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RE: Bla bla bla threads

One thing is clear. Cases of people finding true love on an international forum on a dating site are pretty rare. A better plan is to look in your local area where you have a reasonable chance of actually meeting someone in real life.

So enjoy the forums/blogs for their time wasting abilities and don't get your hopes up about meeting your soulmate.professor

RE: Let's all get stoned...

Smoke rolling out the window.

RE: Let's all get stoned...

You're really reaching now cranky. Are you playing everything backwards? dunno

RE: Let's all get drunk

Really good version of this old classic.

Looks like you are from a party town Melody

RE: Let's all get drunk

This is Pedro's song

RE: Women protest for their lives: Fighting femicide in Latin America

Now I know what Latina women like gringo men so much. banana

RE: Who pays for covid 19?

I paid 100 pesos for a haircut and beard trim in Guadalajara. I also gave a 25 pesos tip.

RE: Will Santa clause survive Coronavirus ?

Santa's age puts him in the high risk group, so he is embracing the spirit of cancel culture this year. Sorry kiddies. sigh

RE: Is physical punishment good for children?

I think the OP could use a good spanking. grin

RE: Why is SWEDEN not under lockdown?

Yeah Ches the Swedish approach would have worked just fine before the SJW's brought in the ghettos and the no-go zones.

RE: Let's all get stoned...

Best performance by a stoned band.

RE: Let's all get drunk

My all time favorite drinking song.banana

RE: Let's all get stoned...

I don't mind catching a buzz if I'm someplace where it is legal. applause

RE: Let's all get stoned...

This one is for Pedro head banger


3 days agoupdated 3 days ago

On July 4th 254 people died of the coronavirus nationwide. That number went even lower on Sunday because today, on July 5th just 209 people died nationwide of the coronavirus. These 254 deaths on Saturday and 209 deaths on Sunday represent a remarkable death rate decline of 92.4% from the peak daily death total of 2,749 set on April 21st. Saturday and Sunday were also the two lowest days for number of deaths in the country from the coronavirus since March 23rd. (Yes, it’s a holiday weekend, but the overall trend lines have been straightforward for months, deaths decline on Saturday, Sunday and Monday every weekend, so there’s nothing that abnormal about these numbers. Deaths generally peak every Tuesday so if you enjoy reading fear porn, there will likely be a series of fear porn laden articles come Tuesday and Wednesday when deaths climb back up after a weekend decline).

As if that were not enough, yesterday also marked the tenth straight week of declining deaths from the coronavirus in this country, we have gone from 14,813 deaths in the week of April 20-26, an average of 2116 a day to 3611, an average of just 516 a day from June 28th to July 4th. That’s a decline of 76% in the death rate over the past ten weeks.

While I’d prefer no one ever died at all — no one hates death more than me, I wish we were all immortal — at 516 deaths a day we’re talking about roughly 7000 people dying every day in this country of something other than the coronavirus. That is, over the past week coronavirus deaths represented roughly 6% of all deaths in this country. Meaning 94% of all people in this country are dying of something other than the coronavirus. (It’s also important to note that there’s a difference between dying WITH the coronavirus and dying OF the coronavirus. Virtually every person is dying with the coronavirus in this country. Meaning those that are dying today have comorbidities, generally multiple comorbidities. So if you’re dying with, say, stage four lung cancer and you also have the coronavirus, you are counted as a coronavirus death.)

Put simply, 7500 people die in the United States every day, 2.8 million every year. Even assuming the coronavirus death tallies in this country are accurate, which they clearly are not, right now the coronavirus would represent around 4.6% of all deaths in this country in a year. Again, no one hates death more than me, but can you really justify shutting down the entire country for something that increases the national mortality rate by under 5% in a year? (And this is assuming the national mortality rate in the country is even increasing at all, which might not be the case as I’ll discuss below.)

Remember we won’t truly know how many people actually died of the coronavirus until all the CDC data for the year 2020 is compiled and we can compare the overall national death rate for 2020 with 2019, 2018 and 2017, for instance. That data probably won’t arrive until several months into 2021, but in the mean time it’s worth noting weekly CDC death tallies are now below average in this country. That means less people nationwide are now dying in a week than would have been predicted based on past year’s mortality tables.

Furthermore, and I can’t believe this isn’t getting more attention, the average age of those dying of the coronavirus is older than the average age of those dying from all causes of death in this country, at least if Florida, which has some of the best public data out there, is a reliable indicator of our national trends.

RE: Let's all get stoned...

This one is pretty sad.

RE: Why is SWEDEN not under lockdown?

Here is a little from the above article that's makes sense. You can read the article for yourself if you want to understand why percentages of cases are higher in immigrant homes and communities.

This does help to explain how this is probably being brought into nursing homes full of native Swedes.

"In early April, Swedish media reported that a third of all elderly care homes in Stockholm had recorded cases of COVID-19. On April 16, the Public Health Agency said a third of all COVID-19 deaths in Sweden—at the time, there were 1,333 confirmed fatalities—had occurred at care homes. While a large proportion of the workforce at those homes is made up of immigrants—28 percent are foreign-born, and in Stockholm the figure is 55 percent, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare—drawing a link here would be “purely speculative,” according to Tegnell. "

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