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"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("THINKING")..(51)Those Age Old Questions Will Arise Now And Then....And When That Happens?...Thats When The Differences Come Into Play..................But Those Quest...

namaron386250Apr 2017May 2017
Ive Been Thinking oh no again

I've Been Thinking oh no again?I've been thinking. Most of us on CS are seriously searching blindly,groping and just within reach of our dream partners? Since there's a few of us st...

Jao196127240Apr 2017May 2017

The WISE vs The FOOLThe WISE vs The FOOL...

jarred1198-0Apr 2017
Track1618550Apr 2017May 2017
I just cant help it

I just can't help it...I'm a self confessed hopeless romantic,.........................

Unknown555280Apr 2017May 2017
Track1626540Apr 2017May 2017

Saddest news in years, CokeNPopcornTHE END As many of you noticed the site has not been updating for quite some time. It is time to say good bye, Sorry to announce that Coke & Popco...

Ken_19702150Apr 2017May 2017
Take off take off Take off all your clothes

Take off, take off. Take off all your clothes.....No-nope, not asking you to take all your clothes off now One of the ways to stay connected with my kids ( a 19 year-old daughter and a 17 going...

MimiArt7348566-0May 2017

Would you like a cup of tea?and would you let me watch you making it? My office closed the other day and amongst the 'goodies' we shared out I got a large supply of office-ty...

Elegsabiff1,3161390May 2017May 2017

Three types of peopleThree types of people........................... The Wise Man, The Smart Man and The Fool!! Which are you...

jarred1181-0May 2017
Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Sister Rosetta TharpeThe 1st exponent of the electric guitar and gospel singer. She inspired Elvis Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, and many others i...

posolet220-0May 2017
where did I park my DeLorean

where did I park my DeLoreanIt appears that Im caught at the wrong place at the wrong time... I`ve been talking to various Women on another site . One has a profile that stat...

Dedovix339170May 2017May 2017

Has anyoneHas anyone seen or heard from Ashlander? Saw her on here for a bit last week. Seems we have quite a turnover in bloggers!...

Gentlejim299110May 2017May 2017
jarred1160-0May 2017

I Can't Touch The SunI Can't Touch The Sun...

jarred1179-0May 2017
For The Love Of Morons Oxymorons

For The Love Of Morons...Oxymorons!I love the English language; it's fun to use and is the most flexible language on the world. Its elasticity seems to know no bounds, with perhaps the...

Kattte342230May 2017May 2017

"BURIED WITHIN SECRECY"Theres Not A Chance That You Can Convince Anybody That Youre Not Hiding Something........Its There...Its Always Been There...Youre Just Real Good At K...

namaron23190May 2017May 2017

Too Tired To Touch Myself!Working a lot these days...exhausted when I finally lay in bed at night, no time to think nor do anything else, just sleep and drag myself out of bed...

Crazyheart38568510May 2017May 2017
in the cave We must be very careful not to offend the gods

in the cave We must be very careful not to offend the gods !Or those who think themselves Gods for that matter. Little minds may get frighted and upset, and if that happens they may become angry and revert...

nonsmoker577100May 2017May 2017

"AS GOOD AS YOURS"It Must Come To Any Mind....... As To Why We Must Do The Things....... That We Do........I Mean.....It Makes No Sense What So Ever..... As To Why We D...

namaron19040May 2017May 2017

3rd Annual Muslim Advocacy Days - May 1-2, '17Posted May 1, '17... YouTube U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations 02 - itvusa. tv ............

miclee272100May 2017May 2017

Trump invites Duterte to the White HouseVery interesting. Considering how Duterte is running the Philippines and even more so, how China and Russia being so friendly with the Philippine...

lindsyjones260150May 2017May 2017
WRITING The problem is that youre too close

WRITING - The problem is that you're too close..."Look!" said Edward, pointing through the grimy veranda window at the distant hills. "The sun is shining again." The End That's it! You have fin...

Grumpywriter392180May 2017May 2017

- If All It Takes is Time- If All It Takes is Time...

jarred1149-0May 2017

The Losing Game (My Turn To DanceThe Losing Game (My Turn To Dance...

jarred1192-0May 2017
Going over to Blue Hill Falls Maine Google this idyllic coastal Maine location

Going over to Blue Hill (Falls), Maine. Google this idyllic coastal Maine location.Free concert, in elderly residential home, by an all female A Cappella group. Not that cheap old curmudgeons savor free musical venues. "Ellacappella"...

Aaltarboy230120May 2017May 2017

Is Fake the true danger?We have all heard of ‘fake’ people on dating sites. Who are they really? Are they the ones who put up a profile with no pic, who have a bit of fun...

mollybaby2,0331200May 2017May 2017

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("AT A LOSS")..(52)Im At A Loss... As To Why Certain People...Who Have Never... Ever Spoken To You....And Im Talking In A Time Frame Of Years.... Will Click On To Your P...

namaron28770May 2017May 2017
Random Violence Meaningless Sex and Bowel Problems

Random Violence, Meaningless Sex and Bowel Problems...In 1978, when Jerry Mander first defined "technical events" in his book "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television", regular TV programs averag...

Kattte230-0May 2017

we live in a profoundly ill societywe live in a profoundly ill society. Greedy, ego-centered and narcicistic society. You can't really say you are mentally healthy if you have an active...

jarred1241-0May 2017

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(102)One Has The Feeling ...That It Is Going To Be Another Of Those Slow.... Dead Zone Nights Here.... On The East Coast Of The USA Anyway....................

namaron480440May 2017May 2017

USATwo places in my life I love to visit and have done several times each, I love America and Mexico, love the culture, love the different people from so...

Unknown505430May 2017May 2017
Unknown365250May 2017May 2017
Uncle Ho

Uncle Ho"You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you but in the end you will tire of it first". ...................Ho Chi Minh..................

posolet287-0May 2017

Heal yourself over time.Heal yourself over time....

jarred1160-0May 2017
Real illness or personal choices

Real illness, or.....personal choices...there's the question. How can anyone be heartless enough to critcise someone with, say, muscular dystrophy, or a form of epilepsy, or one of the schix...

Aaltarboy22060May 2017May 2017

I'm So In Love With YouI'm So In Love With You...

jarred1184-0May 2017

Women QuotesThere are only four things women need in life: food, water, love, and compliments. A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is unt...

Gentlejim27990May 2017May 2017

narcissistsThe people we meet on our journey through life can be blessings or lessons, despite the harm they might do to us, narcissists can be very valuable les...

jarred1224-0May 2017
Awakens your soul

Awakens your soulI read once that best love awakens your soul! I was thinking about the phrase and after giving a deep thought ...... and with the right pe...

imbackagain1,051620May 2017May 2017

Officially Switched OverFor anyone who may remember, I recently made a blog about the headaches I was having and how I was eliminating caffeine from my diet by switching from...

Track1621650May 2017May 2017
Just hello

Just helloHi guys, been months since I popped in to see how all are doing......don't see many that I remember, big changeover I goes on.....

2ndgoround26190May 2017May 2017

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