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Sands this ones for you

Sands, this one's for you..." A woman is a man's weakness but a man is a woman's strength" I'm out!!!! Life in jail rocks I was able to do a lot of things : run errands...

Crazyheart381,425620Dec 2015Dec 2015

THE NEW IMPROVED 50It's been a while since I last blogged on here..Since then I've turned 50 and grew my hair...They tell you to cut it short past 50..I think I'll conti...

UniqueCrystal1,299190Dec 2015Dec 2015
just me2

just me2....this just me much.. secrets ...i mean iam really really very good...but...if i am angry...i am the worst....the thi...

teenameena1,043330Dec 2015Dec 2015
Why I Will Never Admit I Was Ever On A Dating Site

Why I Will Never Admit I Was Ever On A Dating SiteREPRINT OF A LETTER, A GOOD LESSON IN GENERAL FOR THIS PLACE. Hi, Would you flip me the bird or something polite just to let me know you're not i...

aRrAe90180Dec 2015Dec 2015

Death of a best friendIt is with extreme sadness that I report the death of my cat Moe. He died somewhere between 0030 hr and 0115 hr this morning. As near as I can determi...

Ken_191,759530Dec 2015Dec 2016

Not everyone you date online is real.Not everyone you date online is real....

jarred1453-0Dec 2015

Gods and GoddessesIn early civilizations, human survival depended on a regular food supply from plant and animal sources. These, in turn, depended on the goodness of Na...

socrates44788190Dec 2015Dec 2015

Dealing with jealousy and jealous peopleDealing with jealousy and jealous people...

jarred1235-0Dec 2015

lolMick and Paddy have made a promise to their uncle. They had an Uncle Seamus who was a seafaring gent all his life and a while before he passed away,...

Track1643420Dec 2015Dec 2015


jarred1304-0Dec 2015
I didnt know that

I didn't know thatback when urine was used to tan animal skins, poor families would pee in the same pot and when it was full, sell it to the tannery. They were piss poo...

Chromedome56962290Dec 2015Dec 2015

Sunbathing! :)Life is still great to be single! :)...

MimiNGUYEN7962440Dec 2015Dec 2015

Banning all muslims to come to the USPerhaps you already heard about this overdriven discussion going on in my country about Trump's position to ban all muslims, coming to my country....

lindsyjones2,2031250Dec 2015Jan 2016
time for a reserection

time for a reserection :)it takes more than just a few bad people to keep me down from here :) so yeah, your observation is correct, i'm back. I'll try to post more in here s...

roger77swe88670Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track1634200Dec 2015
It is not blah blah

It is not blah-blah.....One must give respect to receive respect.... there is no such thing as I will give it after they give it to me first. .. ....

teenameena552160Dec 2015Dec 2015
Christmas Card For a 5 year old

Christmas Card For a 5-year-oldI am really touched reading this article and I am planning to send her a Christmas Card in a few days time

Homing79850Dec 2015Dec 2015

FishingTo the man out there who keeps sending me messages about going fishing at 5am. You have chosen to hide your profile so i cannot reply to you to tell y...

angelteller695130Dec 2015Dec 2015
Will there ever be peace and goodwill on earth

Will there ever be peace and goodwill on earthThere are many forms of prejudice and oppression, not just based on race, but on gender, class, s*xual orientation, etc As far back as I can remember...

candykisses46621100Dec 2015Dec 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDYKISSES!I want to wish one of the very nice ladies here on the blogs, a very, very Happy Birthday....CANDYKISSES! I wish you many, many more!!! Help m...

Gentlejim2,087240Dec 2015Dec 2015

Kindness !It is so rare !...

Snookums32,237630Dec 2015Dec 2015

Do What - Time MagazineI've never read Time Magazine but have heard of it, they've just revealed there "Person of the Year", in first place German Chancellor Angela Merkel,...

zmountainman1,080670Dec 2015Dec 2015

As God is my witnesscome next christmas i'm going to be all loved up with someone special for the season Lordy knows its been yonks since i had me a romantic one and...

itchywitch955310Dec 2015Dec 2015
Awesome Movie

Awesome Movie..You should must watch the movie "Mr. Nobody"...of course its a most complicate scripted movie that at 1st time you will have to try very hard to under...

wonderfullife8660370Dec 2015Dec 2015

A Guy Called Gerald - Call For PrayerA Guy Called Gerald - Call For Prayer...

jarred1315-0Dec 2015
Time tunnel

Time tunnelDoes anyone here remember 'the time tunnel'? This site reminds me of it, because if you are not here for some time and return it is like going back in...

Unknown532-0Dec 2015Dec 2015
Wishes Desires And Hopes For This Christmas

Wishes, Desires And Hopes For This Christmas...All of us have wishes, desires and hopes for Christmas or even in ordinary days... All my wishes, desires and hopes for this year came true and I...

Crazyheart38977220Dec 2015Dec 2015

"LITTLE TREE"A Young Father And Mother Decided That This Year They Would Cut Down Their Own Christmas Tree..Seeing The Weather Was Warm Out..They Thought Theyd Hav...

namaron774230Dec 2015Dec 2015

DO YOU THINKits a bad thing for a woman to be a cougar? yes or no? and are you one?...

trill300695200Dec 2015Dec 2015
The whole world should protest

The whole world should protest!Last night while browsing net accidentally I came up with this article and video… click the above link and it should open. Those who can not op...

LifeThirst68070Dec 2015Dec 2015
Track1626500Dec 2015
a X mas gift

a X-mas gift ???He said it is an early x-mas gift... My boyfriend found a poor kitten on his way back home from the airport. He almost rolled over the kitten when...

Twinkle42706100Dec 2015Dec 2015
A Quick Dip In The Shark Pool

A Quick Dip In The Shark PoolHmm, it’s been a while since I last showed my face here. Somehow I lost my zest for blogging. I can offer various reasons for that, but it is mostly d...

Catfoot1,645870Dec 2015Dec 2015

TypeI often wonder, could a sumo wrestler be described as voluptuous or curvy, like it is used here on female profiles?...

Unknown317-0Dec 2015
I Know the month Of A Birthday But How About DAY

I Know the month Of A Birthday But How About DAYI love wishing all the bloggers Happy Birthday But How Can One Do So When You Only Have The Star Sign Or Month.I Don't want to look like I am ignoring...

candykisses46780130Dec 2015Dec 2015

LIFE IS EASIER IF YOU TELL LIES AND FALSE PROMISESThe policy of politicians: LIES! Unfortunately, Donald Trump is not one. He should go to an institution on The Art of Lying, get speech courses from l...

JoyCrest679200Dec 2015Dec 2015

reJust thought I would drop a quick line, have had a few people here ask why I had withdrawn from this site..........well won't say his name but a very...

2ndgoround698240Dec 2015Dec 2015

Eskimos Have A Word For Every Dating SituationEskimos Have A Word For Every Dating Situation...

jarred1313-0Dec 2015

IT IS SOMEBODY'S B-DAY TO-DAY!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CH! She is another year older today and another year wiser....

Johnny_Sparton1,5401130Dec 2015Dec 2015

"THOSE WERE THE DAYS"(2)I Grew up During The Hippie Generation..and its a Wonder Im still alive What with all The drugs I Partaked in.. With all of those Who are dead now..E...

namaron807390Dec 2015Dec 2015
Had to share

Had to share........Enjoy!!!! makes great stocking stuffers for Christmas...

sands88624190Dec 2015Dec 2015

Trust you ? how much do you weigh?I got a phone call tonight from my bank (apparently) asking for my password. Uh, no. The guy was quite hurt that I didn’t want to give it to him. Didn...

Elegsabiff644300Dec 2015Dec 2015
"PLAY NOW: Pyramid Solitaire"(meet us in the games)

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