The arrogance of extreme wealth...

In my business I often come in contact with people who are extremely wealthy. Sometimes it's not direct, as in the case of a client who hires a designer and I only deal with the designer (or design firm) never having a one-on-one experience with the end user. However, it's close enough to know some things about the client, their business, and personality quirks.
Some examples when more direct contact meeting with a client is when they are business first and you cannot get their attention. Usually, they are focused on (cell phone) conversations that interrupt the meeting. Sometimes, it's 40 minutes late to a meeting and they make their 'grand entrance' with important (to them) reasons for the delay while 3 other people are waiting on them to begin.
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So "fashionably late" is still a practice?
I understand (but disagree with) their time is more valuable than the people who serve them. So... make them wait.
Doctors do this... they are always seeing 'patients'
This week, I dropped off samples to a design firm I last did a project with 6 years ago.
The office manager remembered me and the company I was working for at the time.
This brought back some unpleasant memories of the project we did together.
Unfortunately, the client was an a-hole and several times he mentioned his wealth as though it was important to us.
Well, I did not have to work closely with any of them, I delivered items to some rich ones
and my experience in this country been good only.
The richer the better been my experience.
Delivered some Louis Vuitton, and sometimes catering food.

One young woman good for hundreds of millions,
She always picked up the phone herself quite fast
and usually said "my bf is home" purple heart

I.e., don't show up now. Come later?
o fouk... hmm why did I not think of that before confused
shii why did I not have you as my personal advisor before ...maaan

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