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learning ?Please forgive my ignorance, I am an old timer and I don't understand much of the modern electronics. I want to ask a question, by the picture of so...

studecar2647Mar 20175 hrs agoMar 2017

Raju the chained elephant who cried when freed, is very happy todayFebruary 20, 2017 NEW DELHI, INDIA 2/18/17 – The story of Raju the Elephant who cried real tears of gratitude during his rescue after 50 years of c...

britishcolumbian17812May 155 hrs agoMay 16
Track161258Sep 235 hrs agoSep 23

Women & Men.......Decorating tastes......Sure, as with beauticians, some men get it, mostly those a little light in the loafers. But I love the man cave as it is, fully functional. And tastel...

Vierkaesehoch1613Jun 175 hrs agoJun 17

life.......battery......yin/yangReading further about Eastern Mysticism, I am at the section speaking about the Chinese and the yin and the yang. The symbol that represents it is v...

Johnny_Sparton65959Nov 20175 hrs agoNov 2017

RelationshipGood Relations doesn’t need any promises any terms or conditions. it just need two wonderful people. One cool like me. one sweet like u...

wheelchairguy386764May 20105 hrs agoMay 2010

You're Only LonelyYou're Only Lonely...

jarred1183-May 20175 hrs ago
The British royals

The British royals..some people are totally against the royals..say they are a cost to the UK tax payer and born privileged. That maybe the case, but its a demanding...

Unknown47816Apr 20165 hrs agoApr 2016
jarred1277-Jan 20155 hrs ago
Finish this sentence Im dying to know

Finish this sentence...I'm dying to know!The other night a I met my friend for dinner at a very trendy up scale place. We are sitting at the bar for a drink before dinner and there are these...

luvontherocks87947Jan 20175 hrs agoJan 2017
lol Reading Posture

lol, Reading PostureWill you do like this when you are reading a book alone?...

Lyn12842,86010Aug 20125 hrs agoAug 2012
An angel of mine

An angel of mineMy inspiration. My angel from heaven. My lovely daughter. I miss you big time. Thank u god for the best gift....

sacdalanstella3536May 20145 hrs agoMay 2014
Im a mean girl

Im a mean girl ... :)Sometimes it does feel good to be mean. Lolz especially to those who have treated me very very bad. I know i know im sooo bad , i might even be remo...

Kasih58911Dec 20105 hrs agoDec 2010
Radio interview

Radio interviewHi, Guys, These are the clips of my interview on Irish radio last. I was talking about mental health and the new app I am working on. https...

1r1shmale2339Jul 20175 hrs agoJul 2017

THE TRIBE OF REUBEN Seminole, Calusa,Muskogee,Creek Indian descent are part of the 12 tribes Part 3The origin of the Seminole conflict date back to Governor Moore's invasion into Spanish Florida in 1704 in which he introduced BANDS OF CREEKS into...

NewYorkcitylove515-Sep 20175 hrs ago
Tanjungpinang Bintan Island Part II

Tanjungpinang-Bintan Island Part IITanjungpinang is small island and part of Bintan Island. The unique from this island. This island has tree governments. That is the municipal governme...

Unknown2,6602Mar 20125 hrs agoMar 2012
Everyday is a gift that needs to be unwrapped

Everyday is a gift that needs to be unwrapped.....I think sometimes we all get up on the chaois, past hurts, pain, and the stressors of everyday life, natural of course, but i think sometimes, as myse...

Unknown1,350103Jul 20105 hrs agoJul 2010
merry christmass

merry christmassthe outlook is for sunny days and rain And I will be home alone ,...

virgosingle55627Dec 20115 hrs agoDec 2011

You call that an investigation ?Brand new offering from Andy Borowitz Satire from The Borowitz Report By Andy Borowitz 10:28 A.M. Nation’s Criminals Ask for F.B.I....

JimNastics45435Oct 55 hrs agoOct 11

Keep SmilingKeep Smiling [/ur...

jarred13,430-May 20155 hrs ago

why is love so dam tuffI have been in love true love for me at least the other person never I always pick those who only date for emotinle sake then when there beter they du...

lonly570305136Jul 20135 hrs agoJul 2013

Bite Me!!I'm a happy camper tonight! After four very frustrating days trying to download a new operating system on my Mac laptop, I finally broke down and took...

LadyImp30515May 15 hrs agoMay 15
Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A TimeThere was a sad and lonely little troll. He lived under a remote bridge in the land of Nod. Everyone knew he was a troll, except for him. He th...

Gypsytramp2,122150Jul 20165 hrs agoJul 2016

Forget hypotheticals. Now a second and third woman are set to testify against KavanaughWhile at a party while Kavanaugh was a freshman at Yale, a second woman claims that Kavanaugh pushed his uninvited nude p*nis in the face of that woma...

JimNastics34639Sep 235 hrs agoOct 11
How many days

How many days?How many days does a person wait for a partner (husband wife) to initiate a conversation of substance before you know its all done and said ?...

Unknown3236Nov 20115 hrs agoNov 2011
Thank you

Thank youOnce in a while we need to be shaked awake. I was this morning as I sit and read my email. I received one from a very sweet person. I also received a...

Unknown1,0461May 20075 hrs agoMay 2007
Track161638Apr 20175 hrs agoApr 2017
Quotes for thoughts Loneliness

Quotes for thoughts - Loneliness"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself." ( Mark Twain ) "Loneliness is black coffee and late-night television; solitude is h...

soulgoddess521-Jun 20125 hrs ago
A fairly decent who dunnit type spy murder movie

A fairly decent who dunnit type spy/murder movieFirst, let me say the critics all seem to hate it. There complaints seem to fall in three categories. Long standing dislike of the actors. They don...

Ken_197857Jan 20165 hrs agoJan 2016

Maxine Waters for the Democrat nomination for President 2020Ladies and Gentlemen, The face of the Democrat Party, Maxine Waters. We love you Maxine !!! Don't sh...

Willy341136714Jul 285 hrs agoJul 29

ConcupiscenceI have been thinking and that is one thing I surely shouldn't be doing. Because my thinking head likes to ask silly questions. That's why I rather pre...

usha12345729Jul 105 hrs agoJul 13

Shake your head and see a photoShake your head and see a photo Count the number of black dots [url=

jarred14,255-Feb 20155 hrs ago
Feeling dejected

Feeling dejected...I have been a member of our town’s pottery and twerking club for a couple of years, today, due to having a bad hair day I wore a trendy lycra hijab an...

Mapmaker90356Mar 20175 hrs agoMar 2017
Common Sense

Common SenseThis is a re blog of a much earlier blog i did a while ago. Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, COMMON SENSE. Who had been wi...

Simmo11,50336Aug 20125 hrs agoAug 2012

First Love Never DiesFirst Love Never Dies...

jarred1744-Oct 20175 hrs ago
Love or Selfishness

Love or SelfishnessBefore start to see what I would write on the blog here gave me this question by the head Love or Selfishness? In line with the previous text, whe...

Unknown6818Apr 20115 hrs agoJul 2011
Real love making

Real love makingI hear so many women complaining about how unloved they are. How their significant others are clueless on how to satisfy them. Even more surprising...

kermitduell2541Oct 20175 hrs agoOct 2017
This blog is for any interesting Gif pic Posts

This blog is for any interesting Gif pic PostsIf you don't like pass on. If you like please add ur Gif. SUPER DAD PRISON A...

Lukeon2,93542Apr 20145 hrs agoApr 2014
its time

its timeThe truth is that by sitting here day in and day out, we cause our own suffering and pain. We are dreaming, hoping, longing for that someone special....

Unknown8472Sep 20075 hrs agoSep 2007
National flick a bean day for the ladies

National flick a bean day for the ladiesSerious , today is national flick a bean day! Please be hip enough to understand or google it. Don't worry men, tomorrow is visit Palm Spring day fo...

Unknown1,9434Jul 20135 hrs agoJul 2013
Eat bray love

Eat, bray, loveLet’s face it: in a country as fractured as ours, animals, especially donkeys, are far down the list of priorities of donors.

Lukeon3,08522May 20145 hrs agoMay 2014

I sat in my room at my desk yesterday and played with my pencil.I sat in my room at my desk yesterday and played with my pencil. Dejectedly I looked at all the work that I had to do before my exams. A feeling that...

jarred1118-Jun 95 hrs ago

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