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The Antichrist Church System True Followers

The Antichrist, Church System, True Followers!Some Answers to a Fello Member of "Connecting Singles" In Reply: Yes, you're right about the atrocities committed by the major religions, the c...

Keys7071,56613Sep 201211 hrs agoNov 2014

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("51 YEARS")..(46)There It Was For The Entire World To Read And Know ...For Christs Sakes...Are A Lot Of You In The Twilight Zone..Or What?..............................

namaron27716Mar 201711 hrs agoMar 2017
How to Spend Your Time ie The Real Secret to Ha

How to Spend Your The Real Secret to HaI was asked just recently the secret of my happiness… and I will freely share this one particular secret because it is so all encompassing and basic t...

rowdyrufus16698Apr 201111 hrs agoApr 2011
new Session of my college

new Session of my collegeOnce again my college schedule is going to start from 20th July to 30th May 2016. This is my final year of Bachelor Degree ....

Amarsrcc3947Jul 201511 hrs agoJul 2015
Why I am here

Why I am here.Someone from here, a "regular" emailed me, and mocked me about me being in connectingsingles. That I have already have a man in life, and that if I am...

agirlwhodreamt60941Dec 201611 hrs agoDec 2016
The meaningful message

The meaningful message.................... The meaningful message

jarred1123-Jan 211 hrs ago
I Like Horror Films So What

I Like Horror Films... So What?Yesterday I received some emails from my friends here (CS). They were shocked when they knew one of my hobby is watching horror films! They said: "H...

ScarletRoses20111,26141Aug 201111 hrs agoAug 2011

Terminal,............................................................That big word written above the building your about to fly out of, not such a good name,............

Unknown40637Jan 201711 hrs agoJan 2017
What is The True Bread from Heaven

What is "The True Bread from Heaven"?John 6,22-40 The Bread from Heaven 22 On the next day the people who remained on the other side of the sea saw that there had been only one boat t...

XuanMai4952Apr 201511 hrs agoApr 2015

WetThe start of the New Year and I've had to hit the ground running, with orders for photos. I'm always pleasantly surprised when people ask for copies o...

LadyImp28324Jan 311 hrs agoJan 5
Look Who Died Today

Look Who Died Todayyes he tripped and fell over ........

virgosingle51814Oct 201211 hrs agoOct 2012
Morgan in da house

Morgan in da houseHate me or love me. Feel bit guilty, but ...ok.. Sorry if i hurted anyb, but i had to stand up and support that eagle. If i support somebody it do...

morgenulv1,76654Sep 201111 hrs agoSep 2011
How to start a nasty fire

How to start a nasty fire.On C.S.if you want angry outbursts, all you have to do is,, write a blog that has some mention/belief of God in it. You are guaranteed Vitriol, your...

goldengloss71831Oct 201611 hrs agoOct 2016
Shocking Globalists Satanic Plan For 2019 A Real Economic Analysis

Shocking Globalist's Satanic Plan For 2019 - A Real Economic AnalysisShocking Globalist's Satanic Plan For 2019 - A Real Economic Analysis...

jarred164-Jan 1011 hrs ago
Good morning from Sunny Indonesia

Good morning from Sunny Indonesia...Came across this and couldn't resist sharing it here. How many of you have ever come up with some ridiculous excuses just to avoid going in to work?...

titsy70710Sep 201211 hrs agoSep 2012

Beatin On All FrontsDon't care how you look at it. You can pretend like Soupy, hope like Chat, or be oblivious like Liberal1....but you girls are done. McCabe confirms...

Drcoctail29311Feb 1511 hrs ago19 hrs ago
Outgoing and adventurous

Outgoing and adventurousAfter moving back down to phoenix I have realized that there are not that many girls that are in to extreme sports... such as rock climbing, cliff jum...

Unknown3030Feb 200911 hrs ago

You will probably never guessI just got home moments ago, back from the grocery store. And there, I picked up something that I could hardly wait to get home and get a piec...

JimNastics1,05510May 201211 hrs agoMay 2012
Their are no coincidence

Their are no coincidence................. Their are no coincidence...

jarred1115-Dec 2511 hrs ago

lifelife can be hard but life does have meaning, we love, we fight, we makeup,these are all learned behaviors you are not born to love or fight or to make...

Unknown3101Apr 200911 hrs agoOct 2009

So YOU have nothing left to looseHand on heart, i can honestly understand why some might THINK and feel like that however" i do wonder at times do some use it as an excuse because som...

itchywitch2,02477Jan 201611 hrs agoJan 2016
best friend

best friendHe is supposedly the best friend of man he protected us, our farm animals and more and more he is useless they vegetate to himself and hope to fin...

nighty701,25434May 201511 hrs agoMay 2015
something wrong with number 26 for indonesia

something wrong with number 26 for indonesia ??Are you aware? Tsunami in Aceh on 26 Desember'2004, Yogyakarta Earthquake May 26, 2006, Tasik earthquake June 26, 2010, Tsunami Mentawai Octobe...

xinchen8245Oct 201011 hrs agoOct 2010

IT’S TRUE...LOVE HURTSCurrent mood: used Category: Writing and Poetry It's True…Love Hurts My life is falling apart And you go and break my heart Just when...

Unknown2201Jan 200911 hrs agoJan 2009
S E Texas internet dating is desperate I am v

S.E. Texas...internet dating is desperate...I am vdating should be soooo much eazier than this. probably would be eazier if i had money hope my next gf is worth the wait....

Unknown2562Feb 201111 hrs agoFeb 2011
times when nobody really understands you

times when nobody really understands youthere are times when nobody really understands you.... you take a a jump at a relationship and learn t give ur trust and then this someone turns their...

cebu264467Aug 200911 hrs agoAug 2009

The best things in life are freeSome years ago, when I was working as a building labourer, I was parked up in the pickup on the outskirts of the village where we were working, eating...

Harbal59247Dec 211 hrs agoDec 4

Tire....d of I-95, take 301.I am back home in New Jersey (NJ). Now my 'batteries' are recharged, after a nice long sleep. Ahhhh. I rolled into my driveway about 2:30 am. t...

JimNastics1,1979Mar 201311 hrs agoMar 2013
Morning Thoughts

Morning ThoughtsIt’s almost morning here. Soon the sun will be pushing the night away and I will head home to bed. It’s crazy working these hours, as I love both the...

Ash20115582Mar 201111 hrs agoMar 2011
I do learned today

I do learned today!That no one on this planet is willing to relocate They are all lying and scammers........

Andrea0185525Oct 201011 hrs agoOct 2010
No picture please dont write to me

No picture please don't write to me!!!!!!!why do men on here keeping sending me messages with no photo, come on we r living in a world with technology at our fingertips and u expect me to beli...

cherrylips0481359Aug 201411 hrs agoAug 2014
The Trophy

The Trophy!!!...For more Love you'll want to give to others, always end up crushed.. This world 's full of hate, where some believe to be right, and always want to wi...

Unknown1912Aug 201011 hrs agoAug 2010
I have been called a Harlot and Child of Satan

I have been called a Harlot and Child of SatanI have been on these blogs for about a year now. Recently there has been a delugs of 'God fearing' fanatics, fundamentalists, preaching and shouting...

goldengloss2,00593Nov 201411 hrs agoNov 2014
Same sex affairs

Same sex affairs,....................................................If your partner left you for their same sex partner, would you find it easier to deal with or just the same as having an affair and leaving you for th...

Unknown45937Feb 201711 hrs agoFeb 2017
Pt 3

Pt 3Old or young.. women want prince charming! We want our Grizzly Adams, we want our MR. Right. Not to fit your fancy and be fake! We want to know your...

WindinherhairCAS3381Oct 201411 hrs agoNov 2014
Sex without love is empty

Sex without love is emptyI have been without sex for 3 years, because I can't find love yet. sex without love is empty.. I would rather wait ......

Unknown73042Dec 201611 hrs agoDec 2016

WTFdid you delete my comment for? and then shut down from anymore comments? Oh yeah thats right, I forgot I called you cranky Actually doesn't...

itchywitch517-Nov 1111 hrs agoNov 12

HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT AND HAVE FUN! STEP BY STEP (Based on my own experience)I did loose !7 Kilos in 3 months! I can Not Warranty that it will happen to you too ! But you have to give it a try! You have nothing to loose...

Balicia42012Aug 201711 hrs agoAug 2017
Beauty is not everything

Beauty is not everythingEver since i joined this website all i get told is how beautiful i m but that is not what i m looking for cause no beauty lasts forever, i wish i woul...

Unknown62524Aug 201311 hrs agoAug 2013

HIHello my name is Darren?I am very happy to see you!...

Unknown4019Mar 201111 hrs agoMar 2011
The nasty side to women

The nasty side to womenI was out tonight and was walking home when I got chatting to a girl! She was so rude and fired a bottle at me! U will all say oh wat did u say to mak...

darrenomalley65416Jul 201111 hrs agoAug 2011

NO REGRETS~ take chances ~ make memories ~ never regret ~ always forgive ~ learn from your mistakes ~ smile no matter how hard life is ~ always speak your heart...

Townsend5731Apr 201211 hrs agoApr 2012
girlygirl112: "girlygirl112"(meet us in the quizzes)

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