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Songs I don't get tired of hearing...

I'll start with Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

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Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Joe Bonamassa borrows - Sloe Gin

Bonamassa on Rory Gallagher's Stratocaster at the Royal Albert Hall.
There is another version with Joe playing a Les Paul that has more solo ad-lib and better dynamics but I like this one for the raw feel.
simplistic ditty creatively turned into a masterpiece;

guitar & upright bass extraordinaire;

friendly guitar duel;


I. listened to this last night when I got home from work...The older I get..the more I love his music..
With 194,767,225 views Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

Orianthi - Highly Strung featuring Steve Vai

She came dressed for the gig... he didn't!

Jose Feliciano - don't like the backing on this but I remember the first time I heard him sing it...

This one was from a recent Quentin Tarantino movie ...
And another - ask your wife about it - 'Ouran' (by chance) a famous poem.
Wo shi tian kong lide yi pian yun
My taste in music (actually in everything wink ) a bit wired !! Now it's here and the next who know where it would be !!!
My taste in music is just like me , never follows any rule laugh

12 Girls Band - The song play on a loop that every time I went to the Chinese clothing store it was playing on the DVD.

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

Tong Hua is the song title an that translates to Fairy Tale.
The version I wanted to post isn't on YouTube anymore. Basically, it's a love/friendship story about a boy and girl. The the girl is taking her frustrations out on the boy and he remains steadfast to the relationship.
She notices her hair is falling out (he sees it too but doesn't let on about knowing) and the girl visits her doctor to find out she's got a disease (like cancer or leukemia) and goes to the hospital for treatment. The boy knows it's radiation/chemotherapy for her and she will lose all her hair. He decides to shave his head and visits her in the hospital.
That version of the video ends with her alive. Other versions has the girl dying.

Great melody and covered dozens of times in different languages.
Doing the Chinese retro thing, who can forget 'meigui meigui wo ai ni'

and a Frankie Laine version...
And with a semi-asian slant - Bertold Brecht's Surabaya Johnny in an Italian version

You have no heart, Johnny!
You're a bastard, Johnny!
Why did you leave me?
Can you tell me that?
I love you more, Johnny,
Than the first night, Johnny.
Take that f*cking cigarette out of your mouth, you shit.

Surabaya, Johnny.
Why did you treat me so wrong?
Surabaya, Johnny,
My God, and I do love you so.
Surabaya, Johnny.
Why am I feeling so low?
'Cos you have no heart, Johnny.
And I do love you so.

Doesn't matter what language it is sung in, the bitterness comes through. A master Brecht!
Speaking of Brecht, nothing of his ever tires or fades ... listen to the rrrrrrrrrrrrr in these songs also in Italian

It's Sunday, time for country music. banana
What country?
One song that is stuck on repeat for me is this:

Brooks & Dunn feat. Midland - Boot Scootin' Boogie

I see that link comes up with a BUY ME request - so here is one of the Les Paul Mary Ford classic they did earlier
The Wonders - That Thing You Do

Wow Chat, you have terrific taste in music. applause
I do love the Scottish band, Simple Minds. "Don't You Forget About Me" will never grow old, you are right about that. This is the other one that I never tire of hearing.

Another Scottish band that's great: The Proclaimers. This one in particular, is what the young people call a "banger"

Another Scottish band worth mentioning: Twin Atlantic. An alternative rock band from Glasgow. The lead singer is named Sam McTrusty. A great live band as well

Damn, great tunes, Philipsen! head banger Thanks for sharing. I love Scottish bands.
I always liked that Proclaimers' song. Never heard of Twin Atlantic before, but that song is awesome. dancing
La_Femme: When I moved to Scotland back in 2014, I was watching Edinburgh Hogmanay, which was Scotland's New Years Eve celebration. Twin Atlantic was the band playing, and after hearing three songs by them, I found out they were on tour, and they would hit Glasgow in May 2015. So, I bought a ticket, based on three songs. The show was excellent, and I am really glad I bought a ticket based on three songs :)
Over The Horizon... Samsung Galaxy Theme.
It's changed over the years, but this one is my favorite.

An instrumental or song without lyrics is often called a tune!
Four of my favorite Robert Cray songs, that I've never grown tired of listening to;

If I may add one that plays in an emotional triangle.
I'm listening to Charlie Pride's Album.

Nice country songs.
That's one out of 280 in my library
The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil

That fit nicely with the song devil devil devil devil devil
No Doubt - Don't Speak

Icing on the cake... There are 2 versions of Don't Speak but only one made it to the album.

In this live show on Storytellers, They describe the 'happy' version before Tony broke up with Gwen. There's an obvious 'darkness' to the rewritten version.

Some Santana songs;

I haven't heard this one in decades. I actually have the 45. This is the song from 1954 that made Teddy Randazzo a heart throb for all the teenage girls back then.

I often think of myself in a lawn recliner with a cool beverage in hand on a Carribean beach watching a sunset, when I listen to the amazing pan work of Andy Narel in this one;

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

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