Human, Just a song I ran across.

This was written by Rory Graham with Ben's Brother frontman James Hartman. The Englis...
26203 hrs ago3 hrs ago26 mins ago

People Making assumptions

I witnessed something tonight which just proves of why some people should never ever make assumptions about other peoples intentions without knowing t...
1286023 hrs ago5 hrs ago1 hrs ago

President Trump on Border Security & Government Shutdown

Watched this video on Yahoo News website a few moments ago. Here's the link included:
50-0Jan 19Jan 192 hrs ago

Out of the mouth of babes

6841Jan 17Jan 1716 hrs ago

Do You know a "Right Fighter" ?

A video describing being a "right fighter".Would you rather be happy or right?...
7260Jan 17Jan 1717 hrs ago

Wake Me Up:::Avicii

Before I created this blog I had no prior knowledge that Avicii had passed on April 20,2018.So sorry.
10420Jan 7Jan 714 hrs ago

Canoodling: Sometimes I hear terms that I don't recall hearing before.

113150Jan 6Jan 614 hrs ago

Dog and casino

5520Jan 5Jan 5Jan 19

This is sad.This quote I read today.:(

The sad truth is so many people are in love and not together.So many people are together and not in love....
207200Jan 4Jan 526 mins ago

Found a new State Park in my area.I found these photos and information on the resorts FB wall.

I'm very thankful that I was exposed to nature in my childhood years by my parents.Hopefully I'll be able to visit there one day and probably during t...
219260Jan 4Jan 5Jan 19

Finally LOL

I found out last night that I'm going to be a Grandma.I was so excited I forgot to ask when the due date was.Opps...
206220Jan 2Jan 4Jan 18

Phone Scams I'm always several steps ahead of them.

Every once in a while I receive calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft Windows and claim that they're able to tell that I am having a problem...
169160Dec 29Dec 308 hrs ago

LOL! :)

I suppose it would/could be handy at a tailgate party....
8040Dec 27Dec 2914 hrs ago

I would do so in a heartbeat.LOL

170120Dec 26Dec 28Jan 19

LOL!!! :)

148-0Dec 14Dec 14Jan 18

Might as well be yourself

15430Dec 6Dec 6Jan 16

Say no to crack

198110Dec 3Dec 421 hrs ago

High Beams LOL

This would be so much fun to do to people who drive with their high beams on whether they are behind you or driving towards you.
12960Dec 3Dec 4Jan 19

Wrong Car

I've done this a couple times.LOL Especially in a Welcome center....
207160Dec 1Dec 2Jan 19

Bah Humbug

13640Dec 2Dec 219 hrs ago

Why waste a good shovel? LOL

12720Nov 28Nov 287 hrs ago


228-0Nov 21Nov 24Jan 18

How Black Friday Got Its Name.I only shopped once on that day but never again.

How Black Friday Got Its Name. BY KIMBERLY AMADEO Updated November 05, 2018 Black Friday is the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving....
131-0Nov 23Nov 23Jan 19

So true

Some people create their own storm and then get mad when it rains. Some people just have to have their drama to know they exist. Yes they do !!! & t...
87-0Nov 20Nov 2017 hrs ago

I would do just this in a heartbeat if I had any to get rid of.

Maybe my next door neighbor has some household junk to get rid of....
165-1Nov 18Nov 1910 hrs ago

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