What the ......!

I am looking for someone spesial but if I can make new friends thats great to. I get alot of views on my profile but nothing more.... no messages or anything. Is there something wrong with me??? I can take the honesty of any opinions.
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everything looks good to me friend .....
you are 6' ! It would super if you were my friend-my back would have straighten a bit having to look up your eyes.
Maybe you are tall for most of the guys

dunno confused
cheers handshake
it must be your eyes. i'd get scared looking in them.roll eyes laugh nice eyes .angel cheers
yeah... is a matter of time, you have only few minutes here on CS site, so take a breath and wait!!! " The best fish swim near the bottom"!grin
wave use a bigger bait on your hook my dear,but watch out for the sharks,lolhandshake bouquet goodluckcheers
typo "swims"wink
Men are like parking spaces. The good ones are taken already!

I don't think that should be true. So shouldn't you. Keep the fingers crossed. You will meet someone for sure. There is somone for everyone in the universe
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