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Canada watch outGLOBAL INVESTING HOT SPOTS Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs could rattle Canada’s economy and NAFTA Canada's weak economy had GDP growth of 1....

lindsyjones1,08360Jun 20185 hrs agoSep 1

ANY WOMEN IN THE PORTLAND AREA WHO WANT A FEMALE TI want to explore Europe (the mediterannean in particular), and I'd like to meet a female traveling companion who wants to do the same. I was going to...

supranova8529Jul 20115 hrs agoJul 2011
The Human Pie Genome Project

The Human/Pie Genome ProjectWe have all probably eaten pies containing bits of human, now Scientists are combining human and pie DNA. A Dr.Gregg has managed to not only combin...

Mapmaker60335Mar 20185 hrs agoApr 2018

Picky, picky, picky...the Beeb had a program on computer "Dating" , which I think of as search/introduction platforms. There I go showing my pickiness. The "experts" said t...

Vierkaesehoch1582Jan 235 hrs agoJan 23

Opera blogRIP Montserrat Caballé, one of the great singers from my new country. She was 85 Don't imagine many opera buffs in CS but some may remember the op...

Elegsabiff50759Oct 95 hrs agoOct 9

Caption this....My caption So that's the way you want to be? I'll just take my ball and go home.

Willy34111662Oct 45 hrs agoOct 15
Still Looking For You

Still Looking For YouI am a single 39 year old man from anchorage alaska and looking for a single female in alaska so if you see this call me or text me at 281-736-5503 or...

Unknown2671Nov 20095 hrs agoNov 2009
A Bond For Life

A Bond For LifeI was born in the same hospital within hours of my best friend. When we were three or four months old we were both entrusted to our eldest brothers wh...

BeaPatient614-Feb 20185 hrs agoFeb 2018

No Wall, No SOTU, No Nuthin—EXCEPT: TRUMP, “100,” DEMS, “0.”Right about now you might be in pile-on mode, trashing Trump for “caving.” But this would only be parroting unwarranted Lib-Speak. Democrat screeching...

Willy34111206Jan 265 hrs agoJan 26

Damn mini vampire bastards !Yesterday I did some nature photography. I saw a bald eagle soaring in the distance and got several shots of frogs, geese, ducks and turtles. A...

JimNastics2,86913May 20115 hrs agoMay 2011

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(113)It Is Of The Greatest Feeling Known To The Human Race......Well Actually..To Only A Few Of Them...For Unfortunately...Most Of The Human Race Will Neve...

namaron904-Jun 20175 hrs agoJun 2017

Meteorologists!!Can't live with them. Can't live without'em! I love the joke about these people. They're the only ones that can be 100% wrong and still have a job....

Ed194157930Mar 20135 hrs agoMar 2013
Note To All

Note To All....My heart's just not into private chats. I'm being swarmed with all the kinds of attentions that I didn't want to begin with. Thanks, but I think I'l...

Unknown2262Jul 20095 hrs agoMar 2010

The FISA memoI can't wait for it to be completely exposed. Let's see what's up in the air. How disturbing and contemptible these activities are....

lindsyjones3,654266Jan 20185 hrs agoMay 2018
love yourself

love yourselfLove yourself before you love others. Thank you Lord for love me...

honeybunny821940Sep 20175 hrs ago
non relationships

non-relationshipsI would like to discuss non-relationships. What is a non-relationship? I don't know. It's something I have just invented and I hope to figure out w...

eeejay36216Aug 20175 hrs agoAug 2017
thought of tgecday

thought of tgecdayWithout courage. Wisdom bears no fruit.. Hope all of the Cs blog community and other members are doing well....

georgie3946312Oct 20165 hrs agoOct 2016
What are some things men dont tell women

What are some things men don't tell women?They might behave macho, but they have no idea how the f***k they can bear the pain of childbirth. Even picturing it sends shivers down their s...

ysabeljhen56950Nov 95 hrs agoNov 11

AN IRISH woman who married the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate....Things must be getting a bit tough for our sweet little Irish Girls........ Story from the Irish Post: AN IRISH woman who married the ghos...

Hans471132943Jan 235 hrs agoJan 25

Pumping your buttocks with cement...Inspired by my Botox injections 'gone wrong' blog... South Florida is a special place and people pay 'big bucks' for body enhancement. I'm not sure...

chatillion16710Dec 25 hrs agoDec 3
is age important in a relationship

is age important in a relationship?When I was a teen I thought the stupid idea that I ´d get in love with someone of my same age. Of course, I did. But Iwas not so stupid because I had...

carlosweb104541Dec 20105 hrs agoDec 2010

HeadlinesThe news has been playing the same story for the past 2 weeks now , "Tonight's the night the world will end " Iv been up since 9:00 am trying to d...

dillydally6331Jul 20085 hrs agoJul 2008

MaltaSo anyway I'm a Aussie guy trying to find myself A female tour guide in Malta to show me the best Places to eat and have a few beers,????. I will g...

Mustangtiger3172Dec 20145 hrs agoDec 2014
Every morning I dust my brain a bit

Every morning I dust my brain a bitEvery morning I dust my brain a bit And I am happy with the day that fate gave me again then I get the newspaper and I read after my bath The obitu...

jarred1140-May 20185 hrs ago

TreeTks to all who showed me how to post pics on the blog. The pic I wanted to show earlier on....

Beagle284339Nov 20125 hrs agoNov 2012
A nice stroll around the neighborhood

A nice stroll around the neighborhood.I was in a reflective mood this morning as I was walking Matilda (my pet dingo) around the local neighborhood. I have come to know many people from a...

Simmo17,836231Jan 20135 hrs agoNov 2016
What do women prefer

What do women prefer?Do women prefer a man that's quiet and reserved or a man that's funny and outgoing?...

Scott181285249Nov 20135 hrs agoNov 2013
The desire of independency

The desire of independencyHave you noticed that people don't read anymore their Bible nor pray. But when you ask them, they have no reason to give. It is amazing to see people...

Unknown5600Aug 20085 hrs ago
If we go and piss up a kilt now and then

If we go and piss up a kilt now and then....just learn from the experience, be grateful, and move on. Famous Jewish Mom's saying. Aa....

Aaltarboy2432Mar 20175 hrs agoMar 2017

You cannot multiply wealth"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person mu...

Lukeon41326Oct 20175 hrs agoOct 2017

Man created womanJust a figure of speech only however to some degree it actually is true When us women are cruel rude and alittle crude even, its mostly because...

itchywitch64622Oct 20145 hrs agoOct 2014
new to this site

new to this siteIs anyone really intrested in date I found more not into dating. If so give me a shout....

Unknown1780Feb 20095 hrs ago

~~ FREEDOM OF LOVE ~~Freedom is the ultimate desire of man. Man comes to flowering only in freedom. Meditation will bring freedom. And I am not against love; it is just...

owlsway2580Oct 20155 hrs ago
a queit evening

a queit eveningWinding down the day. Pretty dead in the store. Fighting boredom and pushing off the work. Lazy Monday. Craving espresso. Spending too much time surfi...

mr_fixes_it4632Sep 20135 hrs agoSep 2013
So many times yes

So many times yes!!.......................... So many times yes!!...

jarred138-Feb 95 hrs ago

Peter CaseyIf like me you believe him to be a fair and honest man? still give him your vote on polling day on the ballot paper next week, even if he decides to...

itchywitch41528Oct 195 hrs agoOct 26

Hate crime up in the USA since Trump was electedRacist Incidents Are Up Since Donald Trump's Election. . Lucy Nicholson—Reuters By Katie Reilly November 13, 2016 In the days since the preside...

JimNastics43548Oct 275 hrs agoNov 12
The Enhancement Trap

The Enhancement TrapIn case you haven’t noticed or you have been sold on the swan song of “enhancements”, it’s a marketing trend that we are particularly susceptible to....

Unknown1,9532Mar 20085 hrs agoApr 2008

Dosh - you know - collecting the readiesI want to be coining it, rolling in filthy lucre, getting more bang out of every buck, turning a pretty penny, minting it, saving for a rainy day, mak...

Elegsabiff97188Jan 20185 hrs agoJan 2018
selfie 2

selfie 2selfie 2............

jarred1126-Aug 65 hrs ago

Thoughts about MarriageMarriage, in most cases, is a cultural and social situation two or more people adopt to support a family structure or gain social acceptance. There...

tMickeyMann236-Jan 20175 hrs ago
makis8222964Dec 20125 hrs agoDec 2012

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