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Celtic style

If you click in here ignore this blog. Just testing and messing around, trying to figure out why I can no longer upload How frustrating it is to know or think, something you could once do .... no longer can d

The Boomerang Generation

It is a term applied in Western culture to young adults who have left home and lived independently, but now, for some reason or rather, are boomeranging back to live with their parents. For example: for economic reasons, lower wages, higher rent,

What commandment do I break if I blog about

Certain topics HERE. ON MY OWN BLOG-NONE! Anyone want to talk about boomerangs,Australia,long hair, mothers and adult children, drinks,brunch, toned buttocks,side boob,o*al,nicknames,religion..

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

All the great religious leaders of history have one thing in common: they are dead. Only one man has risen from a grave never again to taste death. Jesus Christ died, was buried, remained in the grave for 3 days, then was raised to life


Your buttocks...

Lots of women have primary photos showing their buttocks. Large ones at that! Sometimes, it's a side view and recently I've seen faceless photos of only their rear end. I guess it's a way of luring guys when nothing else matters in the relationship

A Prayer and a Very Good Idea

Another piece of Jenny's wonderful blog...thank you. You always seem to know what I need. THE SERENITY PRAYER! God, Grant me the serenity to accept The things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wis

Other Plans and Exit Strategies

No one told me at work about the houseboat rentals at Packer's Bay or the Burney waterfalls. I lived in this area and knew about the quaint little lake town called Mt. Shasta and the ski resort on Mount Shasta..but this is a great weekend destinatio


The perfect place: so much space and light and air at once, felt like I came out of a prison. A perfect day: no wind within the fiord; no waves, safe for those from the motorboats. The perfect me: I never stopped to believe that I’d return and I retu

The ol romance orphan scams are on the rise

The scams are a bit clever at least a recent encounter in Miami. A girl on CS sells a hardship story of being orphaned with a sister due to parents killed in car accident. Only she is not that bright. Demanding of attention but not that bright. I pla

I've Not Seen Merc Here Lately -

Does anyone know why she vanished? Hope she's well, what with the wildfires & all. She's fun on the blogs & I miss her G'mornin', Merc!

Three women I remember from when I was 19-21

Henri broke my heart not just once, she is the one who endures most of all from my first years at university, well she was fickle, truly. We never even kissed. Oh but she was so lovely. I encountered her years later at a party, with my then wife.

" Please" Joe Biden and Goverment, " Please Stop The Killing In Gaza City!

You Could Pull Strings On Irael! You Are Able To Do It! "Please!" Let's Have Peace Again! Innocent Children Are Dying! "Please Stop The Killing Right Now!" We Did Had Peace , For Some Years Until Now! Let's "Have It Again" Thank you By


Fly by night and gone by the light of day. Have you ever had a relationship, (of any kind), with a ghost? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

She invited me over to watch TV

Years ago, a lady friend called me after a long day. "Come over and watch TV with me," she did say. I told her, "I'm tired from work and not feeling Cupid." She said, "Oh come o

gotta give CS some real credit

They are deleting profiles that are obviously fake in pretty quick order.


Do we become immortal when our name and date of birth and death become engraved in a granite stone? If you think about what stands the test of time. Would you write your most important bit of wisdom on your stone for the future of humanity

Bitching about ....

I have no problem with people posting their body parts Everyone has their own idea of beauty and desire Even the fat,ugly of both sexes seem to find a way to reproduce, so leave them to enjoy the folds,old cheese,and sec

Do you have something to say about this Still waiting to hear from you

Do you have something to say about this. Still waiting to hear from you!

The blog is the place where you can express yourself and have your voice heard. Share your thoughts, vent your frustrations, and ask and answer the tough questions of the day. It’s easy, discreet, and a whole lot of fun.

One down , two to go

Get lost Liz , The Gaffa has a job for you licking commy boots

Tying up loose ends.

It's been two weeks today since I moved. Two weeks without long winded messages, complaining and me walking on eggshells. After I moved, I kind of put my old roommate on ice for a few days.. However, I did it without telling him, which, in hindsight,


Some Things.......................... In This World................... Are So Old .............................."When We Were Kids?"........................................ (You Can Something In................If You Care To.................. From He

So I had a nice busy productive week

and looking forward to nice weekend in Dead Sea. Now we are allowed to stay outside till 11PM , number of deaths and Covid cases have significantly decreased. The are protests in many places , the instability and chaos in the neighboring country is

green new deal

Folks just gota learn to walk to get around ...go the great Gaffa

The Mirror - "Log Sheets" [VI] Chapter VI – For your ideal [ I ]

The Mirror - "Log Sheets" Chapter VI – For your ideal [ I ] "As for me, I admit. I'm sick. I fell ill with Reality, o, noble, enlightened judges! .. Do not be afraid, therefore, to judge all this, condemning me. Forgive me, for a

The Straw that broke Matt Gaetz's back

Tonight from The New York Times; BREAKING NEWS A former elected official in Florida is said to have been cooperating with the Justice Dept. inquiry into Representative Matt Gaetz si

The truth about what happened. It was NOT a "tour group".

From The Huffington Post; Cop Nearly Killed By Trump Mob Rips GOP For ‘Peddling Bullshit’ On U.S. Capitol Riot D.C. Police Officer Michael Fanone says Republican riot

Songs for Romance - Deshi Beats (Part 1)

Just some old romance .......... ........

Adrenalin Addicts Dream

Whether one is Free Soloing or Free Falling out of an aircraft, the 'rush' is all that counts. It's all about defying

The Colonial Pipeline...

I got a call this afternoon informing me there was an attack on a gas pipeline creating a shortage. My response was: "I didn't know we were pumping gasoline through pipelines" Checking online there is conflicting information but Florida Governor Ron

Culinary Art is stupid

Why spend all that time making something look beautiful, only for the teeth to begin the process of destroying all that hard work? Then it gets swallowed, and down to be incinerated by the stomach's hydrochloric acid - sliiiiiide through the intest

Is this right?

I know relationships can be complicated. They can be complicated to the point where the individuals involved within them have their own unique set of rules they each have become to respect. With that said, I know the answer to certain questions may

Happy Birthday to Stevie Wonder

Stevie turns 71 today. https://www.youtu

| BREAKING - One Hour Ago | CDC: If You're Vaxed - Drop The Mask

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("IS THAT ALL?")..(221)

"It Is Now April 13th.........2021..........And As I Step Out To Scan The Neighborhood...........What Do I See?.......Well Across Of The Street?.....That Old Lady..........(I Have A Nerve At My Age Saying That!)........But Anyway......Yeah....Every N

Crime evasion null & void - NRA gets rebuked by TX Federal Judge

Today in The New York Times; In Rebuke to N.R.A., Federal Judge Dismisses Bankruptcy Case The N.R.A. filed for bankruptcy this year as it sought to end run regulato


There are several definitions to the word ghosting but a recent one involves the disappearance of a casual date where you sever all forms of communication with them... or if you've been ghosted, they sever all forms of communication with you. Text

"Oh Shirley, I simply must know where you got your nails done"

Or submit your own suggestion for the caption for the following nature photo;

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