Like a Magic

So suddenly it's like magic that something would come into your life and you savor and feel happiness, love ,care,ecstasy,contentment that no money could buy for it...
So suddenly like a blink of an eye it's gone, gone....and you start asking yourself did it really happened or not??????confused frustrated
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Ok, Sweet Magical Valley, .

I hear what you're sayin, . . . . . "happiness, love ,care,ecstasy,contentment that no money could buy for it".dancing

If it's a feeling, . . like you're suddenly transported back to being 16 years old again, if everything is right, beautiful, and Perfect, in the World, . .When Your Soul, Heart, and Mind, . . Soars to new Heights, . .as a warm, passionate feeling is rekindled, that had been hidin from View, and memory, . . for so many long, lonely Years, prior. . . . yay

Question; Is it better to "feel", to relive, and experience, these precious Moments, . . If you know and realize, . .they may only last a moment, an hour, a day, or a week, . .. professor

Or, . . is it better to have your Soul, remain safely, dead and buried, . inside . . forever?, . . doh
PS; sweet Darlin, little Valley, . .

I had a little spare time, . . so I wrote a Little song for the folks, . . that Don't believe in taking chances, . . (who play it safe, kinda). sigh's better to take chances and savor every minute of it than not to have savor at alldancing cool cheers
vagaries of life that is.
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