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Wednesday of last week, I applied for a temp job at a warehouse. The temp agency called me back on Thursday, to hear if I was still interested in the job. I told them I was, so they asked me some questions. They would then formulate a presentation of me to the company, which would hopefully end in me being employed there.

A few hours later, they called me back. They were very interested in hiring me, and they wanted me to start on the following Monday, to which I said "Yes! I'm so interested!". I have had my first week there, and I really like it. The company had booked me in a form of "try and hire". One month of seeing if I'm a good fit and if I can figure out how to use the system that they have. As it turns out, I'm pretty experienced in the system they have, because they use a system called AutoStore. The last time I used AutoStore was back in March 2020, but I still know how to use it. That meant I was able to start working with minimal training, which helps them in the end.

So.. What kind of stuff am I picking from the AutoStore? Car parts. Everything from small cogs to spark plugs to alternators to brake systems. It's heavy work, but so much fun! The best part of my temp job: It's without an ending date, and, if all goes well, it might result in a permanent position!

Fingers crossed that they'll want to hire me!
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It's nice to read an up-beat blog from you.
Good luck with the assignment.

thumbs up
Wow! You are now one of us...the daily grinders! cheering
I wish you good luck.
Deighted for you Philipsen, Isn't it great for the spirit when you get good news. Congrats.cheers
Congratulations on your new job.
A permanent job means no USA vacation.
It does. I can request a week off for the trip
Delete my comment if you want, bite my head off too I don't care, actually for your sake don't because I bite back but do you know what..... you bloody wreck my head with your selective hearing.

you are the most bad mannered member I've ever come across here.
Because you don't have the decency to reply to most after they wishing you well along with positive vides, well" ever think about disallowing comments and just leave it at that.

When folk are being nice to you, it's not the norm to ignore them but instead, be nice back in return.
Hello :). Thank you for your comment. I don't ignore people at all. I just don't feel like quote-replying the same "thank you so much for your well wishes" on every positive comment or well wishing comment I get on my blogs. Frankly, it takes too much time to do. Even if I don't reply with a thank you, it's not like I don't appreciate the comments I am getting. Have I wanted to reply to comments? Absolutely. Do I get around to do it? No. Why? Because A: I'm either too tired, or B: I forget due to being busy or just plain tired.

Again, I do appreciate every comment I get - even your kind of comments :). I do reply to some comments, however, but it's only when I have time or energy to do it :)
well you didn't have reply to my comment but thanks all the same ....
from where I'm sitting it looks like selective hearing to me but now that you've explained, I understand your reason more.

Decent of you to take the time so my apologies for accusing you of being bad mannered.

Sorry for nagging you ... I won't do so again hole

G'luck with the job thumbs up
Phillipsen says you're grand, don't worry about it. Oh and thanks for the well wishes on my job. lips bouquet heart wings cool grin
Congratulation :) cheers
If that's for me confused

Cheers cheers
forget that ungrateful witch...just another negative vibe out owe her nothing...keep up your positive outlook...cheers to
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