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The Language BarrierSometimes I wonder if God really intended the lasting confusion on that fateful day when He created languages. Even when you think that you have m...

Catfoot1,29534Mar 20133 hrs agoMar 2013
Not just a piece of paper

Not just a piece of paperI been reading the forum lately about why get married, it's just a piece of paper. I can't believe that people would think that way of such a sacred...

Unknown8572Sep 20073 hrs agoSep 2007

How great thou are???Greatest tragedies in human relationships are the inability and unwillingness to tolerate and accommodate views that are different. We find comfor...

usha1231,48915Nov 20143 hrs agoNov 2014
Couch potatos

Couch potato's!F1 on-board <3. #Hungary...

daka694511Jul 20133 hrs agoJul 2013
Judge Nap on Seriousness of Cohen Case

Judge Nap on Seriousness of Cohen CaseIf you're in the camp that the President isn't in any real legal jeopardy with the Cohen case then you may want to check out this video. For the mome...

LargeCurves46816Dec 143 hrs agoDec 18
I am Changing the way I think

I am Changing the way I think...I have been alone for twelve years now...that is a long time. We do not count "Donovon" as he was just a "scary teaching" on what not to

Calliopesgirl1,09355Aug 20133 hrs agoAug 2013

LOVE & PASSIONI need your heart to love mine, I need your soul to friend with mine, I need your eyes to look into mine, I need you to know that I am yours and you a...

Townsend4143Oct 20123 hrs agoOct 2012
stringman2083Dec 283 hrs agoDec 28
First Blog

First BlogWell how do I start this off... Im stuck in Japan, I am trying to make the best of it. It seems like all girls want to do out here is go to clubs...

Unknown32712Jan 20113 hrs agoJan 2011
Todas Las Brujas y Los Brujos Morirn

Todas Las Brujas y Los Brujos MoriránTodas Las Brujas y Los Brujos Morirán...

Unknown201-Nov 20173 hrs ago

~~ GOD IS DEAD~~9..All answers are mind products. Questions arise out of the mind, and answers are also from the same mind. Neither the questions lead you towards the t...

owlsway62620Aug 20143 hrs agoAug 2014
An example of Northeast English humour

An example of Northeast English humourA man stands in front of a beautiful Woman, his pants around his ankles with an enormous erection, they gaze at each other for moment then he looks do...

KMS1234474Nov 20133 hrs agoNov 2013
Modern medicine

Modern medicine...............Seth was involved in a horrible accident and his arms and legs were blown off. A few days later his parents turned up at the hospital to see how he wa...

paulo11746714Sep 20113 hrs agoSep 2011
Tips to date a Spanish woman

Tips to date a Spanish womanTips to date a Spanish woman. I do recognize I'm not the typical Spanish woman, but I have a good idea what Spanish women like and expect from a ma...

lshtar3,307122Feb 20163 hrs agoNov 2016
I Am the Love we keep secret from our selves

"I Am": the Love we keep secret from our selves.My Love came to me and gave me kisses in the night. So sweet were they that I saw within the lights of Heaven and was lifted up, and in His arms procl...

CailinCallaghan7513May 20133 hrs agoMay 2013
A big mystery

A big mysterySo many people out there, so many men checking my profile every single day and nobody writes me. I guess, I am never gonna understand men at all, what...

butterfly13159923Oct 20143 hrs agoOct 2014

Oh happy day !Will you be walking under any ladders today ?...

JimNastics45613Apr 20123 hrs agoApr 2012

A challenge to all bloggersToday is Mandela Day. It's also Nelson Mandela's 93rd birthday. But, back in November of 2009 the United Nations declared July 18th each year as Man...

JimNastics1,08127Jul 20113 hrs agoJul 2011
real_khan5336Nov 20133 hrs agoNov 2013
True but hard

True but hard.....,,.*YOU BEG FOR HELP,,, YOU ALWAYS BEG FOR RESPECT,,,,,,*...

shubhrank5412Apr 20133 hrs agoApr 2013
Beauty of women

Beauty of womenDear Beautiful Women Women are Beautiful Cute Sweet Angels Women are wonderful Treat women with Love and Respect and women will love that well I Hav...

pakalolomanDavie4222Dec 20143 hrs agoDec 2014
The13thWarrior35012Dec 20113 hrs agoDec 2011
I fell

I fell.....I felt my self falling and I stopped in mid flight... I fell but I am learning to get up... I walk with my head held high tomorrow is another day...

Unknown3035Jan 20143 hrs agoJan 2014
i am 24 in search for a very hansome and caring ma

i am 24 in search for a very hansome and caring mai will love to to be of any kid but must be tall , love social activities and will also have time to spent with me so that i do not always feel bored....

Unknown1052Aug 20103 hrs agoAug 2010
Learning About Grownups Volume 1

Learning About Grownups Volume 1Mister Godley’s gnomes Mister Godley is very proud of his garden. He is especially proud of all his gnomes, he collects them and can’t understand...

Harbal19622Apr 223 hrs agoApr 22
Taking Virtual blogging into Reality

Taking Virtual blogging into RealityThat is what happened to me last night.... A friend and her hubby were coming back from a movie last night about 10:30 could have been later.....

2Bback73031Mar 20163 hrs agoMar 2016
Owner to Jail Dog to Rehab

Owner to Jail- Dog to RehabHI there good Morning here in Holland, and what about yours could be lunch time, break fast time or going to bed time right, I wish all of you a very...

Zeurich29411Jul 20143 hrs agoJul 2014
A Generation of Idiots Indoctrination with Political Correctness

A Generation of Idiots: Indoctrination with Political CorrectnessA Generation of Idiots: Indoctrination with Political Correctness...

jarred1211-Dec 20173 hrs ago

"ALONG CAME""Thoughout The Age of Man?................................He/She............................... Has Used All Kinds Of Things To Write Stuff Down With....

namaron658Jul 133 hrs agoJul 14
Untitled from 1995

Untitled from 1995(untitled) I stand alone in symposiums that confer, listening to them build up their vanity. They gossip behind their bottles of liquor, with co...

Ragnarok_Odin3997Jan 20143 hrs agoJan 2014

JUDGEMENTWell.. can't keep it, must say it. 95 % people judge a person on how they look, by race, by color, by their occupations, the way they talk by their m...

Amalia_ria74913May 20113 hrs agoJul 2011

Strangely funny dreamI just woke up about 15 minutes ago....laughing. Have you ever had a dream that literally made you laugh ? I just did. It was a short dream, I'm...

JimNastics1,05714Jan 20123 hrs agoJan 2012

HappinessHey guys, me and my thoughts again Happiness...........everyone tries to reach it all it's life. Is it important whether you're man or a woma...

Sunrise19803947Jun 20113 hrs agoAug 2011
Love in Human Flesh

Love in Human FleshHuman nature is such that a life lived is more impressive to us than a word spoken, especially in the realm of morals and ethics. When it comes to kno...

serendipity6154508Dec 20133 hrs agoDec 2013

Piss offwhy do some men want to slap their womans face whilst making love? why do some want to urinate on their woman afterwards??? can anyone tell me whats...

itchywitch1,48648Dec 20113 hrs agoDec 2011
How does one move on

How does one move onI see everything accelerating pass me but life has just stopped for me. I know I am strong and time will heal but......

BladeofGrass66511Mar 20153 hrs agoMar 2015

Badoogot invited to join Badoo by a friend in Istanbul, Turkey ( BADOO has it's headquarters in the UK but it was founded in South Cyprus) I tried to enrol...

mermaid_478770May 20103 hrs ago
spdspd51312Feb 20123 hrs agoFeb 2012

robotwhat is this " I'm not a robot" deal now when logging in? someone please explain ! studecar...

studecar4218Mar 20173 hrs agoMar 2017
Words I dont like

Words I don't likeThere are some words I don't like. Sometimes it's because of the meaning of the word, and sometimes it's the sound of the word. It could be a combin...

Harbal76261May 123 hrs agoMay 17


Unknown59925Jun 20123 hrs agoJun 2012
what are ten ways to

what are ten ways to...members lol:)...

Unknown26713Apr 20133 hrs agoApr 2013
Hans4711: "Places on Earth 146"(meet us in the puzzles)

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