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Love this lady's style and voice....

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And I love your taste Luke thumbs up wine

It's a Heartache, my most favourite song by Bonnie applause applause applause

My 2nd favourite conversing

Excellent, thanks.thumbs up bouquet
" Phew" for a minute there I thought you weren't talking to me conversing wine
You would have to go the extra mile for me to decide that, im not easily perturbedlaugh
If you are easily disturbed Luke roll eyes

Lets leave that for the men in the white coats to say uh oh nerd
wink lol

Ok, I get it ..... no talking allowed conversing

I can do that snooty

I think uncertain



Confusing Words

disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmeduh oh

She was rather perturbed by the news that her father was seriously illrolling on the floor laughing

interfere with the usual arrangement of something or interrupt someone's sleep or make someone anxious

Don't disturb the patient's wounds by moving him too rapidly!wow
rolling on the floor laughing
wine bouquet
Do you wear spec's Luke roll eyes
Not yet.laugh Strange questioncool
Lukeon, you have good taste in music. Those are the music i enjoy listening to.

Celtic, i can't listen to your posts as it is block in America. Seems you have regional block on your posts.
Thank you.....
Good night conversing

What hero doesn't need sleep lol

wave LaFonda, I don't know what you mean?
I've never changed any settings and my uploads/links were able to be viewed unless I'm missing something dunno help
Me again roll eyes
changed a few setting there LaFonda, do let me know if it makes a difference conversing
Forgotten how much I enjoyed Bonnies music.....
thanks Luke for the reminder wine


Lukeon ~ Enjoyed that music this morning and thanks. She has a soul filled voice and brings me back to when I was going to Disco s and dancing and wearing clothes like her and we all loved her.
She had a very unusual voice, still a great singer and the music hasn't dated unlike others. I love the lyrics. Thanks.
Happy i could be of service Goldy.thumbs up
Beautiful songs. thumbs up

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