The Quest

In this life we always have the quest for happiness, contentment, love and spices of life that made us feel more better,sometimes we thought that the quest is over and we are happy and contented of what we have but as time goes by and we start to see things that ain't right and we began feeling lonely, sad and even shed tears silently and felt being alone again...we began to realized that it's not the end of the world yet and we start the quest once again till we finally can say that the quest is over and be happy and contented in life.....::sad_flower:

Have a good day to all CS members!teddybear
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well said !
I know what you mean.
love is not a constant stream .
it comes and goes seeminly of its own will we seem to be small , and forget how big we felt when we were fulfilled by a seemingly never ending joy.
how ficcle life an love can be .
why do we have to experience seperation an loanliness ?
Gods mysteries are sometimes so baffling to me.
I seem to foret that we all have our troubles and manny of the same troubles as eachother.
we are not an island !
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