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Hellboy (2019) - a review!I finally gave this a watch, since I was looking forward to it ever since I saw the R-rated sizzle reel on YouTube. It promised a gory, loud, extremel...

Philipsen310Jul 141 hrs ago

Profiles Tell Us Nothing!I seldom bother to look at profiles because it is often just a mixture of who people think they are and what they want other to believe. On the ot...

Catfoot1,24849Feb 20151 hrs agoFeb 2015
Sail On The Wind

Sail On The WindSail On The Wind...

jarred1184-Dec 20171 hrs ago
Lets play ball

Let's play ball!Today, my son and I went to see the Orioles play against the Yankees. My son is an Orioles fan and I'm a Yankee fan. Please don't hate me. I'm from...

Unknown2416Sep 20141 hrs agoSep 2014
Need your help

Need your help.Good morning all my friends!I need your help I want to upload some photos from my facebook page but I don,t know how to or even if I can what do I do?...

Scott181240514Nov 20131 hrs agoNov 2013
Chocolate and Sex

Chocolate and Sex.Hot chocolate and good sex can be delicious and satisfying. When its good it puts a smile on your face and you feel warm and happy afterwards. You oft...

lshtar3,60649Jan 20161 hrs agoFeb 2016

"DOING THE UNEXPECTED""I Was Watching Some Stuff........................................... About The Incredible Things ...................That People Have Done In The Thea...

namaron1,334-May 20181 hrs agoMay 2018

"CREATION"..("STORY UNTOLD")..(140)Oh Yeah Thats Right.....................I Almost Forgot That I Have To Fill In The Heading ....................Before I Can Actually Write ..............

namaron1475Jun 41 hrs agoJun 5

A little triviaA little trivia! This song is from what TV sitcom? No cheating! Making your way in the world today Takes everything you’ve got; Taking a brea...

Gentlejim50322Aug 20161 hrs agoAug 2016
thanks to all

thanks to allwhen I read your word for me blessing and encouragement. Thanks to all members who send me. New Year is begin. Send your sweetheart lots of love and w...

rameswor_2344171Jan 20121 hrs agoJan 2012
Finally Finish Making Dress

Finally Finish Making DressThi is the dress I made by myself hahaha,,,,, ups I wish I am not so narcist to upload here hahahaha

Unknown33710Feb 20131 hrs agoFeb 2013

A Minute Of Your Time?Can you give me a minute of your time? Of course not, you cannot save, give away, receive or spend time; it is just a figure of speech. And yet, there...

Catfoot1,39241Mar 20181 hrs agoMar 2018

SEE RIGHT THROUGHIm hearing what you saying I know the games that you've been playing How many people have to pay For the things you do each day? In the end you'...

Unknown3570Aug 20071 hrs ago
once upon a timing is all and an unexpected twist

once upon a timing is all and an unexpected twistI wonder how this works... online wanderings and a blog to do what discern confuse please well here's to initiations conundrums and poet...

Unknown1,0291Jul 20091 hrs agoJul 2009
I found someone on this site over a year ago

I found someone on this site over a year agobut............................................... it didnt workout, as we started to exchange emails then I asked to phone her and we talked endles...

doeicjr218508-Oct 20111 hrs agoOct 2011

Comedy ClassicsCame across some Dave Chappelle's and Eddie Murphys brother comedy sketches...too funny... Satirical stories about Rick James and Prince to name a...

loulou772337Sep 20181 hrs agoSep 2018
Tuesday came Tueasday went

Tuesday came, Tueasday wentI saw my brain, unfortunately it did not come with a radiographer's report (nor an owner's manual) so I am hoping Dr.I or Dr.S will be available to do...

Unknown7081Oct 20081 hrs agoOct 2008
Dr Maps Advice All Questions answered

Dr. Maps Advice - All Questions answeredDr. Map is available to answer all your questions, from problem Bears in your garden, to tuning a Webber twin Carb, relationships and general woes and...

Mapmaker2,047156Oct 20171 hrs agoNov 2017

WHAT A GAME!i am very proud of a team that i am usualy against! good game new zealand. you realy desrve to win the world cup this year. the all blacks playd a fa...

lindz295695Oct 20111 hrs agoOct 2011
Buckeyes upset the Badgers

Buckeyes upset the BadgersWhat a game last night, Ohio State pulled off what everyone in the college football world figured would not happen, they upset 15th ranked Wisconsin....

buckeye13322460Oct 20111 hrs ago
Purging thoughts

Purging thoughtsThis is a rather haunting piece of writing for me, so I thought I would post it here instead of on the regular forum. Trappings concealed the t...

Verthandi8850Aug 20071 hrs ago

My Thanksgiving wish for you all !This Thanksgiving, may your stuffing be extra tasty, May your turkey be tender and plump, May your potatoes, yams and gravy be nice & creamy...

JimNastics4925Nov 20131 hrs agoNov 2013


leahkathrine61031Apr 20141 hrs agoApr 2014
I wish

I wish...I wish I could write here, how hurt I was and still am for what you have done. For what you saying to others and what you said to me. It looks l...

narnia93765-Aug 20121 hrs agoAug 2012
My Jamsedpur frnd shes name reha raj

My Jamsedpur frnd . she's name reha raj.Hum dono ki dosti v ajib hai,,,hum dono ne ek dusre ko nai dekha hai, bas hum dono dusre se mobile ya orkut pe chat karte hai.. hum dono ki dosti ajib...

Unknown2181Oct 20111 hrs agoOct 2011

Very high quality socksI have always bought things for quality and comfort specially clothes and accessories. One of my daughters gave me three pairs of socks as a gift...

lindsyjones3,57116Nov 20171 hrs agoNov 2017

Viva la Difference.I’m always puzzled by the behavioral differences between males and females. And the strange thing is that these differences show even before we are pr...

Catfoot1,22547Aug 20181 hrs agoDec 9

Why?Watching an old movie favorite Twister. While occasionally checking emails on this site. Hmm just wondering why it seems I'm not the right girl excep...

KTC_girl_20122427Mar 20131 hrs agoMar 2013

jokes copy pastePuns and Other Groaners The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi. I thought I...

Len053,18812Jan 20151 hrs agoJan 2015
Toms Its ALMOST the Weekend Thing

Toms It's ALMOST the Weekend ThingMy Ex wife is going backpacking tomorrow. Well, parachuting as she calls it. But we'll see about that. I never know whether to be angry or...

Englishingermany3822Jun 20131 hrs agoJun 2013

Awkward...Feeling ashamed putting a wrong spilling of word...[frustrated to prostated],,,geeeezzzzz......

Love84eli1235912Nov 20131 hrs agoNov 2013
Did you know Hate is only a direct door to love

Did you know Hate is only a direct door to love?There is no way to love that does not carry a little bit of hateful feeling. We hate the other a little because sometimes he is not there when we need...

Amed322411May 20181 hrs agoMay 2018
just to lighten the mood

just to lighten the moodA guy walks into a bar and sees three large pieces of meat hanging from the ceiling, this got him curious so he asked the barmen about them, so the ba...

Rubyredd6527015Feb 41 hrs agoFeb 5

Six reasons why Barack Obama is the worst President in HistorySix Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Worst President in History BY MATT MARGOLIS JULY 26, 2018 CHAT 1202 COMMENTS Former U.S. President Barack Oba...

bcjenny37531Jun 251 hrs ago4 hrs ago
Seems we may all see the end of life

Seems we may all see the end of lifeThis is the worst thing to happen , ever. The Japan Nuclear plant is involve here I'm sure. How long before the planet dies is the big question, and...

funlaugh49423Oct 20131 hrs agoOct 2013
What makes a man a man

What makes a man a man !!!For myself and my own opinion you have male and you have men a Man thinks and acts as a man should do,a male may never make in a life time the grade t...

sparkherup1,12182Sep 20141 hrs agoSep 2014
Track162222Jul 20171 hrs agoJul 2017
Im one of those few

I’m one of those few................... I’m one of those few....

jarred1124-Feb 121 hrs ago
first new year with my jenny

first new year with my jennyi have been here over a week now, we celebrated new year together for the first time. some customs are a bit strange to me but i like it and i think i...

teddybeerke8875713Feb 20141 hrs agoFeb 2014

The Truth about the Lincoln Memorial IncidentThe black “activists”, emotionally emboldened by witnessing children in red MAGA hats, directed their verbal abuse on the assembling group of kids. S...

Willy34111962Jan 211 hrs agoJan 21
John Denver

John DenverThis song is very under rated and has such beautiful thoughts expressed. Annies Song - John Denver When I hear this song it makes me think deep and...

Freedomofspeech965723Aug 20171 hrs agoAug 2017
America is for Americans

America is for AmericansAmerica is for Americans...

jarred1230-Sep 20181 hrs ago

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