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I am feeling sad today....

Thanks to all to all your inspirational messages and commentsheart wings heart wings

I am feeling sad today....

Well Venusandmars!:)been here in Doha 13 long years now, and if i did not like here I will never stay this long,for me life here is so easy coz i am very simple and has simple ways of life as well, if I want to enjoy I go to some nice places and countries in my vacation.sad flower teddybear

I am feeling sad today....

Thanks Guys!!!and you Tarekk why you thought that way?hhhmmnnn?confused teddybear

I am feeling sad today....

Hahaha!!!exactly you are right!!teddybear

I am feeling sad today....

Thanks Lifestart,I think it was my anger before i slept that created the feeling of sadness and anger this morning.thanks for the advice.hug

Unfair Treatment

Well we have different ways of how we deal with it and we cannot blame each one's decisions and paths we are taking because of our feelings, cultures and values.

Such is life!

You are right!each one of us have this kind of feeling sometime and we felt so down, I put it into writing what i have in my mind coz it is the reality that all people does.teddybear

RE: Do you reply?

Well....we do have our own prerogatives, it's not being judgemental either, of course we do want to see whom we are corresponding and it is for us to continue corresponding to a certain person whom we will like and would'nt like.At least people
can see us that we are truly human being alive and not creating a fake existence in this world and fooling people.peace cheers


Well said Dave:)cheers!

Unfair Treatment happens to each one of us in our lives,am glad i've got different reactions from all of you and that is something to realize.Cheers!

Enough is Enough!!!

Enough of everything!frustrated


Well...there are lots of reasons why women here does'nt response at all,some just ignore it if not interested to write, some will say no,thanks!,some will write back with nice answers and a flower, it depends as well how men wrote their messages to women here.confused confused peace

Enough is Enough!!!

That's what i always say to myself but i still have more patience to go on but now i am done!!!

RE: " what color is your underwear honey ???? "

Well Kash, tell them you are always in commando and that will stop the bloody hell out from themdancingi saw you as a sweet Asian girl and we are in the same boat:)anyways...take the good advice of CaptainTom he is really right.Women should be respected regardless of it's nationality.Take care and cheers!!hug

RE: Relationships: The World of Contradiction

Well, there are people does not realized even if the plain truth is already infront of their faces,never appreciating of what they have already in their lives but still try to seek that ego happiness they want to proved that they are still wanted and admired not because of their will not be too late for them to see it when it's forever gone and said farewell to them.sigh

Sudden Death

Thanks Arlene, it is really devastating to know you've lost a good friend since childhood and the good thing is i was able to chat with him before he pass away and it lightened my heart at least we were able to talk about our lives, children and everything,unlike my other childhood friend that i did not know she was dead already a year ago and was trying to call her number and was still ringing but nobody answered, sounds weird but true and then i found out that she's dead already for a long time.:(

RE: why love

There is no such love as perfect it can only be made perfect when two people made it to happen and jive with each other.heart wings sad flower

RE: Is anyone out there serious about using this site?

I've been here a long while, my first intention was to find that person whom i can share life with but it seems nobody is interested so i gave up in that hope.Well...i found this site very interesting coz we can talk to a lot of people and can share what is in our minds be it sadness or happiness and get comments from all over the world to cheer us or pissed us, but it did not matter
to me anyhow, at least we've got someone to talk to and interact with anytime we want. teddybear cheers


It is only basing on all people's feelings that we do sometimes experienced in our lives,we ignored people that love's us and it seems unknowingly or intentionally we hurt other's feelings because we are just selfish and does'nt care at all.

RE: this 'poem' gives me energy...

It really gives me hope and more widened understanding.....hug

RE: Unconditional love is a choice not a feeling

For me am confused of this matter being used as an excused by everybody to justify infidelities, abused of feelings.confused it's a one way attitude towards the partner.

RE: WOW!! You are HOT!!

Well you are all correct, it depends on each individual how they describe and accept beauty, for me beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and no matter what... if a person is happy with herself and accept of what he/she is... that is real beauty.sad flower teddybear

RE: How Far?

I think we could say a "soulmate" wherein two people have the same thoughts, likes and dislikes and in everything they were doing in everyday life together though they have'nt grew up together and a total stranger when they met.teddybear

RE: "No Rings No Strings" Relationships Do They Work??

It is so hard to explain this kind of matter coz lots of people are selfish and does'nt want to understand.confused

RE: Why do most all older women wear thier hair short

I may say we women have different lifestyle and hairstyle preferences depending on the kind of situations we are into.Am older but i still wear my long hair even if it is fine.I love to wear my long hair and take care of it even in my busiest time.So it all depends to each individual....bouquet teddybear

RE: love

It will surely come without you knowing it :)but just open your eyes!heart wings

RE: Im a proud Asians but ashame of those bad Asians.

If there maybe a bad reaction of some people here and misinterpret what you meant, maybe it's a guilt feelings to justify something?confused coz am an Asian too and i never found your blog to be offensive rather it's an enlightenment to asian people.Anyhow, cheers to that and don't justify whatever you have said here coz it is very clearly stated and understoodcheers thumbs up


Well....i better be careful not using the word "I" in that matter next time, i used that word like a passage but anyhow i respect opinions and comments the way it has been accepted by people's mind.


Nope!!i am not suffering any inherent disorder my dear, i am referring this blog to people who does'nt know what is feelings all about, those people that only knows how to inflict pains on people, abuse and kill.
I hope now that you got my point.peace cheers


Wished I could not anymore feel it but still alive and surviving

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