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How The US Created The Islamic State

I listened the video and it's a very controversial video, that opens so many questions.
The first is, what the U.S. hoped to gain by invading Iraq if the war against them was unpresidented?
How did the media aid in feeding the masses with erroneous information about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
Why would America fabricate such a story (Bush) to waste billions of dollars and to put so many young adults lives at risk in Iraq if there were no monetary gain at the end of the day?

I personally think the media is tainted and it is there to dissuade the masses from the truth of what is going on behind the scenes. 9/11 was black day in America's history and nothing can eradicate the mayhem, the anguish and pain that was embedded in my heart and so many all over the world. However, it is imperative that we look beyond what is being fed to us through the media and take a cognitive approach to what is the actual problem.

Please treat my questions in this blog as rhetorical, I just couldn't turn a blind eye to such a video as it had me thinking.

Sooner Or Later I'll Have To Make Up My Mind..

He is not perfect.
There are certain things I don't like about him.
But hey, I am not perfect either.
I am sure there are certain things about me too that he doesn't like.
And different from me,
he just couldn't say it to my face straight forwardly.

At least, he has a plan to meet me which I consider a big credit.
And he is interested to know about "my world" and
has a desire to become a part of that world,
which I consider a big wonderfully surprising bonus.
Ofcourse, so far we both can only have our words,
till the day we really hold hands in flesh.
But we both try to think positively.

I was a bit confused before, tbh.
But someone said something that has made up my mind.

So now I think I am ready.. Yes, I am ready.
My world might not suit his life style straight away.
I am aware that he will have hard time.
But he will have me to hold his hands.

His life style might not suit mine.
I know I will have hard time too.
But then again, I will have him to hold my hands.

As long as we have good intentions,
Together we can sort all the problems out.

Well sayang.. I cannot wait to meet you.
And with all my heart, I welcome you to my world.. bouquet

He likes cooking and I like eating.
Aren't we a perfect match from heaven? grin

Comments Welcome...

Two thought provoking blogs below (WHO Is The Real Terrorist? / How The U.S. Created The Islamic State) do not allow comments.

The vids are relevant to recent events; I'm of the opinion that those vids are worthy of comment, and welcome them here.

Two more takes on how conditions in our world came to be as they are...

YouTube Col. Karen Kwiatkowski

Several vids will come up. Take your pick.

YouTube Blood And Oil - The Middle East In World War I

It's a documentary based on the Pulitzer nominated book, 'A Peace To End All Peace'.
It takes a longer historical view of events addressed in the other vids.

Your comments are welcome......



two ears

My bag is packed, although
I always return with more than I bring
I have two ears and I
Performed the role of bartender or
Priest in the confessional

I have tried to maintain a balance
My mantra, chill out, chill out
Like the Pacific's waves
Breath in and out, in and out
Wearing many rings, from many years
I try to be a tree in this grove of family

As if nothing has changed
Except for exteriors and new construction
The topography remains the same
The geology, the same
The biology, the same
While the gulls and planes sweep across the sky
I soak in the heat from land and sun

I will try to leave no trace, though
I know the smoke is detected
Don't ask, don't tell is shared
Denial is a thing we all do
In order to keep order
We ignore the unpleasant, to smell
The roses

This week, I have been
Bartender, priestess and hairdresser
Listening and absorbing
I brought two ears and a packed bag
Tomorrow, I will leave with much more
As is always the case
On a visit to home


Recently, after going for a blood test, during my following medical appointment, the Doctor mentioned this to me, "Here's something interesting. You have your Test-Tossed-Around very high."

I then asked, "My test-tossed around? Why weren't they more careful? And so what does that mean? Is it good or bad?"

He added, "No, I'm talking about your Testosterone Level. It is very high. Most guys, their testosterone decreases with age. By your age, many have low testosterone and they may get shots or supplements to increase it. But yours, yours is so high, it's out the roof! Erupting! Have you been seing a girlfriend a lot lately?"

I answered, "Er what do you mean? Like just one girlfriend?"

PS: This blog is true, regarding the high testosterone.
As for the dialogue, some it is true, some I added for fun.
Have a cool fun day everyone.

a very special person

hello folks
i am trying to encourage, gently of course, a very special friend to join CS. now, just so you know, he is not a troll and i warn anyone who dares troll him. this person will come on and i will not tell you who he is.

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