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Lukeononline today!


I'm not any great 'green fingers' gardener but since cannabis has been legalized here I thought I would try see how difficult it would be cultivating this sought after herb.

Well now I know why they call it weed, it just grows and grows. Apart from deep watering once a week no special attention was given to these plants. I planted 20 seeds and in a few months one could clearly distinguish between the male and female. After uprooting all the males I had only 5 females which I thought would be insufficient for a decent harvest.
Big mistake.
The 5 females were over 3m tall and wow, did they have buds. So far I have harvested over 5kg. (trimmed, dried and cured)

Here are a few photos.

My Crop.laugh

Before 'Trimming'


After 'Trimming' The bud on the right is known here as 'Durban Poison' a very potent strain. Only one out of the five plant was of that strain.

I don't smoke at all.
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CROWNAFFAIRonline now!


When the bible was assembled, why was the Book of Enoch omitted? After all, it was discovered amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls. Perhaps the church leaders didn't like the idea of extra terrestrial giants roaming the earth and having s*xual relationships with the beautiful earth women. Though the story of David and Goliath appears to depict such a giant existing. Also why was the comment made by Jesus when asked by Peter, " Who is your favourite disciple?" replied with " Mary Magdalene," not included. Could it be that the male church leaders did not like the idea of a woman being his favourite?
CROWNAFFAIRonline now!


I understand that the Vatican has thousands of files locked away and access to these documents is forbidden. What could the Pope be frightened of to conceal such info? Why does the Vatican have telescopic observation towers, not only on its buildings, but also at certain sites around the world. There appears to be a great interest in extra terrestrial life. Could it be that contact with alien life has occurred in the past and details of such events has been hidden?
robrt787online today!

I bring you a flower

I bring you a flower
from my garden, home grown.
A garden I started
when I first saw you alone.

It’s been some time,
I’ve adored you from near and far.
My greatest desire,
my morning sun, my evening star.

You had noticed me
at times, now and then.
In rain, I gave you an umbrella.
You smiled and called me friend.

But, you had another love
by your side,
before my garden to be.
He lied, cheated,
left you for another.
I wondered, “How could he?”

Like the umbrella,
I came to quiet the rain.
To comfort you through
heartache and the pain.

Now, we’ve become friends,
deep feelings from the start,
and this we both knew.
And here I bring you this flower
from my heart and my home.
I’ve come to say, “I love you.”

PS: Just another something I quickly wrote.
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UnFayzedonline today!

So much to learn

I haven't done any canning in over 30 years. When I retired and tried to get back into gardening I did everything wrong first. That seems to be my style, do it wrong, learn something and then do it right. I planted at the wrong time of the year but it still yielded. I forgot to tag what I planted and have to wait for blooms to know what the heck I planted. (some I could recognize when they started growing) Now I have tomatoes coming out my ears and I need to can some, make some sauce and can that. Holy cripes I found my old canning pot, me who usually saves nothing hung onto that pot. Of course I have a fondness for pot or pots on so many levels.

All I can say is thank god for google or you tube training videos. I think I've learned more off them than the school education system.
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daearsonline today!

Funniest thing lol

I get viewed by not in my country women more than my own country rolling on the floor laughing
Not helping me at all laugh
Unless they have a passport rolling on the floor laughing
Cause I don't rolling on the floor laughing
Love NZ too much to leave at all peace peace teddybear teddybear teddybear
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LuckyDuck2018online today!

What in your opinion is best option for DIY gym set?

Using nature and possibly what re-used or bought for usage.

I was thinking Rower/ bike but that would mean I have figure out how create something out whack....

I kind want to create something little different...
I think I just get bike part then oar make cost effective that way if I someone sees me they go what heck but you know it count calories I spending I still need upright seat and sit down seat for actions I was that going hard to explain reason being is that I want able to peddle hard, and put weights on side of oar or shaft of branch exercise extensively so I can build muscle mass or sculpt my curves better.

that way I won't be mocked by goats anymore they called me weak person...I was sick for long time...and able to go out exercise it like dream...seriously. I was sick because I had flu and another condition for long time recovery road is that I still have to take asthma medicine when gets really bad is cause and effect. wave

It wasn't just junk food okay until I discovered juicing I was really trying to find something solved the issue.

Any ideas? besides one idea I have. innocent
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JimNasticsonline today!

Kamla Harris joins Elizabeth Warren in call to impeach Trump

Yesterday in USA Today;

(Continued in my first comment below)
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Bentleeonline today!

Childhood memories over the airways

I believe we all have memories of such, be it the road runner, bullwinkle, daisy duke shorts, maybe a Jethro size bowl of cereal......

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JimNasticsonline today!

Real Talent

Imagine winning 22 Grammys as a composer and piano player.
Obviously, total respect by the music profession.
But, you just like to 'play' for fun.

Here Chick Corea plays with vibraphonist Gary Burton onstage in a fun duet on the same instrument.

Enjoy. head banger

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