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Liar Liar An appreciation blog

Liar, Liar (An appreciation blog)Ever seen the film where the shady character finds himself in a position whereby he cannot lie? Crap film in my opinion, but hey!, the point is, so...

Solamente60428Oct 20157 hrs agoOct 2015

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"("IN SO FEW WORDS")(18)I Was Able To Make Contact With Those Who Have Departed So Long A Time Ago...Through A Worm Hole... That Opened Up Briefly... Which Allowed Me To Ask...

namaron5201Jul 20167 hrs agoSep 2016

TULIPS FROM AMSTERDAM?I can't think of anything that Netherlands is famous for other than tulips. Is the country a waste of space? Probably....

CROWNAFFAIR416-Mar 20167 hrs ago

RepatriationIn preparation to repatriate to Canada I went to the closet to find my snowshoes, and there they were. Gone!...

postneoludite4943Aug 20147 hrs agoAug 2014

A TRUE GENTLEMANThe true gentleman is the man whose conduct preceeds from good will and acute sense of propriety,and whose self control is equal to all emergencies;wh...

claudya1,24311Jan 20097 hrs agoApr 2017

POEM- MY SWEETHEARTMY SWEETHEART So often when i am embrancing you, It seems that you exist in the world It's not easy to w...

claudya1,3471Jan 20097 hrs agoJan 2009
Exotic foods

Exotic foods.“Have one”, my host said. “It tastes like biltong.” I have wanted to taste them for some time and the mention of biltong was the perfect encouragement...

Catfoot95364Mar 20167 hrs agoMar 2016

2FER aka Buy one get one FREE...I shop for grocery deals in a few different places. The one place I avoid is Costco. I'm not saying you cannot find deals there, it's the quantity pur...

chatillion1436Aug 67 hrs agoAug 7
I LOVE to laugh

I LOVE to laughTHEY SAY... ( not sure who `they are` ) I happen to agree with whoever THEY are There are many [color=...

wallops19643,942109Feb 20157 hrs agoFeb 2015

IOWA CITY SPONTANEOUS COMEDY THEATRE, EPISODE 1"God, I love coffee. I wish coffee was sex, cause then I'd have it all the time, instead of never."...

ozymandiasic3662Aug 20097 hrs agoAug 2009

"SWEET AND INNOCENT"..("WHEN WE WERE YOUNG")At one time we were all "Little Kids"...And Little kids that arent being Watched can get into Mischief...I was One of those Little Kids who shouldve b...

namaron4,322-Apr 20157 hrs agoApr 2015
Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas!!!Peace to all...wishing all the very best......

sweetiefireball3818Dec 20127 hrs agoDec 2012

LoveLately i've been reading allot of blogs, and posts on facebook that make me wonder if some people still know what love is. Ya know, Love has nothi...

teddybeerke8877628Mar 20137 hrs agoMar 2013
Where are all the single Ladies at

Where are all the single Ladies at?Where are all the single Ladies at?I'm single and ready to mingle is there a group I should I join to find my true love? out...

boomboom20151,04914Dec 20157 hrs agoDec 2015

How America Accidentally Invented The NazisHow America Accidentally Invented The Nazis...

jarred1196-Dec 20177 hrs ago
War Conditions In The World Today

War Conditions In The World TodayPosted By Amundsen– 2012/09/18 Posted in: Wars, World in Turmoil Here is a summary of where the world stands: Unable to reach a compromise over...

Keys7075932Sep 20127 hrs agoSep 2012
This and That

This and ThatAfter a really wet and cold June, summer's finally arrived with a vengeance. The temperatures earlier this week were perfect for me, around 24C with a...

LadyImp1614Jul 277 hrs agoJul 27
wooooohooooo etc

wooooohooooo...etcThey've let me have a blog. Yup. Now to wow the blogosphere with my insightful and legendary grasp on humans and their condition. Or maybe just...

dfrost6597Aug 20127 hrs agoSep 2012
Does the job make a person

Does the job make a person???I've been told by my grandparents not to bother with guys that don't have jobs because they are more likely to use you but its still known to every w...

Unknown2313Feb 20097 hrs agoJul 2009

My Funny Valentinea true story. Valentine's Day was yesterday, as most of us are aware. It's been about 1 1/2 years since my break-up with my last in- person girlfr...

JimNastics1,3587Feb 20097 hrs agoFeb 2009
Track161630Jan 67 hrs ago
Stuff stuff stuff

Stuff.....stuff........stuff!!!!!With my new found freedom from work schedules, I have decided to clean out closets. I know, I know....not very self-enlightening, but non the less, n...

lgs3756626Sep 20137 hrs agoSep 2013

A working man's knifeIn the United States for 5 decades the standard knife of the working man was of two basic types. One either carries a multi tool which is similar to...

Ken_1937421Jun 67 hrs agoJun 8
oh oh

oh, ohI was deleted, my comments were deleted. like I said, I took my chance to be banned once more soy El Diablo so easy to say, no, not me, I don't do...

Duromojon256-Oct 20177 hrs ago
Women Asking for money

Women: Asking for money?Hey guyz and gals. I've got a bit of a rant here, so bear with me. I have met several women here whom I've had a great time chatting/iming with. Th...

Unknown5,47218Nov 20097 hrs agoMar 2010

A power feed at lastIt has been awhile since I blogged. No big changes in my social life. No earh shattering news pertaining to me. I am pleased that the new, pri...

Ken_192423Feb 117 hrs agoApr 13

SAMSUNG is to start work on the first ever smart TV that can be controlled by the user's mindSAMSUNG is to start work on the first ever smart TV that can be controlled by the user's mind, according to reports. The software will allow people...

Willy34111319Nov 137 hrs agoNov 21
Have a peep leave a comment its not what u think

Have a peep,leave a comment,it's not what u thinkTo laugh often and love much To win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children To earn the approbation of honest citizens and...

Simmo11,17942Nov 20127 hrs agoNov 2012
Burt Reynolds

Burt ReynoldsSad news for fans of Burt Reynolds! If you don't already know, he died Thurs. Sept. 6. I was always a big fan of his! He made some very good movi...

Gentlejim6128Sep 77 hrs agoSep 7

the holidaysYep...the is on the ground its:christmas_ time and season to be cool: :christmas be _happy: and jolly let's all have fun everyone...

lindsyjones68266Dec 20147 hrs agoDec 2014

The joys of living aloneOkay going to probably need a bit of help here, listing those joys. However I just ate a garlic and herb flatbread and that is definitely one of t...

Elegsabiff1,48666Feb 20167 hrs agoFeb 2016

existingI exist on a infinite plain of selfishness and immediate compulsive sense of necessity!...

kantinkerous4485Sep 20157 hrs agoSep 2015

Cherish The MomentQingming fastival (tomb sweeping day) is a day for us to recall the deceased relatives and old friends ... Time flys fast. year after year, our age is...

July0121796Apr 67 hrs agoApr 6
Why Does America Celebrate The Columbus Day

Why Does America Celebrate The Columbus Day ?Didn't the psychopath murderer led the torture, rape and genocide of the natives and took everything from them ?...

Crazyheart381,20986Oct 87 hrs agoOct 11

we talk too muchoh, not here on CS. Generally. Money may be the root of all evil but it is only when we talk about it that people get really het up. If you don't...

Elegsabiff75157Dec 20177 hrs agoDec 2017

Photo Caption Contest - The Oops BridgeSometimes things do won't out according to plan. The following picture, that I saw recorded such a discovery. Have some fun offering some captions...

JimNastics26722Sep 287 hrs agoOct 1
the most bizarre prezzies

the most bizarre prezzies...ho,ho,ho what would you like to give but never find under the X-mas Tree? This......; What about you? Would you mind to pos...

Saggi66468-Dec 20127 hrs agoDec 2012
jarred1196-Sep 20167 hrs ago


NewYorkcitylove155-Oct 20177 hrs ago
Seeking Equality For Women

Seeking Equality For Women!?When I just started high school (that was just after the last ice age), I overheard my grandfather saying something to his friend in Afrikaans (very s...

Catfoot2,06510Feb 20137 hrs agoJul 2014
The next big war is hard to predict

The next big war is hard to predict,but is likely to be extinguished in short order, not via the useless UN, and won't be anything like other conflagrations. But there will be skirmishes...

Aaltarboy1930Apr 20177 hrs ago

TAÍNOS, WHO WERE THEY? WHERE CAN WE FIND THE TRUE ORIGIN OF THE NAME TAÍNO? FinalDefinition: 1. #house a. #house, dwelling #habitation b. shelter or abode of animals c. human bodies (fig.) d. of Sheol e. of abode of light an...

NewYorkcitylove145-Oct 20177 hrs ago
1_SPCTR: "In the audience"(meet us in the blogs)

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