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Richard Dawkins is an eloquent speaker with all the confidence but his error is..

I have listend to this man and I wonder why he is so obsessed with religion.
On this particular blog by Jarred, he shoots himself in the foot by saying 'Religion is Evil'

Nowadays, most people just go about their business, and have unbelief, are agnostic or are Christian, Hindu, humanist, Evangelical or Islam.

He seems to lump us all in with Islam. It is the only religion that is out to cause mayhem in the world [see Suris and hadiths] and despite protestations from media freindly imaams, closer study of Q uran, shows that mohammed wanted us, the non Islam to be slaughtered, by the sword, as we are 'infidels'

This has no bearing on the bible or jewish Torah which went before it. Which Islam purports to worship, as well as worshipping Jesus, Mary and Joseph and giving great reverence to Mary and Joseph in their books.

It is therefore astonishing that they [due to mahommed] a man of many contradicitons. their 'prophet' ignored the 10commandments of the old testament. and allows killing, 'thou shalt not kill'

I am not saying religions are perfect, when there are humans there will be abuse of power etc.,

Richard Dawkins just lobbs us all in together with Islam... and that is one big mistake.

Please tell me why people Body build ?

U know too much of muscles reduces ur brain capacity, but because ur stupid, but u know act it, and u only concentrate on ur body building.

Hoe do u feel about body building in general, for men and women ?

--> Mind u I have to admit I like it when the muscles r well developed !

I'm starting to feel transgender. Or maybe"gay".

As a white male in the USA, I haven't experienced much discrimination. But as a youth of modest means, it happened often, particularly with regard to education and socialization. Now it occurs on rare occcasions for other reasons. So our laws in most states protect a variety of people with certain characteristics. Can't change my race, age or other features, but by simply declaring myself transgender, and building up such a case with my primary health provider, along with a few other minor official paper trail reports, bingo, no more discrimination. Present for a job and don't get it for whatever reason, not good for the employer, especially if I make a big deal of my new gender during the interview. Same with searcching for housing, joining clubs, etc. Life is good. Pretty scummy if I actually were to scam others this way, but what are your thoughts?Aa.

Brunettes seem to be having a good day..

Real blondes are very rare, real blondes with blonde that stays blonde into adulthood are even rarer, it is a specific gene that isnot as strong as the brown eyed, Dark haired one.

So there has always been a mystic about blonde hair... certainly as kids in school. Girls with Long blonde hair and blue eyes were rare, and besides Nordic blondes, many Dutch and some Germans, they shared one thing, being highly desired and being exceptionally rare.

Nowadays things have changed... Since Kate Middleton [no I am not a ardent Royal Watcher] but I do read papers, became princess,, it seems that alot of the colour houses [Colurants and hairdressers] are being asked for a rich dark brown. It has become the new blonde.

Of course the older face maynot be able to take it... but I for one, am glad to see the end of all those bleached blondes, with eyes and skin that clashed with their hair colour, usually coupled with copious orangey /brown Spray tan at the BAFTAS. so much new talent coming up are women and men with natural dark hair, and the women have luxurious brown hair.... so now it is the 'in' colour. What a relief.

Every 2nd woman or young girl was 'blonde' and it is a colour that is hard to fake. There is something classical and beautiful about a hair of lush shiny dark hair.

I guess the old adage come into play now 'Men adore blondes but marry Brunettes' or 'Men prefer blondes but Gentlemen prefer brunettes.bouquet hmmm Personally I love Titian hair, that amazing dark dark reddish colour that Artists went mad for, still just about going today in Ireland.

About me

I don’t like my mind right now.Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary.Wish that I could slow things down.I wanna let go but there’s comfort in the panic. And I drive myself crazy.Thinking everything's about me.Yeah, I drive myself crazy.Cause I can’t escape the gravity

Life partner or Female Staff ..?

A man looking for a new wife or life partner to spend the rest of his life with.
When being asked what are the ideal type of woman he is looking for :
He stated as :
~Someones who like to help in the company with me,
~open minded,
~not conservative,
~ages or kids I don't mind".professor

What do you think...
Actually , He is looking for a new wife or.. a new employee/ female staff to help him running the company? confused dunno

doh doh rolling on the floor laughing


I know I posted this before but I'm posting it again.

For the ladies bouquet teddybear

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