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Biden Wants Breaks During Debate, Trump Asks For Mandatory Earphone Inspection

Biden's handlers demanded that there must be breaks every half hour during the debate (presumably so Sleepy Joe can get another shot of uppers since Biden refused to take a drug test and to revive him after he's knocked out). President Trump refused and wants the debate to continue without a break. Meantime, President Trump asked for a mandatory inspection to insure candidates weren't cheating by wearing an earphone. Biden's handlers first agreed to the inspection but then, at the last minute before the debate tonight changed their minds and will not allow the inspection.

This pretty much tells you what's going on here.

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So, drug test, urine test - do you think Trump will 'make weight'. Whale weight maybe, but he is truly a lightweight. This of course will be no debate, just an exchange of insults and accusations and it will change the mind of very very few.
I needed a break, Laughing My a** Off at Trump rants, wish there were commercials.. rolling on the floor laughing

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I was really impressed with Biden....

He managed to stay awake the whole 90 minutes. rolling on the floor laughing
rekon they should pump Biden fulla crap , let him run wild all night . After all what do they have to lose .
When Biden was going on about all the good things he would do, was I the only one thinking, why didn't you do this stuff during the 8 years you were in the he wants to change Obamacare
Just a quick reminder, Biden was the VP, not the President. doh
Joe Biden made two veery important points that may have got lost in the melee that Americans call "A Debate".
1. he is not senile and does not have dementia.
2. he will return America to normal.

And that is all most sane people need to make their decision.
Make America Great Again.... Dump Trumpsigh
@hpylady one obvious reason is that Obama was faced by two hostile Rep dominated houses - this coming term likely will be the other way round
Riz Biden takes credit for everything else during the 8 yrs. I'm sure he felt like Obama was doing things his way because he was his elder and in politics many years.
I have not heard Biden take any credit, are you getting confused? Trump takes everyone else's credit and blames everyone else when he makes mistakes.doh
I think this guy says it best...and yes Riz Biden was always in Obama's ear.

Riz I feel you may be right after I read this.

BIDEN tonight: “The Green New Deal is not my plan.”

BIDEN website: “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework…”

So what is it, Joe? You can’t have it both ways
Here's what I saw in the debates:

Giving out the topics in advance gave Biden the advantage. He looked robotic at times as he recited what he had memorized. The moderator also helped him several times by explaining his position for him.

Giving out the topics didn't help President Trump as he is a one of the few working Presidents we've had and certainly the only one in recent history. So because he works so hard he has no time to memorize talking points and consequently didn't have a lot of detailed information on those points. The moderator would shut him down when he was getting to some great points.
BIDEN tonight: “The Green New Deal is not my plan.”

BIDEN website: “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework…”

So what is it, Joe? You can’t have it both ways

His handlers have him say whatever it takes to win the election.

That's where Democrats are at.

Truth no longer has any meaning to them. They are vicious, predatory Marxists who will do ANYTHING to seize power so they can destroy the country. They don't care about the will of the people or the welfare of the country, they can only about OBTAINING POWER so they can force their will on America.
As usual, you are accurate Mr Dongg. blushing thumbs up
I ran across this and it explains a lot about Bidens body language during the debate. (Among other things)

in the past months i've wondered how intercourse is possible between an adult and a toddler, and the rewards of being puppet masters to a population. both cases are cruel, violent, empty. to control a population with force and fear can't be rewarding. i'm confused. i can't see it and i'm glad
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing


"Bernstein on Trump: He has become homicidally negligent
New Day

CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein reacts to the White House declining an offer from the CDC to help contact trace the coronavirus outbreak in the White House.
Source: CNN"
Bernstein is an Ar$ehole!
A reeking one at that,along with the Liars at the Crud News Network!dancing
Bernstein's partner was "Deep Throat."

Do the math.
Where to watch All the President's Men and 9 other films about Nixon!

thumbs up

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