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NeverNever, never, never, never, never, never, ever, ever, lost your head for a va*ina....

Duromojon32713Sep 20173 hrs agoSep 2017

LATE NITE BLUESits least for me.. after midnight..hard to go to sleep.. harder yet.. to know ..its longer will we have contact.. e...

shabiu2712Feb 20093 hrs agoFeb 2009
Flight 370 did not explode it vanished

Flight 370 did not explode; it vanished.....Mysterious plane disappearances..... The Malaysian Airline plane carrying 239 people has been missing for 6 days now. What’s even more surprising...

Unknown62221Mar 20143 hrs agoMar 2014
Keep On Loving You

Keep On Loving YouKeep On Loving You...

jarred1276-Nov 20163 hrs ago

Trump's disapproval rating hits all time high & 1/2 of the USA urges impeachment.Trump, officially the worst US president in history, is increasingly being recognized by the public as such. With the recent wave of guilty pleas and...

JimNastics96659Aug 313 hrs agoSep 3
1 Month Already

1 Month Already..Its passed by so fast. I just cant believe its our first month today :), i find it amazing how we have so much in common and how he went from the stra...

Unknown2633Jul 20093 hrs agoJul 2009
Your picture on CS needs to attract people Part B

Your picture on CS needs to attract people (Part BMales need to learn how to smile and be relaxed, especially in your facial expression. And whatever you do don’t look depressed (although you may be);...

teddydog52710Jul 20133 hrs agoJul 2013


jarred1288-Apr 20153 hrs ago
Question of my mind

Question of my mindIf I walked barefoot over red hot stones to save you. Would you pour water on my feet or press your loving lips on mine in acknowledgement of my heroi...

1r1shmale3204Mar 20173 hrs agoMar 2017
What you havent had you dont miss

What you haven't had you don't miss.......and there is the problem. I dislike the term..Soulmate..because so many Soulmates have split up. So I don't know what you would call a relations...

Ian15858027Aug 20153 hrs agoAug 2015
makis8224455Apr 20113 hrs agoApr 2011

Cars...I don't drive, nor do I ever wish to, but I've noticed a fair amount of people have profile pics of themselves in their cars. I'm curious. Do peopl...

jac_the_gripper61047Dec 263 hrs agoDec 27

Lewis Carroll And His WonderlandAt the time of his writings, Lewis Carroll was politely considered eccentric and, by others, mad! However, he wa...

daniela77790858May 20183 hrs agoJun 2018
geseunde kerswes

geseunde kerswesjust thought i should write it in a different language. hope everyone has had a feast...

Leoma5473Dec 20143 hrs agoDec 2014
I got an A

I got an A+!Met with my lawyer yesterday. I'm suing a business partner to dissolve our partnership in some real estate - my husband had tried for two years befor...

Unknown30112May 20113 hrs agoMay 2011
back 2 square 1

back 2 square 1that's wheir im at it's been a month today since i posted my first blog time flys im not going 2 sit here and cry about how i still haven't...

Unknown2752Mar 20093 hrs agoApr 2009
what happened

what happened?Been gone for several months.................things are different on here.....not crazy about it, just crazy I guess, so lonely for conversation came...

2ndgoround39516Nov 20163 hrs agoNov 2016

TIme to WALK AWAY , The MOVEMENTPerhaps no need for this blog because everything you need to know is in the alternative media, you can check it out.... a never ending YouTube testi...

JoyCrest1,254102Oct 223 hrs agoNov 4
im back

i'm backit's being a long time i haven't visited this site so i missed ya have a great one...

Unknown3182Sep 20113 hrs agoSep 2011
Where all the real men in Ontario

Where all the real men in Ontario?Well, Ive been on this site for a week. Ive been contacted by more scammers, then real guys. So, whats up with that? Ae re there any real,live guys i...

Unknown45611Oct 20133 hrs agoOct 2013
Visa Itinerary

Visa. Itinerary.Now that I have my visa, here's my itinerary for my November trip. 3rd-16th Iceland (stay in Reykjavik) 16th-23rd Denmark (Odense-Copenhagen) 23...

sarasvathy66623Oct 20123 hrs agoOct 2012
4rKiN Paperwork

4rKiN PaperworkI Know You cant be as board as I am at the moment. So please let me create the Atmosphere Because I dont want to be alone in this Pulp Nightmare....

nonsmoker91542Feb 20133 hrs agoFeb 2013

Some frightening statistics on mental healthTHIS IS REALLY FRIGHTENING STATISTIC, PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST WORRISOME IN RECENT YEARS. . . . . * 12% of the women in the world are on m...

JimNastics3,03277Sep 20153 hrs agoOct 2015
My Trump blog

My Trump blogHey, back off. It’s a rite of passage as a CS blogger to have a blog on this superhot topic, if you can’t fight ‘em join ‘em, and other sundry excuses...

Elegsabiff1,11679Sep 93 hrs agoNov 8
am singles man 18 need girl 18 24 thin skinny girl

am singles man 18 need girl 18-24 thin skinny girlam been single for 2 1/2 in half months now girls on this site please choose me need a girl in my life in my heart i want one soooo bad....

Unknown34613Oct 20103 hrs agoOct 2010
Multi genre writer joins community

Multi-genre writer joins communityHi, I'm Todd or mr_huggs, whichever you prefer. I write many things, ranging from Children's stories to Health articles to just fun stories of k...

Unknown1510Mar 20093 hrs ago

Aphrodisiac?!Cinnamon is one of the oldest known special spices,people were using it probably since about 1000 BC as a remedy for health benefits. This is also...

Unknown69619Sep 20103 hrs agoSep 2010

A sad tale, indeed.The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright-- And this was odd,...

Harbal52620May 20183 hrs agoMay 2018
The Law and the Prophets Part 1

The Law and the Prophets (Part 1)by Peter Amsterdam October 13, 2015 In the course of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus devoted a significant portion of the sermon to addressing the L...

Keys7073190Jan 20163 hrs ago
where is my wife GOD let me know i am so fait

where is my wife ?GOD , let me know ! i am so faitwhere is my wife? it is just small request. i am single and never married , but i am a very very kind guy , but it leads me no wife , should i a bad m...

Unknown2270Jan 20093 hrs ago
Are u kidding me

Are u kidding me?Hr department informed this afternoon that i will pay my own ticket going back home :very mad:i just told her with a big smile,are u kidding me?i am n...

Migsy48127Jul 20133 hrs agoJul 2013

HELLO WAIT FOR WHILE , ARE YOU HUMAN BEING ?hi to all , who write here good comments and who are readers , thanks to all. its not necessary that you only spend money on your kids or your ol...

peednama47712Jul 20163 hrs agoJul 2016
keep searching

keep searchingDream to search my Mr. Right from web site, is it possible? Someone told me the chance just like to win "Mark Six" -- that means nearly impossible !!...

kubera3151Jan 20093 hrs agoJan 2009
imbackagain1,09959Mar 20173 hrs agoMar 2017

"RAMBLIN MAN"...("RAMBLE ON")(73)As It Seems..There Is Hardly Any Activity Going On Here...Seems That Most Of You Have Blabbed Yourselves Out...So......As I Always Do...And I Dont Hav...

namaron46429Dec 20163 hrs agoDec 2016

Complicated !!!Not easy to understand the feeling of each other. And I'm on the way to learn how to become normal. In my mind alot of thinks running. I don't know...

camxucdirong63822Aug 20123 hrs agoAug 2012
to beard or to abs

to beard or to absWhich is sexier beard or abs XD...

scottyfischer5508Sep 20153 hrs agoSep 2015

I HOPE.2014 Wish : Can be a good personality than before,, succes with study, succes with Job, succes with love....

Unknown1658Dec 20133 hrs agoDec 2013

Chat copied my blogAnd like anything the original blog/product will be far different, original,and superior in evey way to a mass produced item,made in the cheapest way...

OIdblue2478Apr 53 hrs agoApr 5

whats good enough for me is good enough for you...If a person thinks it is alright to play with ones feelings which ends up breaking your heart then is it fair to say its alright also to smash and bre...

itchywitch3,56161Aug 20103 hrs agoAug 2010

HalloweenHalloween is a pagan holiday promoting Satanism, idolatry, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, and the occult. None of these things should exist in the l...

sunnyisles48146-Oct 20123 hrs ago
How do you message a woman

How do you message a woman?Hello, Im really new to this, and Im thinking maybe many people have already asked similar questions before, Im wondering, if I like some womans pr...

Unknown2077Apr 20093 hrs agoApr 2009

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