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Art of the people

Art of the peopleBest regards to my “friend” This is a direct note to the person so called an enemy Who ever you are as one said it is a person capable of doing...

sloboda2941Apr 20151 hrs agoApr 2015

REVENGEThey say revenge is a dish best eaten cold. I don't mind if it is hot or cold, but I want it. The person bringing my car from Scotland with me pay...

Elegsabiff1,522127Sep 20171 hrs agoSep 2017

INCIDENCE OF ENDOMETRIOSISThe incidence of endometriosis appears to be increasing. Such increase is real, as well as apparent. The real increase is probably due to the current...

Unknown3390Oct 20101 hrs ago
Why Are You An American

Why Are You An American?While maybe not as well known to younger generations, America has been and remains a melting pot of all races, religions, creeds, and diverse points o...

injuneer4658Sep 20121 hrs agoSep 2012

I can mention 100 things that I should have doneI can mention 100 things that I should have done differently in my previous years but health is something more important.

jarred163-Aug 151 hrs ago

Deer SonDeer Son, I am writing this slow because I know you can't read too fast. We don't live where we did when you left. Your Dad read in the paper that...

Gentlejim4222Jan 20161 hrs agoJan 2016

What Gives ???Paul Manifort is in solitary confinement for not paying taxes. In New Mexico a judge let 5 Jihadis out on bail after abusing nearly a dozen children w...

Willy34111005Aug 151 hrs agoAug 15
To My Loving Friend

To My Loving Friend..........You look at me with eyes of love you never hold a grudge..... you think i'm far too wonderful To criticise or judge. The one who listens whe...

star201,7002Jun 20071 hrs agoJun 2007
top ten faves Joy Joy

top ten faves (Joy Joy)What makes me happy, truly happy. They're not hard things either. They're things that are everyday surrounding us but in the day and age of cell pho...

Unknown7361Oct 20071 hrs agoOct 2007

Zucchini, Biking, and More Zucchini!Today's 'D' day - or better known as the day I return to my doctor for him to give me a physical and check my blood pressure readings. Fortunately, fo...

LadyImp18824Aug 151 hrs agoAug 15
Bad Bureaucracies

Bad BureaucraciesIt's kinda annoying when a simple process of renewing a passport turns into circus, I'm sure every embassies has different sets of rules and regulatio...

TheOne121022115Aug 151 hrs agoAug 15
Christmas is coming and consumism prepare the feas

Christmas is coming and consumism prepare the feasChristmas is coming and retailers, shoppers, mall marketers, radio , tv , news broadcasting and e-shop start to prepare the great event. Many say "...

carlosweb103340Dec 20101 hrs ago
On the eve of the Resurrection of Christ

On the eve of the Resurrection of Christ...On the eve of the Resurrection of Christ. In some religions have a tradition ask forgiveness and grant forgiveness. No one is without sin, and...

fotinia07371,417113Mar 20131 hrs agoMar 2013

Abortion V's the death penaltySo I'm listening to the radio a debate concerning the death penalty, the presenter mentions we Irish could never have a referendum concerning the matt...

itchywitch28311Aug 151 hrs agoAug 17

OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES.......Over the weekend, (just passed) I sat on my patio (porch) and was watching Matilda (my Dingo) frolicking (playing) in the long grass. I said to mysel...

Simmo167440Nov 20131 hrs agoNov 2013

TRANSFERENCE/Emotional ProjectionIn every day life the games that people play are very noticeable and they are driven by a subconscious agenda (our shadows) gleaned from our childhood...

daniela77750449Aug 151 hrs agoAug 16
He said it 3 years ago now undeniably proven ri

He said it 3 years ago - now, undeniably proven riThe Irish lower to middle classes are the slaves of European elites. It is not an economic war of nations but a war of classes, again and again and a...

Vulpine67210Apr 20131 hrs agoApr 2013

Do You Still Eat Chicken?I stem from a farming family on both my father and my mother’s side and I am, so to speak, first generation city raised. A large part of my family is...

Catfoot1,37542Nov 20141 hrs agoNov 2014
Can True Happiness Be Found in this World Alone

Can True Happiness Be Found in this World Alone?What is happiness? Aristotle accepts the idea that the greatest human good is happiness. But he immediately points out that it needs refinement. Th...

serendipity61584025Oct 20121 hrs agoOct 2012
Imagine a perfect relationship

Imagine a perfect relationshipImagine a perfect relationship. A relationship full of love, passion, respect, tolerance, understanding. Imagine that you wake up to sweet good mornin...

Unknown4096May 20111 hrs agoMay 2011
How old are we really

How old are we really ...Lighting the fire during a cold winter evening a resident of Vladivostok found a rail-shaped metal detail which was pressed in one of the pieces of co...

Boban156129Jan 20131 hrs agoJan 2013
one good man

one good mani have been on here for a while now and no one has contacted me i have had a lot of lookers dont no one want to date anymore or want a good woman that...

Unknown8951Nov 20071 hrs agoNov 2007
honest people

honest peopletoday i went to my local "toko" a small shop in sumones house, they sell odds and ends. I bought some coffee and came home. Shortly after i was called...

Unknown31111Nov 20111 hrs agoNov 2011
For all you late night romantics

For all you late night romantics enjoy and add your own z...

Unknown51413Feb 20121 hrs agoFeb 2012
Places triggering sometimes tearful memories

Places.....triggering sometimes tearful memories.Bravo, as copilot, and I did a road trip to one of my almas mater in Amherst, Mass. this weekend. Decades since I studied there, and was struck at ho...

Aaltarboy2270Sep 20171 hrs ago

The art of hand pulled noodles...I came across some YouTube videos of noodles made by hand. Two different styles were featured in the same video. One is a Chinese man who pulls them b...

chatillion1347Aug 151 hrs agoAug 16
Things Girls Should Know About Guys

Things Girls Should Know About Guys2. If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us. 3. Learn to work the toilet seat: if it's up put it down. 4. Don't cut your hair. Ev...

Unknown3948Nov 20101 hrs agoNov 2010

GOBBLE! GOBBLE|Today here it is thanksgiving. The weekend we spent time together with our families having turkey dinner...some maybe ham or.... & then the fixings!...

zweet4you55815Oct 20111 hrs agoOct 2011

God does not exist,God is between your ears.................... God does not exist, God is between your ears. Just like people with voices in their heads. Only those go to the doctor.?...

jarred174-Aug 151 hrs ago
Dates that go wrong Is it just me

Dates that go wrong!! Is it just me?I was really thinking about this whole dating thing seriously. I am not too sure what I do to attract terrible dates.. Maybe I don't know how to date...

Unknown55419Mar 20111 hrs agoMar 2011
The fine art of capitalising

The fine art of capitalising.......A LITTLE Chinese fella walked into a shop and asked for 25 black bras, size 38FF. The Jewish bloke behind the counter, renowned for his business skill...

paulo11746618Dec 20111 hrs agoDec 2011

AARRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!I HATE MYSPACE SOMETIMES!! This little midget gut called me a chubby girl, told me I was fat, claims I have no soul, and that I'm a chubby girl try...

Unknown2979Jun 20091 hrs agoJun 2009

Bike insurancea friend of mine's husband does a lot of biking, with a club that does a lot in the community, particularly with kids, but that's a whole other blog....

Elegsabiff25917May 20171 hrs agoMay 2017
Emotional vs Meaningless

Emotional vs MeaninglessCurious as to where your thoughts lie.... Different people in relationships view sex in very different ways. But mostly in the following two......

_Serenity_49130Dec 20121 hrs agoDec 2012

A Six Or A NixIf the anticipation is really better than the act then I guess there will always be another mountain to climb. So now that I have bowled my Maiden Ove...

Catfoot1,261112Jan 20141 hrs agoJan 2014
2012 End Time Info The Fighter in You

2012 - End Time Info - The Fighter in You2012 – End Time Info Podcast Posted By Thea 2012/01/07Posted in: Podcasts “And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him...

Keys7072,4594Sep 20121 hrs agoSep 2012
Blog comment deletes

Blog comment deletesThere is and always have been here a small band of Blog Comment Deleters. No need for any names, you know who you are. As a fan of free speech and fr...

Love_stick1,84787Aug 20121 hrs agoAug 2012

NO IM CHATSFor those of you who contact me with IM chat requests, take note of this: NO IM CHATs. My IM is permanently turned off, it is stated in my profile and...

equiya1,32533May 20101 hrs agoJan 2011
The trick is to know exactly what you want

The trick is to know exactly what you want.Do you? I realized the other day that I don't. I just want someone to offer me interesting options and wait anxiously for my careful consideration...

VivianLee78151Jun 20151 hrs agoJun 2015
Which hole

Which hole?Phil was a pretty dopey bloke, so while he was playing golf he forgot what hole he was on. He saw a lady up ahead of him and went over to her and said...

paulo11745119Jan 20121 hrs agoJan 2012

WrongfulHw can a woman be abused , and when sum1 good comes around , abuse him ?...

clintadams0442313Jul 20131 hrs agoJul 2013

"OCCUPATION""This Is One Time You Cant Blame The United States For The Israel/ Palestine Fiasco.........................................At Least The Beginning Par...

namaron2,668115Dec 20171 hrs agoJan 26
"PLAY NOW: Juggling"(meet us in the games)

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