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The Small Things Count

The Small Things Count.It is true what they say. It is the small things that matter. No matter which way you look at it. Just take a look at the great inventors. The...

Catfoot1,60291Apr 20134 hrs agoApr 2013

making the first moveSo I know this shy guy, 40 or so, a fellow writer, who has been fantasizing about meeting a woman who will pick him up and make him happy. Now a w...

Elegsabiff43738Oct 20174 hrs agoOct 2017

Bathroom Etiquette Gone WrongPeople of different genders using or misusing public restrooms, has been a topic of frequent discussion on social media. However, on Sunday a female...

Willy34111859Nov 54 hrs agoNov 18

We Are All Trained to Be Actors and LiarsWe Are All Trained to Be Actors and Liars...

jarred1177-Jun 20174 hrs ago
I Am Very Sad Today

I Am Very Sad TodaySomething very strange happened this morning and my master is very upset about it. He has acted very funny all day. Yes, if you have not noticed my do...

Catfoot91736Apr 20144 hrs agoApr 2014

why i am not finding some one sincere and loyal hehello friends.. I am using cs since last three months.. Still i am unable to find some one speciall who believe sincerity and loyalty.. Friends what...

engr4u1,03859Oct 20124 hrs agoOct 2012
A Stupid Argument To End It All

A Stupid Argument To End It AllI’ll never understand women. Yorkie and I had a date on tonight. The plan was a mini pub crawl until about nine and then to go and eat something. Ever...

Catfoot2,358267Jan 154 hrs agoJan 18

Empty Shells....Is it just me or, have others noticed, that there seem to be many people around who latch on to your hobbies, interests etc. and tell you they have al...

daniela77717515Dec 64 hrs agoDec 6


zweet4you71841Oct 20114 hrs agoNov 2011

US Presidential Debate tonight, final one before tVerum, sine mendacio, certum et verissimum: Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius, et quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius, ad perpe...

Ken_1959723Oct 20164 hrs agoOct 2016

ReligionI'm not sure how many thousands of religions all over the world but I couldn't care less which one does a friend belong to. When I look at a person...

Crazyheart3843832May 20174 hrs agoMay 2017

SocialismA friend sent me this and I thought it's a very interesting information to share. An economics professor at a local college made a state...

lindsyjones41330Feb 20174 hrs agoFeb 2017
I think anyone running for a public office should

I think, anyone running for a public office shouldhave to live (for 6 months minimum) like the people they will be representing. I mean, how, otherwise, how could they understand what our struggles a...

lgs3743627Oct 20164 hrs agoOct 2016

I always advocate this idea................. I always advocate this idea. Always. No one absolutely no one needs to know anything about you. It's a transaction, take an...

jarred156-Oct 304 hrs ago
Track161542Oct 20174 hrs agoOct 2017

Follow The LeaderThat's the spirit : half a job is not a job, as a leader you do not get away............. ......... 'Dancing like a butterfly, stabbing like a bee', t...

jarred1130-Jun 274 hrs ago

WaitingEmpty dream Hollow hopes Frozen feeling And endless stretches You left me in this path This goes nowhere I sit in this deserted way To hitch...

bollywood6572Nov 20084 hrs agoNov 2008

the dirty secret of connecting noone knows aboutif you vist most zoos there is a place for noctural animals-it is my contention that day people and night people can never connect. this maybe more im...

inafunk5927Dec 20124 hrs agoDec 2012

How old is your profile picI am in the habit of uploading a new pic every couple of months When did you last upload yours...

Onthcrestofawave1,42663Oct 304 hrs agoNov 22
cz u

cz uI will not make the same mistakes that you did I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery I will not break the way you did You fell so...

Unknown38329Jan 20144 hrs agoJan 2014
Do you date or do you just talk

Do you date or do you just talk?Ok you guys… own up, have you ever dated anyone from CS or do you just talk about it? I have had a real live date with a woman from CS (which was rema...

Unknown63619Jul 20114 hrs agoJul 2011

Shocking updateYou know who was very naughty this year ? Well, I'm not going to list names. That's certainly not MY job. But, there is someone who would...

JimNastics9987Dec 20124 hrs agoDec 2012

Democrats unsuccessfully trying to steal elections in Florida since 2000Election Fraud Expert: Brenda Snipes Allowed Illegal Aliens and Felons to Vote; Illegally Destroyed Ballots Three statewide races in Florida are he...

Willy3411947Nov 104 hrs agoNov 10
7 day journal of a newbie

7-day journal of a newbieDay one: Window shopping. Loads of e-mails from random guys. Day two: Hours answering all e-mails. Felling exhausted. What am I doing here?...

Annanda98557Oct 20174 hrs agoOct 2017

I'm a classicI'm a classic enabler. I have never not enabled. In fact, the idea of not being an enabler sounds foreign and, quite frankly, distasteful. I pr...

Gypsytramp89070Aug 20174 hrs agoAug 2017

Why gossip people?Why gossip people? People gossip about: Check the other person To manipulate the other person To entertain other people To express our anger To...

jarred1111-Aug 34 hrs ago
Do whatcha gotta do

Do whatcha gotta do.I was in line at the beer store yesterday (surprise!) when the girl at the register suddenly went running after some bum who tried to steal a two-four...

Unknown8960Jun 20074 hrs ago
Happy weekend

Happy weekend!Happy weekend with Homemade cake and coffee:)Surelly Teresa can cook:)...

TeresaDang34614Aug 20144 hrs agoAug 2014

Just as an interesting discussion gets going......and there it is, gone. Which begs the question, with respect to communicating in this medium, what is of real value?...

jac_the_gripper1,12395Nov 94 hrs agoNov 12
Crime where you live

Crime where you liveI have lived in countries with extremely high crime rates, often very violent, In Africa I was armed 24 hours a day. Security gates, CCTV, Steel shutt...

Mapmaker1,297101Feb 20174 hrs agoFeb 2017

TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST.....................Has anyone other than me ever wondered why ppl say some of the things they say? For Example TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST WITH YOU Does this mean unless...

Simmo11,59865Jul 20124 hrs agoJul 2012
ok tell me

ok tell me...what picture all you like the most i think you should comment it thanks i wil get back at yours...

Unknown2350Jul 20094 hrs ago

Dear MODs it's time to enforce blog rule #18.I'm sure you MODs work very hard. You likely shake your heads, when you see the ridiculous rude childish behavior exhibited by some on here. You...

JimNastics860-Jul 20124 hrs agoJul 2012

Upon Request Of A Man Spelled BackwardsIt is of great pleasure to me that I can announce the fact that I was formally and personally contacted by a blogger today that requested that I re-o...

candykid5867Apr 20154 hrs agoApr 2015

Perpetual VictimsMany people feel victimized somehow, since the day they were born, and believe that things always happen TO them and are victims of life’s ill fortune...

daniela77777049Oct 20174 hrs agoOct 2017

Please read before you contact me, I like a guywho actually reads a profile and NOT just ogle pics! Please do not contact me if you LACK MANNERS, examples are: standing me up on a date without ca...

evagoblog95512Aug 20144 hrs agoAug 28

el pajaro..........that's what they called him as arrived in Real. From a hotel parking lot as a refugee, to the best midfielders in the world. I watch footb...

bloodyawfull1,14254Jun 224 hrs agoDec 4

cute bunnywhich one of you ladies like or want my bunny(isn't he cute)...

llasvegascutie7720Jun 20084 hrs ago

If you respect someone too muchIf you respect someone too much your brain will make you try to impress him, did you find yourself one day trying to impress a kid or a mentally ill p...

jarred11,026-May 20174 hrs ago
Wont you

Won't youTreat me like disease, like The rats and the fleas. Oh ha-haha-ha...

InstincThis107-Sep 164 hrs ago

English LanguageHello.I am Marius and I would like to master the American English accent. If there's any lady who would like to help me I would be very happy Thank y...

DisagioTruvve35027Sep 104 hrs agoSep 12

some control over your life?Imagine that your life is a play .. And you are the writer of your own script, how would you continue to write your life from this moment on? Do you b...

jarred1117-May 124 hrs ago
Lyla123: "Alex"(meet us in the puzzles)

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