Okay ,, So Im Back !!

How You doing Everybody !!!
Wish are all doing just fine kiss

I've decided to be alone for a while ..get things clear
Lotts of stress in my life and recently i felt like i couldn't handle it !!
Im handling 2 jobs + a Family
And I don't know what happened to my mom but recently all she talks about is for me to get into a relationship that would lead to marrige cuz she wanna see my future kids confused

Now hold on !!!!!! I am trying MOM !!! frustrated lol

Damn it ..
Anyways ... im glad im back here
teddybear between the most beautiful friends EVER
heart beating

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Mothers are the same everywhere!laugh

Sounds like you need to find some time to find that special someone.

All the best.hug
Good to see you back Swan wave

Moms will always be moms...don't we all love our moms even with all their naggings....They are special, aren't they? teddybear heart wings
welcome back hope you find a good man for you moms are always great....
Welcome back Sweetheart!

Don't try too hard. Destiny strikes always in its own ways. hug
Welcome back again swan wine
Welcome back Swan teddybear teddybear .. laugh do as what your mother is asking you, we want to hear about you getting married so we can celebrate buddies
hey Swanwave nice to see ya agian,
now ure a teamgrin think it'll work banana banana
Welcome back Swanhandshake bouquet
love you always my sweetest friend swan my habibi take care ///john
My mom is no longer alive. sad flower
Enjoy her while you can. bouquet
Tell her, that if she wants babies to adopt some. laugh
WCB & Good Luck thumbs up
ya ahla w sahla "Aswan".
ok again in English , welcome back,,dear.bouquet
we miss you,,thanks God that the reason of your being away,,it's bcz,,of your Mom's advise,,,,good.thumbs up

so,,,yallah inshallah soon you will tell us that you found your dream of Love.
and do not forget to invite us okay?? dancing

im glad im back here
teddybear between the most beautiful friends EVER

oh,,thank you dear,,,and you are a beautiful friend too.
hug and very close to the heart.heart wings

best wishes.
oh sorry,,I typed your name fast,,( aswan)..no Swan.

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