Can't Go Back , To My Home Town :(

It's really breaking my heart ..
Summer is the only time where i can take a vecation to go back to my home town Syria and have the greatest time ever ..
This year im not goin back there moping
becoz of all what's going on over there !!

im really down .. I can't get there and be part of my country
and i don't know for how long this will be ...
and that what is making me even sader crying crying

Gimme a Break !!! blues
And May God Bless Syria

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Not much to say, exept that It`s terrible... sigh
Sending a teddybear to comfort you! hug
Swan87 , oh sorry to hear this...May all that troubles will solve soon,and you go back to your home town Syria.sad flower

here in Lebanon most of the families used to go there on the week ends,,,but,,then who wants to go there,,must think twice.
but as we hear on the news now a days,,at some areas released from problems,,,and still one or two area has problems,but at least your president country is very strong,,and he is doing his best to solve the problems..

as I heard from friends ,,that in Damascus ,everything is normal,,and so the other areas....

May God help you..and Bless Syria too.bouquet
Where are you now ?? dunno

Perhaps this can be a new adventure for you to explore locally.
Baltus !! MANY THANX HUN. teddybear
Hi Sweet Zahra , That was so kind of you ...
All What u said was true ! all though , I heared that even DAMAS. is starting troubles like other areas ..
That's what worrys you .. that the status is not stable at all
and you just CANT KNOW WHAT"S GOING ON ..
And I can't risk it and just go the same time .. I SOOO WANNA GO !! even with all what's goin on !

IM LOST ! but thanks god for everything ! right ?

Again ..Thanks u sweet Zahra ..
ow 3ala rasi a7la Lebanon teddybear

Oh Swan,

My heart is with you heart beating Know how you feel. Hope things get better in your country. In the meantime, it's best you stay put where you are at the moment....teddybear
Jim Jim , Jim !! well , I live in Qatar and i was born in here
so do you think i really need to explore it ?? REALLY ?
Im almost a local here ! lol

Hey Titsy , Honey my mom told me the same !! and she is so worried that i may just book my ticket and travel to Syria !!!
God Knows what will happen to me if this got so long ..

Thanks Sweety ..

bouquet bouquet

you are welcome ,Swan,,,( teslami ),,,no problem,,come to Bierute.laugh

we have beautiful places to and while you are here,,and you hear that everything is back to your town,,you can jump to it.
I know that in Qatar is veryyyyyyyy hot weather there,,God help you.


Oh habibi zahra hug

you think i didn't want to go to Bierute ?
Lebanon is SO BEAUTIFUL !! All of my family went there but i didn't have the chance yet ..
But Surly , im planning to go there one day soon Inshalla !!
And hope to see you there ! cheers

Yes It is BURNING in doha now adays ..and we havent got into AGU. yet !! the Tempreture is reaching 55c in the morning !!

Thank you ya 2amar rose i would be honored to have you as a friend and a sister
purple heart

Me too Swan..laugh ya ahla w sahla too will be glad to be friends,sisters.hug you are so close to heart, ( areebi min al alb).

Don't be sad Swan blues .. I hope soon this will be over just be strong comfort
Yes you poor thing, it must be terrible for you. People dying and you miss your summer vacation. Life's a b*tch.
Well lets just hope that backwater country can drag itself into the 21st century. Every developed country went through some bloodshed along the way.
Just To clear things out mr.woopee_jonny !!
I don't miss my summer vecation ..
I MISS MY COUNTRY !!! and i miss being there ..
even if i went there and Die ! I would at least die proudly !!

@ african_single .. Thank you sweetheart ..and im praying for the same ! rose

@Swan..i'm sorry for saying that but Syria in dangerous ...please stay there until this crazy storm calms downsad flower
You Broke my Heart Diamond ...
This is just WRONG !! WRRRRRRRROONNNGG ..Syria should not be in this storm in the first place !!
May God Protact you all in there ..

Don't worry sweety i have seven souls as katslaugh
I have a feeling that we will meet in real somday.

Don't worry sweety i have seven souls as katslaugh
I have a feeling that we will meet in real somday.

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