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Date Stalker

Date Stalker

I was on a date last night. This guy had been asking me for a date for weeks and I just wanted to find out if there's something there, so I went with him for a dinner. On the next day though, I have already a scheduled date with a different guy.

Earth Day with Dr. Jane Goodall

Today’s annual Earth Day Doodle was created in partnership with one of the planet’s most influential advocates: Ethologist (animal behavior expert), conservationist, activist, and animal



I have always been a writer, a lover of words, and putting thoughts and emotions into sentences the reader can laugh at and cry with. As a youngster, about 12, I used to have a diary I wrote in daily, that was kept locked in my dresser. My sister

Pick your arguments wisely.Before you argue.

Some people I've seen argue for the sake of arguing instead of really discussing what is really bothering them.Also some people are "Right Fighters" at any cost to them.Someone needs to be the hero in a relationship.

I’ve got Great Tits!

I’ve got great tits. I had already thought that I had, but I wasn’t sure, not being an expert on tits or anything. Then a few people told me that I had great tits, so I got a bit more confident about it. But it was not until I compared my ti

Hot date tonight ?

Be careful of those.....smouldering desires you may get burnt and be fuming later.

My NEW American Automotive Corp - Industry

I believe I can get initial funding / investment from a Prince. I will have to squeeze out information to know how much the factory will cost. I have tried to work with other manufacturers, Korea, Germany and US. Having no reply I assume them all

A meeting with Giant Aloe Vera Plants their Components and Health Benefits

A meeting with Giant Aloe Vera Plants, their Components and Health Benefits.

It has been raining and raining and raining for weeks. A half an hour walk at least during these rainy weeks that seemed endless was just impossible. Until a few days ago when the rain has finally stopped and sun has come out and I decided to m

Interactions between people

I witnessed something so cute the other day on my way back from the store.As I was entering the neighborhood cul-de-sac I saw a neighborhood guy and one of his girlfriends young sons playing frisbee. I overheard the neighbor guy saying to the gir

About Inner Voices and Self Sabotage

About Inner Voices and Self Sabotage

Most of us treat love like an external force. It’s something that happens to us, strikes us like an arrow, or overcomes us like a storm, our inner voices send us advices like these: “Women are so dramatic.” “Men just want sex.” “I’m just not


mental masturbastion

mental masturbastion

When is it when a man is to know for sure if a woman has interest in him...rather than just thinking she might?

Quote of the day

Quote of the day....

Financially supporting someone just for sex..... Isn't worth it...... unless it is. mollybabe



It is the language of the legal industry designed to enable precise communication. However, it can be, and is used, to confuse and mislead those not familiar with the workings of the legal profession, and is also the secret language of a “secretive s

One more blog for men

One more blog....for men

If a woman you are in a relationship mentions something she is not particularly okay with, chisel that in stone and listen to her. That might very well be the thing she leaves you for in the future.

Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Bertrame

Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Bertrame....

of the French police, and French military, displayed the highest forms of courage and service to fellow citizens, his fellow officers, and his country, when he offered himself in exchange for a terror stricken female hostage, and left his phone on fo

fake people

fake people

this world is so fill of fake a*ss people i am beginning to pinch myself to see if i bleed or if i am made of plastic .. now i know why so many fake nasty a*ss men and women are on this site ,, not saying real good ones are not among the

Two windows

One night I had a dream that I saw myself sitting in small house having only two windows. Within the house were many people. Half were looking out one window on one side of the house and the other half were looking out the other window. None within t

Its nice to be nice

It's nice to be nice

What's the point in believing it is if you're afraid to be seen being nice?

For Nam

For Nam

I know we are not friends at the moment (but that's us).... same old you and I Nevertheless, miss seeing reading you here ... hope you've or will find calm after the storm you faced

Captain Kirk isnt dead

Captain Kirk isn't dead

Bill Shatner is a little annoyed to have had his death announced on a Facebook link. This social media thing is getting out of hand. However his spirited response does mention he is 87 today, 22nd March. Spock already died. Even Captain Pica

Looking for a Job in Florida

Looking for a Job in Florida

Sally Mulligan of Coral Springs, Florida decided to take one of the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do. Sally applied for a job in a Florida lemon grove and seemed to be far too qualified for the job. She has a liberal art

Folk law urban legend and superstition

Folk law , urban legend and superstition

In this "modern age" does anyone still believe in witches,curses, and other old wives tales Vampires, goblins and things that go bump in the night I remember my great grandmother who was a gypsy telling me bedtime stories that kept m

Poachers vs. Poop

Found this tidbit on the Center for Biological Diversity and decided to share because we will have more to add, by the way of drones, to assist wardens protect our wildlife from poachers when our ship comes sailing in. However I'm not sure how their

Never Been To Spain

This tune was stuck in my head so long but I'd forgotten its name till I found it on CS. First recorded in 1968 so many won't know this band or song.



My cat purrs and climbs aboard. I ask him “do you like the rustic atmosphere?” My electric was disconnected 3 days ago for nonpayment lol-not. I’m wearing a down coat, buried under two big dogs and a cat, body heat. I feel like a pioneer. Like cam

When Your Online Date Doesnt Look Like Their Picture

When Your Online Date Doesn't Look Like Their Picture

When Your Online Date Doesn't Look Like Their Picture................

Days of the week

Days of the week.

So many little/big "birds" out today maybe there should be a classification for the days of the week! Ok here's an idea! Melons out Monday Tits out Tuesday Weaner Wednsday Thongs on Thursday Freedom Friday Safesex Saturday No undie Su

A cockatiels life and family

A cockatiels life and family

Wow - I have never heard of a cockatiel living for 25 years before

So how come its so easy to manipulate a civilized and humane society

So how come its so easy to manipulate a civilized and humane society?

(We may be humane but our controllers aren't) I for one believe we as a people want to live in peace, but the governments, well their Masters of this world won't let us! why is that I wonder? year after year they take an take. We don't start wars! we

Got a stinking rejection recently

Got a stinking rejection recently?

Perhaps not but it can be that you never stuck your hand out, so what do you expect ? To be a men is to hunt, and to be a women ? Do these soft beautiful creatures hunt or just wait like a decoy in a field ? Here I’m making a point that had a

15 Pages of SHOCKING Comey's FBI memos released from before he was fired by Trump

Associated Press MARY CLARE JALONICK, ERIC TUCKER and CHAD DAY WASHINGTON (AP) — In a series of startlingly candid conversations, President Donald Trump told former FBI Director James Comey that he had serious concerns about the judgment

My c*ck is the most biggest

My c*ck is the most biggest

I am having a most big c*ck. I had already thought that I had, but I wasn’t sure, not being the expert on c*ck and anything. Then a few people tell me that I had great c*ck, so I got a bit more confident about it. But it was not until I comp

This is what Batman did to me

This is what Batman did to me....

Look at the flippin state of my hair! I´ll never get a girlfriend like this!

My Juke Box

My Juke Box

My Juke Box ..................................................................................................................................................................................................... Tiny Dancer ..... Elton John [you

Haters We do Not Hate You We Feel Sorry For You

Haters...We do Not Hate You...We Feel Sorry For You.

Haters!...Bless them! The internet trolls. The bullies. The commentators and critics that have never taken part but criticise everything about any competitor as if they, themselves are flawless. Those who have no compassion for others. No resp

Why Is Not Looking Considered Hopeless

Why Is 'Not Looking' Considered Hopeless?

Why is it, that when you state you are not looking for someone else in your life, that people (in my case, men) either don't read it, don't think you're serious, or think you've become hopeless? Does it ever occur to anyone that some of us really

the next Charlie Gard

the next Charlie Gard

I did a blog a while back on the Government intervention into our healthcare systems....nothing good could ever come of it. So, here we are again with Alfie Evans. Looking for treatment in Italy now has the Supreme Court debating on pulling the plug

20th june

20th june

Hope everyone is getting themselves in training and toned for "World naked bike ride day"

The FBI agent

The FBI agent

Three men want to become agents for the FBI. After a day of intensive interviews, they are told there is one more test to prove their dedication to the FBI. The head FBI agent takes the first guy into a private room. He hands him a gun and says, “Go

Experience women

I getting lessons all the times and things starting go faster and faster. But this one’s is weird. I was surprised by myself. Start 3 weeks ago. I know i need to get certain amount of lessons to able to understand whole concept. One girl send me

ShyGuy1984: "Surprise me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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