First Date

What do men and women notice immediately on the first date? Ofcourse, physical presentation matters. For example, I know women do notice shoes that men wear.

Interestingly all this noticing is done discreetly without the other partner knowing about it. Specially WOMEN tend to be better snoopers. Small little things matter the most sometimes. (I do admit sometimes apprearance are deceptive though)

As far as I am concerned, I notice neatness first. Then the way a woamn carries herself naturally. Also, It tells when one is pretending to be someone else and not being herself. Plus I do notice the intellect that reflects through the conversation. The grey matter does matter for me!

What do you guys notice? please share your thoughts.
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Ever laughed your lungs out?

After a long time this has happened to me. Share your comments if it triggered a laugh too. Amazing stuff! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing grin banana head banger

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Mr. Nice, No more

What an awful thing it is. Being Mr. Nice and perfect. What a difficult status to maintain. Succumbing to the general perception that Mr. Nice can not slip...cannot make any mistakes, can not be imperfect at times. Mr. Nice has no room for error, cos it shocks almost all. Everyone notices Mr. Nice and everyone seems to have some knowledge of Mr. Nice's affairs somehow.

whom is he seeing, whom is he talking to? what's up with him? Mr. Nice is their favorite gossip. Everybody needs Mr. Nice's attention. Mr. Nice is always tested. Even the friends of Mr. Nice's girlfriend hit on him. Mr. Nice is enticed, seduced, invited, sought after, hounded.

I'd never be Mr. Nice if given a choice.I'd be bad. real bad. fear me. leave me alone. mind your own business and Get lost.....I'm not available........Please!

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Ideal Match? They want everything

It's quite interesting to see the description of ideal matches that men and women usually desire in thier profiles on CS. Here are some very common observations:

1. Most members prefer similar personality attributes in their desired parnter suggesting perhaps opposites do not attract in relationships. Or perhaps most of us are not willing to accept or embrace the differences in personalities that our potential partners may have and that we intend to play safe?

2. The most wanted quality in men that women desire is honesty. Then most women want to avoid liars and non-serious men. Perhaps it suggest that most men here on CS are perhaps not being honest and lie while being non-serious Or it may be a general perception about men.

3. Even here on CS the fear of the unknown is so evident that even when people do connect, they are mostly digging the supposedly unrevealed secrets or potential lies that might be there. The focus on knowing the person always supercedes the fear of being cheated. Perhaps people sugarcoat themselves moslty and reveal only their best behaviour on CS.

I have no clue of how many successfull connections have been made this way.

I wonder hat do women and men really want. Please share your thoughts!
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What Animal would you be??

If you were made an Animal but given a choice to be any one of them. What animal would you choose to be and why?

In real life's educational survey, people came up with so many choices from doves, cats, lions, eagles, dogs, rabbits, camels, even rats and viruses etc.

It's quite many people have quite interesting reasons for their choices.

I chose to be an eagle!

What would u choose to be?
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Dessert! Sharing with you


And you’ll never steal the best of me
You’ll never get it for free.

Each time you steal
You make me stronger.
Each time you snatch
You give me more.
Each time you defeat
You present me with a victory.

Bring me your forces of destruction
I’m getting addicted to this perversion.

Each time you stab me
You empower me with the ability to heal.
Each time you lie
You teach me how to see.
Each time you succeed
You give me capability to exceed.

Not sure anymore are you
Who’s losing out to who?
Not sure anymore are you
Who’s beating who black and blue?

Reveling in the debauchery
Spiraling in the lack of morality
Each time I spin by you
I take a chunk out of a bloody you.
Eating your flesh for dinner
Licking my fingers for dessert.

I want a bitter taste of you.
I want to ride the shallow depths of you.
I want to hand over my weakest best to you.
I want to make the poison of me run through you.

And I’ll consume the YOU of you.
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