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RE: Pakistan, Afganistan, War on Terror, Current un-re

Idiocy is a free plague abundantly available as much as u want it.

For your information, the new warfare is weather warfare that they have been practicing for a long time. for example,Earthquakes, by tampering with earth's tectonic plates of passing through a certain region/country to cause massive destruction through Tsunamis and shaking earth. This is to teach a lesson to countries who do not bow to the evil emipire.

Secondly, lightening bolts and affecting the rain cycles, to either make rain, or making it too heaviily, or inflicting drought on defying nations by drying up the rain. So either there would be massive floods or no water at all.

This weapon is called HAARP. (Highly Advanced Auroral Research Program). They have long been messing with earth's ionoshpere to cause worldwide damage. (breking of Ozone layer e.g.) Some of the recent tsunamis, earthquakes and floods were orchestrated. They say that before attacking a nation, they would cause massive floods, earthquakes to destroy the infrastructure and would use lightening to destroy enemy installations and aircrafts so that when then enter with their army, there is minimal resistance and they win the war already, keeping the battlefiled away from their own homes.

But God has HIS own plans always. All brutal killers of innocent humans all over the world are digging deeper to fall in the same ditch. Love and peace will prevail one day.

So yes. CIA, Talibans, Alqaeda, Osama and Obama twins, Bush, balck water, Nato are the same soul with different skin. All report to the same boss! doh

RE: Pakistan, Afganistan, War on Terror, Current un-re

The mother of all terrorists is CIA. Whereas Blackwater, Alqaeda, XE, Dyne Corp, Somali Pyrates, Osama, Saddam and NATO are all CIA's sub-divisions/agents spreading terror all over the globe. Osama was a CIA trained operative. CIA, Mosad and RAW are owned by NeoCons and Zionists.

All unlawful target killings, Abductions, murders, drone attacks, bombings, espionage, invasions on soveriegn states, media wars, prpaganda, global bribing, economic and financial terrorism, stealing of national treasures, is conducted through different specialized divisions of CIA spread over all over the world with unlimited funding.

The objective is to achieve the implementation of their world order.

CIA has kept American public sufficiently fearful of the terrorist threat that CIA made itself, to ensure American Public approve of their global invasion to capture assets of others and maintain USA's number one position of ARMS and AMUNITION export to the world.

I don't blame the blogger. Americans have a Huge Debt to cover. Either they declare bankruptcy or keep invading nations and ammassing assets.

RE: Help I need ideas!!

The best thing to give him is you. Cos he loves you. Go and give him a big tight hug. Tell him that you love him. Spend some good time with him. Drag him out, get in the car and go somewhere with him. Give him your 100% attention. Nothing beats that.

RE: Bomb Blast-Terror Strikes Mumbai...Again!!!

And I think countries should stop buing arms and must take strict actions against illicit arms trade. So that conflits are not solved by terror, but with some other amicable way. All wars should be stopped. No guns, no weapons no funding. This money should be spent on making people's lives better.

RE: Bomb Blast-Terror Strikes Mumbai...Again!!!

Terrorism is the most profitable business as on today. All roots of terrorism lead back to the largest weapon manufactures and exporters in the world today. These countries are USA, Russia and Germany.

India, as on today, is the largest weapons importer in the world. Yes, it has surpassed China. Amassing weapons is not the only madness. It has disputes with all of its neighbors. India china wars and land dispute with china. Kashmir dipute with Pakistan, defying United Nations and Security Council resolutions on the matter. Border frictions with Bangladesh and Supporting tamil insurgency in Srilanka. Indian Military colonel's invlovement in samkjhota express train blast that killed 600 people was admitted by india itself on record.

India's own problems are too many. It's a geographically huge country with more than 100 languages and cultures spoken. India has the largest number of below-poverty-line population in the world.

There are more than 30 separatist movements in India. Naxalites, Greater Assam, Bodoland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Khalistan, Maoists, Tamils etc. All these are armed movements inside India who are playing their parts as well. the top most are not muslims by the way.

The most threatening, according to Rahul Gandhi, is the mushroon growth of hindu etremist groups who are armed and angry. This is what rahul gandhi says about it.
Organisations like VHP and RSS are a threat to India's own peace and stability as per Rahul Gandhi, the grandson of the founder of India, Mahatma Gandhi. These organisations are responsible for mass genocide in Gujrat province can easily be googled.

The recent Mumbai attacks are deplorable by all human standards and I think Indian people have now started focussin on real internal problems at hand,that's why this time no external hand was blamed.

According to my observsation, Indian people are very hardworking and nice. One of the best human resource all over the world and so many of my good friends.

RE: Approaching someone need routine calls or not??

And well said 10K thumbs up

RE: Approaching someone need routine calls or not??

If you try being somebody else and not your own true self, you'll get the wrong person for you. Trust me, showing off doesn't help in the longer run. Being yourself is easy and simple and keeps you happy.

Infact someone should be with you for what you really are. Not for what you aren't. How long would u pose? You'll surely be tired of it one day.

Just be comfortable in your skin brother! cheers

RE: How to Attract women we like??

what kind of woman do you like? confused

RE: Now What??? Women need love-- boys need sex:)

Karma always works conversing

RE: Now What??? Women need love-- boys need sex:)

Hi Gaze!

You'r right. Perhaps a "sane" woman would look at these aspects before getting laid and getting emotionally involved? confused

Who's to blame then?

RE: Now What??? Women need love-- boys need sex:)

The kind of women falling for John, get what they need, a bang! I mean, come on, an adult sane woman, after he buys her a drink and charms her, would go to his place and get laid? I think not, unless she really wants it to. In my experience a woman never begins without the end in mind. There is no hearts melting and breaking involved here. Just satisfaction of lust. That's all.

Rick is the dangerous kind though. Still I fail to understand the simple equation. HOW the hell does rick do that without putting his societal reputation at stake? I mean in this case the woman would surely be introduced to his friends and family inevitably. It is not easy for Rick to keep doing that for more than twice or thrice. Word gets out, and news travel faster than we think.

I don't totaly agree with blaming Rick and John always. A clap needs two hands to make it happen. A one-handded clap in only possible on the face. doh

RE: make the most of life!

Regrets are necessary for life, to make you a better person. Think more than twice once something is in your head. Your thinking will change in the next 10-12 years by the way!


RE: How can you love someone you don't know and don't

Good that you deleted all the pics. Those naked boobiemonsters were so distracting doh


Obama and Busy both have shoved more than 7 trilion Dollars of US tax payers into unwarranted wars for a group of rogues who are eyeing the natural wealth of central asia, russia, iran, iraq, libya and threatening china.

Impeachment should be for mass genocide first.

I wonder what would they explain to God when they meet HIM?

RE: How can you love someone you don't know and don't

My bad! I looked at your profile first and inadvertantly glanced at your pics, after which I am finding it difficult to concentrate here wow

what was your question? confused


The gentleman doesn't agree with the idea of homosexuality. So do majority of humans on earth. So do I?

So what's the problem? dunno

RE: Cyber lies …

This place is the virtual image of the sugarcoated real world. And it is more quicker and transparent here. I think it should be taught as a subject in school. Kids should use online connections to learn and understand all the lies and tricks to pick the real life situations well. cheers hug

RE: Why are so many women jealous of other women?

Jealousy was the cause of World's first ever Killing of a human, of Abel by Cain, both sons of Adam. doh

A lot of people have said so much already here. I'd just add that Jealousy actually freezes itself on a person's face permanently. You can often tell how a jealous person looks like. Facial features and the stare shout out loud. devil

RE: Obama to raise taxes on hard working Americans!


Okay. Obama lied about getting out of agfhanistan. Bush sent 30,000 soldiers. Obama sent 70,000 more? confused

RE: Obama to raise taxes on hard working Americans!

So your job is to find out public sentiment locally and gloablly?

More than 3 trillion dollars domestic debt is your answer Geo (global) boy!

RE: Distance and Money,Trust

I know somebody just like you. Just add a black hat and black suit cheers

Jokes apart, I think everyone here has a point. What's stopping you from finding a woman from your own lifestyle?

Ever laughed your lungs out?


Am glad it brought a smile to you. laugh

Ever laughed your lungs out?

Yes I agree. This is truly a great piece of work and very difficult to reach the notes and sustain them. Plus it makes you smile immediately. I find it therapeutic. banana

All respects to the Eduard on this one. professor

I found myself trying to sing and walk/dance like him rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh

Ever laughed your lungs out?

@ Aswina

No doubt Eduard Khil has inspired many. I have read comments and that is something very impressive. See the story below.

Ever laughed your lungs out?

@ Aswina rolling on the floor laughing laugh head banger


Ever laughed your lungs out?

@ Session

see the parody here rolling on the floor laughing laugh

Ever laughed your lungs out?

Hahahahahah! good one!

Try the cat version rolling on the floor laughing

Ever laughed your lungs out?

This is adaptation when Hitler heard it rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Ever laughed your lungs out?

hahahahaha1 hohonhoho! lalalalalalalalalala! laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Are women and men equal?

And the icing on the cake is that the United Nations operate from Geneva. The second largest of the four offices after Newyork. What more can be the height of hypocrissy?

Look at this one: the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarion Affairs (OCHA) operates from Geneva, switzerland mumbling drinking

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