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Officially Switched OverFor anyone who may remember, I recently made a blog about the headaches I was having and how I was eliminating caffeine from my diet by switching from...

Track1621650May 2017May 2017
Just hello

Just helloHi guys, been months since I popped in to see how all are doing......don't see many that I remember, big changeover I goes on.....

2ndgoround26190May 2017May 2017
jarred1166-0May 2017
Site down for maintenance tomorrow Thursday May 4

Site down for maintenance tomorrow, Thursday, May 4Just to let you know... We are will be upgrading CS equipment, and the site will be down for maintenance tomorrow. You will not be able to login or u...

Moderator503170May 2017May 2017
Track1622940May 2017May 2017

"WHEN ITS TOO LATE"One Day Most Of What We All Take For Granted......................Will Be Eventually Gone...............I Dont Know About Any Of You...But...I Dont Wa...

namaron295170May 2017May 2017
Healthcare USA

Healthcare USAAs our congress once again wrestles with an attempt to create a health care system that covers Americans without excluding many and a reasonable cost....

Unknown258110May 2017May 2017
Imagine thank you mumma

Imagine, thank you mumma,...............If only we could,....................................

Unknown30050May 2017May 2017
Empty blog

Empty blogHere's one for all the lonely people....... Post whatever you want I'm on a fishing boat for 3 days...

oldblue54400120May 2017May 2017

(Doo-Doo-Doo: Job 2 Do)(Doo-Doo-Doo: Job 2 Do)...

jarred1166-0May 2017
WRITING Another Author Illness Blind Publisher Syndrome

WRITING - Another Author Illness - Blind Publisher SyndromeYou know the drill. You've completed your masterpiece and convinced yourself that it's the next best seller. Yet those blinkered literary agents an...

Grumpywriter355190May 2017May 2017
Someone a while back caught our attention here

Someone a while back caught our attention hereon the blogs by posting a video of a person hooting a saxophone into a child's face. The video had an undercurrent of humor that was quite disturbin...

nonsmoker469270May 2017May 2017
Lukeon30360May 2017May 2017

The Things I Didn't SayThe Things I Didn't Say...

jarred1158-0May 2017
The Pen then Thee Pencil

The Pen then Thee PencilFollowing my footsteps in reverse I journey to search for the dreams in which will guide me forward, onward down the path which is mine in truth. As d...

ZenVeritas23040May 2017May 2017

Who?Who am I to ask the question? Who are they to deny my answer? Who are you to ignore the outcome? Who are we to accept what we are told? Who is thi...

ZenVeritas19520May 2017May 2017
A Finite Perspective

A Finite PerspectivePerspective defines reason, with no reference to someone's perspective there is little to no way to see it from their point of view. Associations with...

ZenVeritas18200May 2017
Pen to paper Ink to page

Pen to paper, Ink to page..Pen to paper, ink to page, the story writes itself throughout your life. Isn't it your own destiny to live your life? without influence from others, w...

ZenVeritas16200May 2017
Wealth of life

Wealth of lifeAs always, the beginning follows the end just as the night follows the morning. Little is consequence aside from the absence of common sense among the...

ZenVeritas20620May 2017May 2017
The New Spectrum of The Here and Now

The New Spectrum of The Here and NowEvery so often you come to wonder what It is to find yourself thinking. The thoughts flowing through your mind as though they are beyond your control,...

ZenVeritas18520May 2017May 2017
The embodiment

The embodiment..Is there a center for the longing that I've felt for years? Is there a place I must go, or journey I must take; perhaps a lesson still to be learned?...

ZenVeritas30430May 2017May 2017
The Birth of

The Birth of..How to begin,.. a question that plagues the very idea of living as I decide is best. One which cannot be defined by any; other than the self which cho...

ZenVeritas32590May 2017May 2017

"SEARCHING MAN"...(3)Greedy People Are Amongst The Worst Form Of Humanity.....These Greedy Peoples Destination... Is To Aquire More Than They Will Ever Need...Greed Makes...

namaron291240May 2017May 2017

food for your thoughtAre you hungry? Everyone is hungry. Just that everyone has a different level of an empty stomach. Give a homeless person a dollar....they are...

Johnny_Sparton611730May 2017May 2017

I know how terrifying it is to be poorI was born very poor in a poverty stricken country. I have lived it myself, suffered the pangs of hunger, the bitter reality of living from hand...

lindsyjones906640May 2017Jun 2017

Follow The LeaderFollow The Leader...

jarred1204-0May 2017
BBC reportage gotta love it

BBC, reportage, gotta love it.Cambridge researchers, it seems, have finally established that newborns can suffer pain. DUH! Ya think? Using usual clinical signs (retract limbs from...

Aaltarboy353310May 2017May 2017
Pete Townshend Jimi Hendrix

Pete Townshend & Jimi HendrixWhen J Hendrix arrived in London in 1966, P Townshend feared his guitar smashing days were over. "Hendrix was the first man to walk all over my terri...

posolet245-0May 2017

why is this so difficult?You should message me if only if you are very loyal and honest and funny, time caring, compassionate, understanding and unselfish and respectful. If y...

jarred1201-0May 2017

What Is Your Passion In Life?Or PassionS – as there can be more than one? I´ve got inspired from a friend who has come to realize that she has no passion in her life...? A...

daniela7771,226900May 2017Mar 2018
Caught on my CCTV

Caught on my CCTVI have had a few anomalies and weird things happening in my house and gardens recently. A few were: Huge piles of dirty laundry discovered each...

Mapmaker698420May 2017May 2017

Nice Song Jarred ( FRIEND)..Nice Song Jarred ( FRIEND).. Why don't the Rest of those decent people Have some Guts and get rid of those CLOWNS (TROLLS) on CS Blogs ..With Multi c...

jarred1198-0May 2017

"LION'S GATE"..("A SANCTUARY?")Just Imagine...You Are The Owner Of An Animal Sanctuary.....You Have Been In Agate. Colorado... Since 1993... But..Because Of On Going Floods In The...

namaron494290May 2017May 2017
stringman21610May 2017May 2017
Im really happy with my keys

I'm really happy with my keys.They can do heaps of stuff- unlock my car, unlock my front door, open and shut the gates at work, even open my post office box to see what mail I've g...

pat8lanips436330May 2017May 2017
Florida the Keys to happiness

Florida - the Keys to happinessSay what you like about keys or keys. The only keys are the keys, right? If you don't agree, then keys my arse!...

Grumpywriter336330May 2017May 2017
The world is yours

The world is yours!"Ever tried ever failed no matter.... try again fail again fail better World is yours!" Loved this speech by this acting legend: htt...

imbackagain303110May 2017May 2017

People need to stop sucking so much. ?Online dating is stuuuuupid and such a waste of time. It's so much easier meeting girls out in public. All one has to do is open one's mouth! Your gon...

jarred1233-0May 2017

I Need More Of YouI Need More Of You...

jarred1212-0May 2017
France one time important country time important country....elections for president today. Obama/Hilary affirmative action clone wall street type, versus patriotic lover of her people and secure borders. Plus...

Aaltarboy249110May 2017May 2017

.Good for you, you have 700 messages.Good for you, you have 700 messages. That's great if you are just on the site for ego reasons., I have better things to do that chatting with you...

jarred1271-0May 2017
Sick of Irish Weather I want to move to Spain

Sick of Irish Weather I want to move to SpainWell, I have been honest about my age, just nearly 66. So officially an old age pensioner... I don't look like one, or act like one. I would like to...

goldengloss741560May 2017May 2017
EyeLook4U: "The Doctor"(meet us in the poems)

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