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I made a sales call to a customer who admits being a hoarder. I shook my head and said I understand. Wanting to know my story, she asked and I said it was more of collecting than hoarding. My shed was filled with years of hand drawings for kitchens and furniture, family photos, memorabilia and things I was holding for friends and family who didn't return to claim them.

80% is gone now and it's hard to unload the rest.
Tools? Sure I've got 3 jigsaws. I'll keep the best one and unload the others. I don't need a machete anymore or do I... No plans to go postal so I'll gift it to someone at work.

Strangely, my brother asked today about the wall plaque my father received when he was in the Navy aboard the battleship USS Missouri where the Empire of Japan signed a surrender which ended World War II. Yeah, I replied. I had it in my hand yesterday and don't know what to do with it. I'm glad he said it's okay to mail to him along with other family memorabilia.

No room, no time for it.

My neighbor is nice enough to hold a dozen plastic storage bins of mine and I'm trying to take 2 every visit. It's a holiday weekend and that could be four that get moved. I have many things to unload and will probably do some local Craig's list or offer up.
2 used jigsaws... make offer!


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Hoarders are a pain in the neck! My father is one and I dread sorting through all his past gatherings! They say that hoarding can stem from a traumatic event such as a death or divorce or whatever - it can make people cling on to the material things too much and lose track of what really matters...

I know it sounds hard but if it's not well loved or useful, sling it! (in an environmentally friendly way of course) laugh
Extreme hoarders (stuff pack from floor to ceiling) have mental problems and do need help.

I was never a hoarder, but i use to keep things for years (neatly place in my house).

Three years ago, i got rid of all that excess stuff. I find that all i need to be comfortable is a bed, a kitchen and a bathroom. My house is so big, but i find that those areas are all that i use. I cover the furniture in the other rooms and dust around them.

They say with age comes wisdom. Who knew i could live comfortable with little.

It is easy to get rid of stuff, i call the Salvation army and they are always happy to take away my stuff. banana
Last husband is a great man but an EXTREME hoarder. I was going to have us get a duplex so I didn't half to deal with it like the odd couple. Lucky for me he got a job offer in Ocala which I insisted he take and I stay with my great job. I promised not to divorce nor contest it if he chose to but he would get to pay it and he did so he could buy another house. I moved into a tiny litlle place and he took truck loads of worthless junk with him. Again he is a great person, I just couldn't live with him.

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