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robrt787online now!

Undone - part 3

When Jerry arrives home, the kitchen light is on inside the home. He gets out of his pick-up truck, with beer in hand, he runs in through the front door with joy and shouts, "Hey baby, I'm home! Let's start celebrating tonight! Yeah!"

There is no answer. Jerry stands still, looks around. The television is on, but that is the only sound that eerily plays in the home. He sets the beer on the dining table near a salt shaker. He becomes very concerned, yet puzzled at the silence. He searches around the home, inside and out, for Regina, but she is nowhere to be found.

He goes to the kitchen phone to call a few friends and relatives to ask if maybe they've seen her. The first person he decides to call is Allen. When Allen answers the phone, Jerry asks if he or his wife know about Regina's whereabouts. Just as Allen is about to answer, Jerry becomes stunned and silent. He stops all movement and just sits there staring at something he should have noticed earlier on the dining table.

It is the salt shaker, the glass kind with a metal top, but it is what's beneath the salt shaker that has Jerry more concerned. Beneath the salt shaker, he sees an envelope with these words written on it, "I'm sorry Jerry."

Allen is still talking to Jerry on the phone, trying to get more information, but Jerry's thoughts are on that envelope. Jerry takes a moment to awake from his deep focus on the envelope and realize Allen's been talking, asking questions on the phone.

Jerry interrupts Allen with these soft spoken words, "Uh, hey Everything's okay. Maybe I'll tell ya all about it sometime."

Then he hangs up the phone with no further explanation to Allen. He scoots aside the salt shaker, picks up the envelope and reads the outside of it again, "I'm sorry Jerry." His heart begins to break. He knows this is not good news. He's got a very bad feeling lingering within him about this envelope.

He reluctantly presses himself to open the envelope. He removes the lined note book paper folded within. He begins to sniffle and get watery eyed. He hangs his shoulders low. He unfolds the note and it is Regina's handwriting. Her first words are, "I am so sorry, Jerry. I really loved you, but ..."

Suddenly, he stops reading and crumbles up the note paper. He then places his fingers from his left hand to his forehead, his other hand holding down the crunched letter. He is worried, thinking what to do next.

After a few deep breaths, he re-opens the now wrinkled letter and continues reading. From the letter, he learns that Thomas had been in town for two weeks and while Jerry was away at work each day, Regina and Thomas were re-igniting an old romance. However, on this Friday, while Jerry was at work, Regina packed up some clothes and a few other things, and decided to leave town with her old flame, Thomas.

She explains, she never really got over Thomas, and that she always believed that she and Thomas were meant to be together. She apologizes to Jerry again and again, and hopes maybe someday he'll understand.

She claims she still loves Jerry, but she simply loves Thomas more, and thus she made her decision to go back with Thomas. Very inconsiderately, she never once wishes Jerry a happy birthday in her letter.

The most revealing part of this letter comes when Jerry notices how she signed it. She signed it, "With love and apologies, Regina Marie."

That's when he realizes something. It came to his mind what Thomas had told him earlier at the liquor store. Those words that Thomas' spoke, now burned in Jerry's thoughts, "I got a new gal friend back in Texas, her name is MARIE. She's alright. She's everything a man could ask for."

Jerry never knew that Regina's middle or nick name was Marie. She never told him nor ever wrote it anywhere before. Now it seems there's a lot of things Jerry never knew about Regina.

(Story continues with part 4, tomorrow)
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Melody1671online today!

La Tortuga Island

"La Tortuga Island (in Spanish: Isla La Tortuga; "La Tortuga" means "the turtle") is an uninhabited island of Venezuela, the largest in the Federal Dependencies of Venezuela. It is part of a group of islands that include the Tortuguillos and Cayo Herradura. Isla La Tortuga has an area of 156 km2 (60 sq mi)."

Venezuela... My country... My home... My love... heart beating

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JimNasticsonline today!

Lack of proper leadership and reckless abandon of guidelines to blame for pandemic surge

Today from Reuters;

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Henn101online today!

Hens story

More about love and it's short comings.. conversing blushing help hug kiss very mad smitten heart wings
namarononline today!

"IN THE YEAR 2024"

Here Is Another Point......................... I'd Like To Make............................... About Red States ...............And Blue States.................With A Lot Of ..."Blue States" ....Raising Their Taxes ............................Higher And Higher?
A Lot Of People Are Moving To States
Where The Taxes Are Not As High As The State They Are Fleeing From

And?...A Lot Of These People That Are Fleeing States Like California And So On?
Are Moving To States Where The Taxes Are Lower
And?...A Lot Of These People Who Are Fleeing Are Not Just Republicans
There's A Lot Of Demoncrats Also That Are Joining The Ole Wagon Train

And These Demoncrats?...When They Move To A Red State Like Texas For Example?
Will Still Be Voting "Demoncrat"
Which Could..In Turn?...Could Make A Red State Turn Into The Color.......... Blue
(Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It)

And Even If Trump Does Win The Election?
In 2024?..All Of Those Brainwashed 16 Year Old Punk Asses?
Will Be Voting "Demoncrat"

So?..Even If Trump Wins?
The USA Will Be Screwed In The Year 2024"

detective detective detective detective detective
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namarononline today!


The Way Things Are Going................. In The Political Arena?...................It Looks Like The Demoncrats ............Are Going To Try And Pull A ........"Fast One"................Now They're Talking About Not Having Any Debates At All.........And?...They Want The Voting To Be By Mail...I Can Well Believe Why Too
Because Ole Joe Biden?...If He Even Opens Up His Mouth?
It'll Be All Over
"This Is A Coup In Progress...Believe It
This Is Not How Our System Works....And If It Is Allowed?.....Then The Whole Country Has Gone Mad

The Mail In Voting Will Be Filled With Fraud

Where Is The Supreme Court On This?
Don't They Have a Say In This Madness?

If It Is Allowed That There Will Be No Debates
And There Will Be Mail In Voting?

My Guns Are Locked And Loaded For What's To Come

detective detective detective detective detective
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Wrinklyloveonline today!

The Invocation of Tir’es’Ret.

For those among you wondering, that which follows is a fictional hypothetical outlook upon Cloud Visions.
For those who don't believe in such, let me explain, Such believes in you.

I spent much of last night awake contemplating Spider Speak.
And I do not refer to Physical Spiders, I reference those best defined as Task Masters, those who stand guard and watch over this World.
I worked it out at some point but for now the exact manner of explanation is still percolating deep in my thought processes. For now I will do what I normally do and talk of distraction.

I have known group names of girls growing up. There was Helen, the first girl I had a physical crush on. She was the second of three. The first is my first cousin Helen and the third the Helen who stood guard over me when I was detained at this State’s major Hospital. That Helen, who incidentally looked much like my first cousin, thought she was protecting me, and keeping me safe. That was until her orientation when she was pulled away while I was being transferred to an interim holding cell, room. They told her the story used to break into my house and remove me from it. I read it in her eyes during the 2 minutes they allocated her to say her piece, (for me deceiving her and making her consider me with care and compassion). I remember her standing in the doorway looking at me neither of us saying anything. It was not my place to say anything and so I did not. I was kind of hoping she had let go and said what was on her mind. I didn’t work out what they were doing until after I was released from Psychiatric Detention, Non Court Ordered of course, Hospital Administration Ordered just to show me just who is in control. I thought their assumption cute.

During those two days in holding, in between chatting with my very own personal guard, I began contemplating the time.TiiM equation. I discussed it with Helen as a first stage TiiM implant thought. The second was achieved in silence. Bitches.

Monika was not working that day. Monika was a particularly kind and loving Nurse who I fell in love with the instant I saw who she really was. She, for some reason, had taken it upon her self to look after me while I was being processed like an incidental lump of meat I had become. I saw for some reason because our first communication, initiated by me, was not particularly ‘pc’.
I could not believe it when it worked. Although, somehow I knew Monika would react, well I hoped, the way she had. Other than that I knew she would react.
I figured that was why she was not there when they transferred me. She’d return to work, I’d be gone, she may have asked my whereabouts, told gone, and moved on. By that stage I had warned off the paedophile guard and been handed over to the Helen Guard.

Monika is the first and we shall call Her Tir. “I luv girls with big breasts.”

In my entire life I have only met one Tanya, a drop dead gorgeous Brunette / Auburn haired Goddess who by the way, the absolute majority of guys I knew accepted she was so far out of their league, they were still trying to work out how to fill out the application to buy an attendance ticket.

I think it’s strange that I have met names in groups of three, three Sue’s; the first my first actual girlfriend in high school. The second, perhaps the most fun and sexually curious girl in my Third year, Year 10 class and a different Sue girlfriend when I was about 25.

Strangely, there are three names who I have only ever met once. Julia is such a name. Julia is a real person. Julia is a funny girl; intelligent and quick of thought.
Let us place Julia ‘es’. She is not the prettiest of the three but she holds potential, shall we say.

With that I invoke She who has for reasons I am sure are not of her own choosing in her failure to show; the combined Three Nature traits of Ra’te’Ka; she previously referenced as Tnaa, Lazy Girl, and Soe.
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Donggonline today!

=== BREAKING === The Washington Redskins To Change Name Of Team To The Washington N*****S

If I owned that team, and these fascist Democrats tried to pull this decimation of my right to free speech on me, that is EXACTLY what I would do.

And you don't even want to see the new logo I would be using.

BOYCOTT THE WASHINGTON N*****S !!! They are owned by a feckless coward who won't stand up to the fascist left barbarian speech thugs.
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Lukeononline today!


Never in my whole life would I imagine that the day would come that my hands would consume more alcohol than my mouth!!!

True what they say: This is the New Now. Terrible.

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Swamieonline today!

So long to herd immunity hopes. New Jersey braces for second round of Covid-19

New Jersey, for instance, appear to have contracted Covid-19 a second time almost two months after fully recovering from their first infection. While there’s still much we don’t understand about immunity to this new illness, a small but growing number of cases like this suggest the answer is yes.
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