Such a Bad Day

Today was just BAD !!
I woke up this morning with so much body pain after I had so many nightmares AGAIN !
the heat outside was reaching 52c !!!!!!frustrated
I drove my car , I had an accident !! was a small one but Damn it , it ruined my day .. !
Got late to work , and my boss was not satisfied of me getting late of an important meeting very mad
I've never been late ..but they notice me NOW !mumbling
Then , just few mintues ago ,, i got this call from my ex.
Trying to sweet talkin' to me !!! and i felt like im gonna barf ....
i had a fight with him , asked him not to call me again ..
it's really not the time !!!!!

very mad

I know some people get into even worse days ..but that was enough for me to be in the bad moooooood !!!!!!

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im sorry to hear bou ur day pet! f i cud help u n nyway i would...

keep the chin up :)

D cheering
Swan, there are such days, and you can't wait for them to end! But sometimes they turn into nice ones, so now just spoil yourself a bit for compensation.. you deserve it :) And go to bed relaxed and in a good mood, no more nightmares hug comfort wine
Johnsmith here usa.Well everyone has those days and people sometime say i understand but if they dont experience what u do, then they dont understand.My advise is to say to yourself this to shall pass and it does.say to yourself when u go to bed im going to dream of something nice and something i enjoy.I have flash backs and when i do i wake and shake and feel sick but when i realize that they will pass and tomorrow is another day and say to my self ima good person and good worker and loyal and honest and what ever power is trying to bother me Its not as strong as me and i will keep the image of myself and nothing can remove it from my mind and spirit.U are loved and u are important and u can add much to this world we live dont be defeated with false thinking and u will win the battle ok huggs bye
hey Sweet darren !! ah ..dont be sorry .. there will be tomorrow right ??

hey Dear Jana !! yeah those days happen alot ..specially to me !
but gotta keep my faith ..
anyways .. the spoiling thing sounds really nice !!
but beleive me ..there is no solution for the nightmares im having ..!! moping
Thank u hun, for cheering me up

Dear Swan, if these nightmares are regular you need to visit a doctor... don't allow them to ruin your days/nights!hug
hey john !!! and nice to meet you dear handshake
yes ur right !! there should be no room for negative thoughts !!
but what to do !!? sometimes it's stonger then ur own well !
but anyways ..there are better days for sure
and im looking forward to it
thanks alot ..your comment means alot to me !

One day, you will laugh about today.
What seems monumental now, will seem trivial later.
Character is built by overcoming challenges.
Hang in there ! peace
swan i too have nightmares and telling others about them seems to help me maybe write them down for us to read and maybe it will help sort things out..hope your day gets betterhug sad flower
Tmrw and then some!

Do u have aircondition in ur bedroom?
How about the car?
If u only have aircond in the car u should sleep there.
And drive the bed to work. laugh

peace bouquet
Sweety , Jana !! They are regular and it's scaring the shit out of me sometimes ..cuz most of my nightmares are repeated !!
i don't know !! u think i should see a doctor about it ? really ?
Hopefully Dear Jim .. Hopefully i will ..
Thanx hun

You do too fatshaft !?? blues
it is bad right ? I swear it puts your whole real life into another nightmare !!! and i get those dark ideas inside of me whenever im having any new nightmare !!
Damn it !
hope u have a good day too sweety

oh Dear morgenulv !! YOU DONT KNOW HOW BAD IT IS HERE !!!
what's the use of ICE on the SUN ?
it's burning here .. and anyways ..dragging my own bed to work isnt a bad idea after all ! uh oh

Swan, I don't have a personal experience with regular nightmares, but as far as I've read they show some constant physical or psychological problem. Once you know what it is you ll know how to get rid of them! I read your blog about your family responsibilities so maybe that stress and your conscious or unconscious worries cause the nightmares? In my opinion think about visiting a specialist, doctor or psychologyst, nothing shameful in it!hug And of course, there are some simple ways to have a healthy sleep... physical activities, light dinner, positive thinking... comfort
swan yes i do and they are very vivid and alarming to me violent and depressing. it seems all my insecurities come out and a side of myself i have repressed my past life experiances are involved too. Talking with my friends who know me and know my history really helps and they go away for awhile seems stress and discomfort bring them out more often for me.
Dont worry all because of this hot temperature its really affect our mental health and temper,,,,,,,,
Oh my dear comfort .. I am so sorry that you had a bad day .. seems everything one doesn't want to happen just happen all at the same time dunno ..

hopefully your evening is going to be better hug
Cheer up Swan yay yay yay yay yay We dont want a distressed Swan,they are hard to handle.bouquet bouquet
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