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Black immigrant schools a white liberal

It's in English. My kind of immigrant....
429491Jun 39 hrs ago40 mins ago

New suspect in Madeline McCann case.

Are police getting close to finally solving this case? I sure hope so.
130110Jun 420 hrs ago3 hrs ago

Protests spread across the pond

Thousands March in London.
245200May 31Jun 22 hrs ago

Who's up for a reparations debate

to calm things down. I think my great, great grandfather was a slave....
3400Jun 1Jun 12 hrs ago

Biden calls blacks who vote for Trump Uncle Toms

I'm paraphrasing...
628630May 22May 272 hrs ago

The bodies are piling up in Mexico City.

It took awhile to hit there but COVID-19 is running rampant in Mexico City. Mexico has several things working against it. Poor leadership, overcrowded...
292180May 14May 2515 hrs ago

Elderly man beaten in nursing home.

Warning the video in this article is hard to watch.
446430May 22May 2440 mins ago

Are people wearing masks doing more harm than good?

Few people seem to know the proper do's and don'ts of wearing protective masks. If you feel the need to wear one, learn to wear it correctly. :profes...
348390Mar 18May 2324 hrs ago

It needs to end now

I agree with this editorial. Use the link below to read it for yourself..
169100May 21May 222 hrs ago

Black jogger shot in Georgia

Biden demands justice. Do we know the whole story? Was he really jogging? Here we go again.[/yout...
1,1961280May 7May 213 hrs ago

Comparison of the four most populous states

283310May 20May 202 hrs ago

Liberals upset one MSNBC host dared to cover the Tara Reade accusations

The pressure is building on Creepy, Sleepy Joe. Of course the left doesn't want to hear the truth about the rape.
13160Apr 30May 20Jun 3

God sent Trump an angel

389310May 17May 203 hrs ago

Mr. Wilson and Jessica

Someone's animation skills are improving....
17470May 18May 193 hrs ago

Flynn unmaskers have been unmasked themselves.,

The dominoes are going to start falling soon.
203110May 13May 192 hrs ago

Guess who this is.

Who does this look like to you sans facelifts?...
227120May 15May 186 hrs ago

YouTube censors epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski for opposing lockdown

Big Tech companies are aggressively...
140100May 17May 172 hrs ago

Joe Biden was against unmasking before he was for unmasking.

Gotta love the hypocrisy....
5500May 17May 172 hrs ago

At the risk of being mocked. Here is more on the fish tank cleaner death.

I think she gets away with it....
260200Apr 24May 17Jun 4

Stick a fork in Biden, he's done

When a left wing progressive site like Democracy Now does a video like this's a nail in Creepy Joe's coffin. It's not propaganda folks,...
248170May 2May 133 hrs ago

Joe Biden's stammering denial on Morning Joe May 1,2020

Decide for yourself if Creepy Joe is lying and why he is hiding his records....
256180May 1May 13Jun 3

Lying, plagiarising Joe Biden on tape.

If there has ever been a bigger liar and fraud to run for president I can't imagine who it is. Biden makes Trump look like George Washington. Some of...
260220May 10May 135 hrs ago

Shame on Harvard

Harvard University is is grabbing up stimulus money mean to save small business. An elite Ivy league university with a 41 billion dollar endowment is...
193110Apr 22May 1138 mins ago

Tara Reade interview by Megan Kelly

If you want to hear Tara Reade's account of being sexually assaulted by Joe Biden here is your chance.
6500May 9May 914 hrs ago

Corona virus sung Beatles style

It will make you smile....
7610May 6May 62 hrs ago

Steven King nailed it

I guess I need to bump this, it is really quite remarkable....
15750May 5May 621 hrs ago

Did Bill Gates steal MS-DOS?

This is an interesting video for sure. It sure sounds like it.Have you ever heard of Gary Kildall?
13960May 5May 6Jun 3

Who is up for a little funny Chinese propaganda about COVID-19

It's actually a bit humorous. I'm sure riz/fargo will like it....
20780May 4May 517 hrs ago

New York Times turns up the heat on Creepy Joe.

You know Biden is in trouble when the left actually starts to cover the s*xual assault charge against him. But do they really have a Plan B. They real...
6710May 4May 4Jun 2

Trump in 1980, like you have never seen him.

What ever happened to the nice young man in this interview?...
10920May 3May 37 hrs ago

The story of Trump. A netflix series.

We see a lot of people posting all kinds of opinions about Trump. Do you really know much about him and his father and his first wife Ivana. Did you...
185160May 1May 221 hrs ago

Compilation of Creepy Joe being creepy

186140Apr 26May 2Jun 4

Tara Reade ready to testify under oath

Will Sleepy Joe being willing to do the same? I kind of doubt it.
7200Apr 30Apr 30Jun 2

Wow liberal Bill Maher using common sense.

I can think of a few CS lefties who need to watch this....
225180Apr 11Apr 2921 hrs ago

Biden being attacked from the left.

Biden's sleazy past is coming back to haunt him. From Progressive Counterpunch and recently reprinted. Seems they didn't think Creepy Joe was a good p...
7410Apr 29Apr 293 hrs ago

Let them eat ice cream

This is the ad real Americans are talking about....
733770Apr 21Apr 2920 hrs ago

Biden says the world needs more economic intercourse

15490Apr 28Apr 2921 hrs ago

Smoking to prevent COVID-19????? Don't try it at home folks.

French researchers to test nicot...
16480Apr 24Apr 26Jun 2

Gov. Cuomo decision to house COVID-19 in nursing home proves tragic

You probably won't hear much about this from the leftwing media
246160Apr 23Apr 24Jun 4

Rant of the day. Not for sensitive ears.

11820Apr 22Apr 2321 hrs ago

New Jersey has record increase in COVID-19 deaths.

People have been locked up since March 21 and they just has a record increase in covid-19 deaths. What does that tell you?
395420Apr 21Apr 22Jun 4

Best video I've seen in awhile. Crenshaw really knows his subject.

This is really an interesting interview. I've never seen somebody own Bill Mayer like this. Just posted on youtube today April 19th 2020. [youtub...
7600Apr 19Apr 19Jun 2

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