we hope there will be another 50 or more ...banana banana


thanks every one cheerswave wave wave wave wave wave teddybear

RE: crazy thing you do..

I'm more of the stay at home type ...dont drink or go to parties banana


the secret is ....Don't sit here all day and all night ... wave


don't worry happy ..banana

RE: Love Is Universal

yes its been good ...I haven't paid any in the last 10 yearswave

RE: Love Is Universal

its perfect as like myself , a perfect virgo , and rent free ...banana

RE: Love Is Universal

you mean you have excuses ....hahaha wave

RE: Love Is Universal

may be its time you packed your bags and move to another country wave

RE: ill never fined him here!!

I don't drink beer or smoke tobacco , so you will not see me any where smokers go or in any bars nightclubs or parties ...and if I was givin a bottle of beer , if I didn't throw it away , I'd use it for making a simple bread mixture or a batter to cook fish with ....wave

RE: ill never fined him here!!

maybe its the life we chose for our own journey through life ....and when we find someone who wants our life style , they are on the other side of the planet ...but never in our own country ..banana

RE: ill never fined him here!!

all the women I find here are only city girls , and we have a wefare state and the women are only interested in getting pregnant so they can get a benefit so they don't have to work ...wave

RE: ill never fined him here!!

it would be nice ....but I'm not holding my breath ..and when my yachts finished and ready to sail away ...I will go it alone with no one to share it with ...wave

RE: ill never fined him here!!

I'd love to find someone to travel the world with , by boat ..but so far all I can find is city girls who are only interested in how much money I will give them to go shopping with ...where have all the women gone that want to explore and want adventure in their lives ??? ...wave

RE: Funny ("Odd") Postion...

hi .......hang in there .....I'm sure there's good some wherewave

RE: I think I'm in Love

that's great .....when's the wedding ??banana

RE: Same mail twice

I just deleted a friend request just now ...if they don't want to chat and be a real friend , out the door they go....banana

block and delete him , bloody scammers laugh laugh

RE: Following my instincts

I'm lucky .......don't get any scammer letters ....banana

RE: ~~GOD IS DEAD~~1..

when the world comes to its end ..I hope I will be the last man live ....banana

........Went Camping .......

having been living at sea ....spiders float on the surface ..and a surprising number of other bugs fall out of the sky , caught on up drafts ....cheers

........Went Camping .......

I sure will now .....thank you wave wave

RE: steph

well you have come to the right place ....stay in the blogs ...and block all letters from those who want to go off site ..cswelcome

RE: Pick Pocket

what sort of tricks did they play with you ......wave

RE: Me Normal???

yes I will have the best weekend ever ...and I hope yours is pretty good too! hug hug kiss

RE: Younger men

they are scammers ......block and delete ...befor they send the money letter....wave

RE: Did we have a "conspiracy theory" recently???

just wait till there's 100 tornado's racing across the USA ...storms with wind speeds in excess of 300 mph ...and planes forced to fly below 20 thousand feet ...thunder and lightening storms nearly every day ...wave

RE: In My Idle Hours

yes its a modern day version of the Flintstone's peddle car ...wave

RE: Did we have a "conspiracy theory" recently???

there's another scary theory these planes fly around with huge engines sucking up all our air that we breath ....and there's not enough up where they fly around they are just falling out of the sky and the jet stream is getting lower to the point that huge storms and tornado's are wrecking havoc every where ...and the airlines are putting the blame on there being to many cars burning up the air that jet planes need to fly in ....cheers

RE: Time Line and King of Moron!

good to see you're having fun .....comfort hug teddybear

RE: Did we have a "conspiracy theory" recently???

who knows ......may be its a plot by the drug companies to stop the cure to aids / hiv .....because if its cured they will lose billions in revenue ... cheers

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