Do you paint

Just your fingernails or your toes too?

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Both! applause
I paint mine hot pink most of the time, and purple other times.

JUST KIDDING! rolling on the floor laughing
I painted my fingernails once. I got more paint on the floor than I got on the wall that day uh oh
What's wrong with you. Murders and rapists like painted toe nails and fingernails.
Yes, both.
sad flower

I painted her toes
I know some that believe the toenails and fingernails should match. wine
neither. Painted a few houses but.
The question is, does she shave under her arms?
Only her arms?
What about her legs?
As Above So Below (of course, that's just a preference) ;-)

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The Magician knows the meaning of the magickal phrase: “As above, so below.” This means that mind and matter are reflections of each other-- what happens on earth happens in the heavens, what happens in the mind, happens in the outer world. ... If it is out of balance, The Magician acts to restore it.
Bo, strange you should post a Tarot card. i drew the King of Cups today.
At the risk of unintentionally diverting the OP a little, I was told that my card was Eight of Pentacles.
Not that I have a clue what that means.

But glattraziert is a thing of beauty.
cups are good
how did we go from paint to glattraziert ?
Response to Danielle's question. I was trying to answer without being obvious.
i see wow 20/20
to answer the OP, my fingernails are painted with a color called Petal to the Metal
I love to paint , just love it , but , but , but , but I need someone who could
I love to paint but , but , but , but I need someone who could .
Let’s talk about Brazilian waxes
Neither. I paint canvas wine

The smell of nail polish nauseates me
I don't paint my toes or nails...

Just my essential parts... glow in the dark paint seems to work.

when I'm getting up at night for a 20 metre dunny dash,,, any light is right!

and it's pointing the way. forward I mean, not up to the ceiling blushing

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