I don't wanna be called " BEAUTIFUL "


This might seam so strange but im tired of being Called
" You're so Beautiful but i just can't be with you " !!! OR
" You're So Beautiful and you deserve someone better then me " !!

My sisters over here knows what im talkin' about !!

How i wish to spend my life normaly !!
Some of men would just be with me just cuz of my beauty !
Some of them would run away cuz they think im too good for them !


Everyone is BEAUTIFUL in their own way !! That doesnt mean im too special !!!!!!!!
I just wanna be with someone who would love me for who i am !

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You are absolutely right. No one should be judged by outer appearances, but by the way they handle themselves and by their actions and words.
@ deblake60 : THANK YOU thumbs up

Some guys (not me) would rather tell you 'sweet lies' than be upfront & honest with you (and others). It's their way of weasiling out of something they SAID they would do. Strangely, some women would much rather hear 'sweet lies' than the truth. Nonetheless, be thankful you got out before serious heartbreak got a chance.
Good luck with your search ! peace
Maybe after all it is better in this kind sites without picture, then we could find out really where the beauty comes from. It is sad that outer looks effect so much in everything...Swan good luck finding a man who can see inside you instead of your appearance.
Oh dear!

Only a beautiful woman can come away with a remark like that.
hmmm.thats strange that guys run away ,cos they think u r to good for them.those r just a covards.ppl should have confidence in themselves.
if i find anygirl beatiful i tell them that and i like give nice words to the girls if they deserve it.and i heve never thought that someone would be to good for me.cos i believe in myself and if she is to good that means i deserve her.wine wine
what´s wrong with being called beautiful!!!!!?????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
I take any compliment i get and thank that person,beauty is in eye of the beholder....teddybear
maybe its time to leave your computer alone , as it wont keep you warm on cold nights , and so far it keeps letting you down

you could go and find someone who lives in your town

wave hug hug
some one please call her ugly let be she happy
I dont mind if a guy calls me beautiful..It shows interest..The only time I dont like flattery is when I find out they are looking to get something from me by flattering me.
If its sincere, I love it though. love
@jim makes good points. That's definitely a possibility.

Another possibility is the expectation these men have for themselves. Many wrestle with needing to feel deserving.

Someone overweight might not want to be with someone fit because it would always make them feel like they should diet/exercise more... "they don't feel they are good enough".

Someone shy might not want to be with someone who is very social because they are comfortable being social... and will feel like they aren't good enough in that regard.

If you are attractive, dress well, speak well and are admired for your "presence" someone with you might constantly feel they aren't attractive enough, stylish enough and so on ... "they don't feel good enough".

Two facets I see ... Their ego isn't strong and/or they don't want to do the work on themselves needed in order to feel that they measure up (to their own expectations). Unfortunately, this isn't something you can fix for them.

(Have you seen the movie "Hitch"? ... A good example of this)
*they aren't comfortable being social.
Seems to me you attract a lot of self-centered men who only chase after the beauty instead of the heart. Be careful though that you dont accidently give off an air that your to good to be with that individual. A good heart and good looks are a very hard combination to put together. Just remember over the years your looks and his will fade away and then what will you be left with will you be happy and continue to laugh and love until your dying days or will you one day wake up to a stranger who you don't recognize or even know........
I like to be called beautiful :) Although I was told I was "hard to maintain in terms of love and attention" laugh laugh
I hope things get better for youbouquet


I do understand what your going threw women call me beautiful all the timerolling on the floor laughing
i wana b with u for who u r but u live too far away :(
swan...I never tire of being called hansom,I just shrug it off,some of us have to bear this cross.peace rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yay bouquet
Being called beautiful is only nice when it's meant as a sincere compliment not because they want to get on your good side or because they want something! rolling on the floor laughing laugh
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? I must be doing something wrong... I've been called a lot of things... but never beautiful... I must be doing something very wrong! Ya think? I was even told to hold still when someone shot at me, but that is another problem...cool
well said, i see your point. I have come to the stage where I dont even bother putting up a picture of myself any more. lol
Swanhug I never judge people by the way they lookwow because the inner person is what matters to mecomfort beauty on the outside means nothing if you are a nasty person on the insidethumbs up I will be honest with thoughprofessor you have the beauty on the outside and the inside in my opinionlips

Unfortunately most men are intrigued and some are even obsessive about "visual beauty" and yet they seldom respect it or actually love it.
All you have to do is look at what man has done to this planet and the beautiful natural resources and natural priceless treasures like pure, clear water, fresh clean air....man has admired it yes, but then what has he done with it??? He has used it , violated it, polluted it and disrespected it to the point that it has now become endangered......kind of like LOVE and a BEAUTIFUL WOMANpeace

Respect beauty and treasure love
You're really not.
I'm not really handsome either.
Get used to truths.
When you accept them, they no longer hurt.
when i say your beautifull it comes from from my heart to your heart habibi swan all people are beautifull but not everyone has inner beauty teddybear teddybear
Swan you gorgeous nutcase don't believe a word these guys tell you. Loads of people think it is just cool to hang around here and lead folks on and then when things approach anything remotely serious the excuses start piling up.. They are only here because they are bored and they think that chatting up someone who is far away is "safe" since they will not have to face the music.

And another point; on the site they all say they do not care if you are from a different culture or religion or if you are half purple or quarter insect but in real life they would never consider you as a partner.

I am referring to the time-wasters of course, and I know very well that are many many wonderful people over here who really look beyond such things and are in search of a partner in the most beautiful sense of the word.

Naturally there is only one way to end this - you are BEAUTIFUL, all good souls are :)))))
Beauty is the way we feel the world around us.Maybe you are not beautfull.Maybe you are that what you are.Beauty is the way people feel the life and vice versa how life threatens them.
Plain looking women are envious of YOU. Maintain your appearance, develop your personality, have a strong character, and live life to the fullest.
i get called that in every message practally, but its nice to hear it weather its true or not, and for them to mail u they like something about u clearly, also its a nice gesture and i think some guys use it to their advantage with girls to strike up a conversation on wats out there on offer so reap it up girl yay
Swan? Why name yourself Swan if you don't think your beautiful? I'm confussed.dunno Anyways to alleviate your attention from beauty matters please send all your money to account *******6125 confused

cheers Then beauty won't be your only concern?

Don't take it so serious it's a compliment......
Men like beauty but they do not like to admit they like beauty because it seems well.......shallow not to mention they feel that it gives a beautiful woman power if she knows that it is that important to him therefore SOME not all men will say that a woman's beauty is not important to them...that is until a female who is built like a bric house walks by wearing almost nothing shaking her yang yang and he is caught drooling on his new tierolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I dont know what could be wrong with those guy's? I was having sex with women much better looking than you while you were still in diaper'sdoh
I totally understand Swan -- I am experiencing the same.
so why call yourself beautifil disaster?
Well for me you are not a beautiful grin grin yay :D
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