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Not me....only words of brilliance come from my mouth. tongue

RE: Dying in the country you love

Good choice. My country, my culture, my customs. banana

RE: Trump drops ad minutes after Biden's announcement of Harris as his running mate

Trump and wife got their absentee ballot in the mail today, yet he is making it difficult for voters to do the same.

Trump is rigging the election in his favor.

RE: humor

There will be many more satire of her.

RE: I got vaccinated against the virus yesterday.

They will now track your every move.

RE: Is there no level too low for slime to ooze to.

Trump will look into it.

President Obama and now Kamala.

That lawyer is not so smart as Kamala was born in the USA just as President Obama. frustrated

RE: Thief Picks The Wrong Guy To Try And Rob! Gets Tied Up

I likeit........The court should order that his fingers be shop off.

Everyone will know that he is a thief.

RE: Ya just got to love 'em.....

Oh, my........It would have been cheaper to hire help. laugh

RE: Great advice!

She can articulate her thoughts well.

Her parents should be a shame that this little girl has more sense of family than they do.

She is adorable, can i take her home?

RE: Oh how the mighty do fall ...

"Another holier than thou Jimmy Swaggart."

The house of cards eventually falls.

Who will be next? Joel Osteen?????

RE: Karen... Karen, is that really you??

People should be on their best behaviour in public, as they know that cameras are everywhere.

Smile you are on Youtube. laugh

RE: Who said I live in you if you live in me??

I said a gentleman can live in me for a few seconds, then he has to leave. laugh banana

RE: My NICE blog

I am at the stage where i don't encourage company to visit me.

I find ways to meet in a mutual place.

I'm stuck in my ways and i know that everyone does not take care of my homelike i do.

RE: Love this lady's style and voice....

Beautiful songs. thumbs up

RE: Yup

That's when you use your eyes as a level (not the tool) laugh

RE: Me And The Animals

Catsssssssssssss scold scold

Dogsssssssssss thumbs up

RE: Prolific bank robber brought to book

This pandemic, long quarantines, and lost of jobs results in a rise in robbery.

The mask help the thieves to get away without being ID.

RE: there is only one race - the human race

There are sub-categories of human race.

RE: Lies about the virus spread by conservatives end up killing people. Stop it !

Don't worry, they are getting the virus one by one and becoming a true believer.

RE: Wife a precious gift.

Women are precious gifts.

RE: Under Trump the national debt has increased from $19.9 Trillion to $26.5 Trillion

America needs to start printing more money.

RE: A clear inside look at the dysfunctional Donald Trump and the roots of his dysfunctions.

I would not waste my money in that book.

I would not buy Bolton's book either.

What Mary wrote is what America has known about Trump for years.

Hog wash very mad

RE: I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men

William Golding, is a very smart man.

Now, if some men could realize this TRUE fact, they could be happy in a relationship. banana

RE: A clear inside look at the dysfunctional Donald Trump and the roots of his dysfunctions.

"Based on what I have seen my entire adult life."

Where was she when Trump ran for president?

Why didn't she speak up then?

Why it took her three + years to say something as she saw the destruction he made and still making?

Hog wash.........

RE: Less than 1 hour old. Trump's newest lawsuit. He's been treated so unfairly. lol

Trump can't get the virus because he got the vaccine.

Yes, there is a vaccine....the video is floating around CS.

RE: Kim Kardashian with her Pomeranians Sushi and Saké...

That is a good idea.

I'll post another Pic as my own.

Most men want to see a pic, fake or not.

RE: Washington Redskins Officially Change Their Name

Someone eventually listened.

RE: Daily quotes ??

ok I'm off to bed.

RE: Trump finally achieves something actually bigger (and not just his record number of lies)

A huge pandemic and a reelection. frustrated

That will confirm that everyone loves Trump. very mad

RE: Westmoreland woman allegedly caught ‘pulling a fast one’

I hope they chopped off the thief hands.

That way everyone will know a thief when they see one.frustrated

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