chick with this picture as the primary picture on her profile: Is this not the telltale sign that this chick is frustra

Hiri and Ottappa

Hiri and Ottappa

In primitive times, before the advent of religions, human beings were guided by two main qualities. These two mental qualities are the underlying guardians of morality thus protect humanity. Hiri is the shame that keeps us from doing evil



Q: Is Google male or female? A: Female, because it doesn't let you finish a sentence before making a suggestion. Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer asks a young engineer fresh out of the Massachusetts Institute of T


Are people who live in Warm Countries happier

Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?

This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land. I have read that people who live close to the equator, are far less likely to suffer Cancer and certain other auto immune illnesses. I am g



Earthquake At the moment everything is uncertain, the epicenter was very close to Mexico City, 80 Kilometers, approximately, in a straight line, is speculated with 6.8 degrees Richter.

What do u classify as boring ?

I cannot handle being bored.

For Lady D and all the CS women

King Arthur ------------------------- King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom. The monarch could have killed him but was moved by Arthur's youth and ideals. So, the monarch offered him his freedom, as lon



y rosendo, ahi, y oquendo ahi, y zarzuela ahi y tu abuela ahi, y chiquita ahi, y mariquita ahi y la silla ahi, y la morcilla ahi, y la casa ahi y calacaza ahi, y el moco ahi, y el loco aqui

Anger management it really works

Anger management, it really works.................

When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I f

Over 24 Hours

And no sleep ......................................................................

15 years and now this ungrateful sod

15 years and now this, ungrateful sod

I can't believe the change in him since we came to Spain - oh, he's never been what you'd call devoted. There was a lot of open space in this relationship, but he was home every night. Well, nearly every night. Most nights. Even if I went to sleep al


I will miss this lady very much, just 5 months ago she felt a bit unwell, she said she took it badly as fortunately she had a always had great health and a great hubby and life. After a month she went to doc, they g

Punk music blog

Punk music blog[/you



Everybody Here... That Converses Back And Forth... With Other People Who Are On Here....Doesnt Have A Clue... As To Who That Person Really And Actually Is About......(Besides Of Course..Those That Have... At The Least...Spoken To Each Other On The

AUTUMN EQUINOX 22nd Sept. and Worldwide Meditation

As usual, I will be gathering with a group of like-minded friends on the beach of a nearby cove to celebrate this event. This sound mediation (using didgeridoos and drums) is performed worldwide on the equinoxes and solstices, startin


Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer

Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer



How Strange Indeed... That It Can Be.........That Just One Song.... From The Past....Can Bring You Right Back ....To That One Moment In Time .....In Which Something Happened...And That Specific Song Was Playing... At The Same Time For Me...And The

Atheists in heaven

Atheists in heaven

When Pope Francis announced to the world Atheist too have a place in Heaven... to be honest at first I felt a bit like the brother of the Prodigal son, never the less such feelings quickly passed because lets say... i wouldn't expect God to be any

The curtain rods with a happy ending I like lol

The curtain rods............ with a "happy ending" I like lol

CURTAIN RODS --- PRICELESS On the first day, she sadly packed her belongings into boxes, crates and suitcases. On the second day, she had the movers come and collect her things. On the third day, she sat down for the last time at their beauti

Try Your Best

Try Your Best

Have you ever heard the name of "Helen Keller" . Helen Keller was an American author . When she was 19 months old , Helen Keller became a deaf and blind.Her deafness and blindness could not stop her . She was the first deaf and blind person Who had

The ultimate proof that dreams do come true...

....if you work hard enough. Which dream of yous have you realised? Was it a tad anticlimatic or does that happens only to meself? Which you've failed



It Can Be Very Hard At Times...To Be Able To... "Understand"...To Do What... "They" ....Are Telling You To Do..........For..."They".... Seem To Make It Sound So Damned Easy...........(Of Course...Theyre Not The One... That Has To Make The Decision...

"Understanding Men"(meet us in the articles)

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