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To Me

It is indeed a mystery as to why it happens for some of us . You could dress,converse , very good in bed , keep house, cook because the way to a man"s heart is through his stomach, everything is good with you but yet you cannot keep a man . Relatio

A Blog To Please Everybody

I have been thinking very hard to find a topic - and a view on it - to please everybody but to no avail. It will be such a welcome change to produce such a blog. I don’t mind when people differ from me in opinion, it happens all the time b

Yikes! I'm Still Here...

What happened to my blog? Who grabbed it ?! Was looking for my blog before I logged in and didn't find gave me a bad feeling, a real bad feeling...what a relief when I logged in and found myself here Just want to say I

Best answer of following question?

How does research help a student to develop his or her analytical skill? If you are doing research what situations you wil never use telephonic or video interview? Is experiment can be done through social sciences? Why does a researcher

Blown away by sciences of life

Blown away by sciences of life....

again and again. When twin number 2 finishes one of her science courses (daughter number one studies art), I skim her textbooks, to see where things have gone over the past half century. I know, Aa-VKH, puleeze, try to get a life, no? Point well take

Is it me...

or are you folk out of fresh ideas for a blog if i may suggest ...get wasted and start typing ... show how creative you can be



A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husba

America the land of opportunity and freedom

America, the land of opportunity and freedom

Internationally, the USA is regarded as a land of so many things. Most of them are not so good. Depending upon where you live and how you live, it defines and influences how you perceive this great country. I say great because from my own experi

Rate My Photo

Rate My Photo

How do I look in yellow? Just got back home from a meeting. So tired that all I want now is just relaxing.. Reading funny or silly blogs, I prefer, while w

Toleration And The Intolerant

At the best of times I’m fairly easy and tolerant but I cannot tolerate the intolerant. I don’t think they deserve to be tolerated if they cannot tolerate those who have different views or believes. This include • religious groups w

Tell me what you boast of, and I'll tell you your weaknesses...

True or false? (Must go now be back in an hour, feel free to comment please)

Another Hair Raising Subject

The Most Secret Of Society... Something to ponder over Following my blog last January about long hair – for women and men – I was sent the following link, which suggests confirmation of what I wrote about long hair acting as antennas

Is This Him

Is This Him..?

The POTUS? Really? Could anybody tell me, please.

Why Thai Women marry Foreign Men

Why Thai Women marry Foreign Men

Why Thai Women marry Foreign Men



My swinger friend doesn’t swing anymore and I got banned from the swingers website. I don’t even know what I did.


You are preparing for family fun day or decided to contribute for a function be it charitable organizations not . Your hands are heavy no matter what you do and the food is very salty , there are no more ingredients and you are short on cash. Take (

Loving Her serial ch 4

Loving Her - serial ch.4

Into this night, Cassie continues to verbally attack and drill Kenny for answers, answers that she already suspects. Finally, Ken breaks down emotionally and admits to everything that happened. He even confesses to Cassie that he has been unfai



CS End of year academy awards 2016

CS End of year academy awards 2016

This blog is in no way meant to be harmful or hurtful to anyone and all nominees are coincidental, not directed personally towards anyone, and the categories are: 1. Best looking male blogger 2. Best looking female blogger 3. Best overall blogge



It Was 5 Years Ago Tomorrow..(December 14,2012)......................................................................................... In The Early Hours Of A Friday Morning...That A Deranged Young Man..(Adam Lanza)..Got Hold Of His Mothers Weapons

A Year After Trumps Win A Year Til Mid Terms

A Year After Trump's Win & A Year 'Til Mid Terms

Why Hillary Lost & Why Dems Will Be Beat Like Rented Mules Next Year...

All Aboard Tickets please

All Aboard!!! Tickets please!!

At birth we boarded the train of life and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel on our side. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. As time goes by, othe

Happy 1st Night Of Hanukkah Yall

Happy 1st Night Of Hanukkah, Y'all!

Happy Birthday Arthur

Happy Birthday Arthur!

My darling Art turns 69 today. I got hold of one of his younger sisters and asked her to get a small ice-cream cake for her brother. I roped her in to help since I'm like thousand of miles away..... She delivered the yummy cake togethe

Age a state of mind or statement of uselessness

Age a state of mind or statement of uselessness?

Isn't it unique the many varied profiles of women who are 65 or older who have one foot on a banana peel and the other on the threshold to a nursing home looking for a useless wanker who is equally or darn near on the same threshold that they will su



Gender Equality

Can I tell you ladies a little secret? You had it all along and did not even know it. Have you noticed how few men will still offer their seats to a lady on a full bus or a train these days? Some people may interpret it as bad manners but that’s not

Two different .

There are two pastor's of two different denominations . I could give there names but I know some of you would be upset about that . It is also on utube . They were the main pillar of the churches they were in charge of . They were talked about on t

Loving Her serial ch 2

Loving Her - serial ch.2

"Please pardon me for a moment, my love," Parker tells Estelle, as he jumps up from the couch where he sat with her and runs to interrupt the message, picks up the phone handset, "Kenny? What are you doing? Don't shoot yourself. Stop all this nons

Loving Her serial ch 3

Loving Her - serial ch.3

More than hour and a half passes by. Kenneth still awaits Parker's arrival, but nothing. Ken starts to wonder if maybe Estelle called Parker on his cellphone and stopped him from coming over to him. Many thoughts begin to cloud Kenny's mind. As

When sex is too good

When sex is too good

When sex is too good





* If you attempt to rob a bank you won't have any trouble with rent/food bills for the next 10 years, whether or not you are successful. * Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned? * What if my dog only brings back my ball becaus

A Blossoming Relationship

We had a bad start involving a turned over dustbin. A few days later, while both of us were guests at a barbecue hosted by a mutual friend, we got along well enough to venture onto a dinner date a few days later and we discovered that we have more i

Penny for your thoughts

Penny for your thoughts?

I Made a man happy this week .... and because I did, he looked at me in a way no man has ever looked at me before.... and because of that look, I have not since being able to get that man's look out of my head... Those eyes, HIS eyes tha

How The Past Affects The Present

The essence of transference, one of Freud’s greatest concepts. It shows how we are prisoners of the past and how the energy of old emotions stays with us, ready to be triggered at any moment by somebody or something vaguely simi

my meditation

my meditation

The meditation of the vacuum Sweeping in rhythmic motion I close my eyes and push forward Pull back, rocking on heals My body begins to warm, blood flowing, heart pumping I meditate while I vacuum Pressing toward Drawing back I measure in

May the odds play in your favour CS fellows ...

...and destiny provides what you are looking for. Happy New Year 2018 to all of you

Gender No Gender

Gender ? No Gender ?

I keep 2 cats at home, They are not famous but I want them happy with me since I adopted them. They are 2 years age gap. Both the same gender, male. Honestly, I adore the big one more than the small one, not cos of he was the first arrived, but his

He Did Win The Marathon

He Did Win The Marathon

Really, he did

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