A story of two young lovers who can't live with each other and can' live with out each other. A young couple starting out just having to be with each other all the time and always thinking of each other, and just could not stand the thought of ever being apart.

It is short lived before the drugs and alcohol comes into there life and it is now controlling him that it is the most important thing to him, she is seeing the change but not able to escape the spell she is under and starting to feel as if in time she hopes he will change back into the first love they shared.

They went to talk to her pastor which he said...take a couple weeks do not contact each other and see how you both feel at the end of this time... well in two days he calls she excepts the call and they are back together.

Now there are two kids involved, life is no better but you know we must stay together for the kids as what has been handed down for generations.

He has went to prison and her life has went to the dark side, the kids live with some of her family and being sent back in forth with his family.

he is back from prison and they are all back together. but for how long. what is this spell

How do you miss someone who want leave
How do you leave someone who will not leave you.

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Hello Wen,handshake When ever I think of couples, and relationships, I think the biggest poisons in those situations is addictions, (drugs, alcohol, gambling..... ) Addictions definitely don t help any situation, I know in my drinking days ,it didn t help anything,doh .
I ve known a few couples who left the addictions , and successfully got together and put things back together,yay I ve even seen couples thrive together, thru some rough times, (health issues, job issues,... ) and got thu it without the addictions,yay
Theres the cases where people can be their own poison, with jealousy, lifestyles issues...... and if they aren t willing to change , a meaningful relationship isn t meant to be.
Yes! What 1to1, Said.....thumbs up
Hi 1 , I see this story in my life, I believe alcohol was the doom in my marriage, and she even said I was hoping you would change.

But my question is and I am trying to see is, what is this spell that will let relationships go so long knowing it is poison for you.
Angel my love wave , yes he is right in everything he said. what is the spell, or is there not one just can't figure dunno

In My Opinion! A person will stay in that relationship until one grow.

Meaning! Until They Are Ready To Move On With Their Life!.....hug
Back Again, I was just sitting here thinking to myself, the happiest couples I know, (of varied ages) , are not social drinkers, but non drinkers. They don t do drugs, or gamble, doesn t that say something in itself. I know my drinking days cost me relationships, friendships...... I am thankful I quit drinking in 93, and have at least remained friends with a lot of good females.
1 my friend, I am very proud for you with stop drinking, myself I use to be a true alcoholic but seen the light and now only drink a very little bit. I never get drunk and very happy of that. It did cost me my marriage and a distance between my kids at the time.

one thing I have noticed in my life now is I don't have to have alcohol to enjoy life.

thanks 1 you make a lot of sense handshake
Hi Wen,
Sad but nothing you can do. They'll have to work it out themselves. The only advise you can give them will backfire on you.
Don't wish to make this all about me and my situation but I've witnessed way way too many times on how drinking and drugs can destroy relationships and the family members as well.
This resembles what my stepdad did.He was mean to his adult children my mother and me too.

He was a recovering alcoholic and he began drinking again why we never could figure out why.
Catfoot, that is so true, nothing I can do. he is a distant cousin and a good friend with my son, I just don't see a good out come in this.

thank you my friend cheers
hi Bearwoman wave thank you for your comment. I think when there are drugs and alcohol in a relationship or in a home we are all kind of in the same situation maybe in a different kind. we all hurt the person with the problem and all involved.

Sad situation for all
Spell (?) or Addiction....Sounds like another form of addiction....just depends on what is the substance/thing to which the person is addicted. dunno conversing
Hi Avis,. I don't know if it is addiction or spell. Just know they can't live without each other for some reason.
Definition of alcoholism
1 : continued excessive or compulsive use of alcoholic drinks
2 a : a chronic, a progressive, potentially fatal disorder marked by excessive and usually compulsive drinking of alcohol leading to psychological and physical dependence or addiction
NOTE: Alcoholism is typically characterized by the inability to control alcoholic drinking, impairment of the ability to work and socialize, tendency to drink alone and engage in violent behavior, neglect of physical appearance and proper nutrition, alcohol-related illness (such as hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver), and moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms (such as irritability, anxiety, tremors, insomnia, and confusion) upon detoxification.
b : acute alcohol poisoning resulting from the usually rapid consumption of excessive alcoholic beverages
Hi Stringman,. That said it all I don't think there is anything else to add to that.

My x brother in law sat alone and drank himself into a comma which he never came out of. It was very sad for all the family

Thank you for information handshake
hi wen

I had a friend who died at 32 from alcohol. kind of made me stay away from it. some people can drink without getting hooked and some can't.
Stringman,. Years ago it had a hold on me but thank God I was able to over come it. Alcohol really took away a lot in my life. But very happy now with out it controlling me.
"That Term"

"You Are Poison?"

("Some Of us Know it")

("All Too Well").....................detective
Nam. Yes many do. And many more will know.
In my home state there was a college student who went out drinking one night with some of his college buddies and ended up drinking too much and died of alcohol poisoning.
Yes and look at what's happening with college hazing. Out of control
Yes wenever I used to read/hear about the college hazing all the time.
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