Business etiquette

I know manners have flown the coop. But, when running a business and making money off customers, wouldn't you think the old rules would still be a good idea.doh
I am used to no service in many stores. Find it yourself or try to find a clerk. "help in aisle 7" is code for "not my job, head for the bathroom and hide".mumbling Of course that is almost better than the clerk who follows you all over trying to help. Please..just looking!frustrated I'll call you if I need you!
I need to get a roof on my barn. Started last year and still looking. Call companies. Smaller have a machine. Leave name/number/message. And NEVER get a call back. Or promises to come look. And never see nor hear them again.
Got hold one of the roofers awhile back. He called back. Said he could do a prelim off satellite views. confused Okaaaay?!dunno And still waiting to hear back. One company does it right, their message stated not til Oct for opening. THANK YOU!handshake
Leave voice mail. No one calls back. Now onto tree service. Called back. Made appointment. AND...never showed. Never called.
Talking to lawyer for trust. Started last year. Secretary says he will call, has questions. Yep...still waiting. Good thing I dont have one foot in the grave already.
Seems the norm these days is never keep a promise. Never be where you said you would. Never pick up a dang PHONE to let someone know change of plans. Glad all these folks are so dad gum important. Hope you are late for the prize drawing and your business goes belly up.very mad
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I feel your pain. Unfortunately, I suffer similar situations here, and know of many others who do as well. Apparently, it's a 'new' trend, and quite popular - lack of business etiquette 101.roll eyes sigh
"Here", meaning in my part of the world...
We all have problems darling! heart wings
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Thank you but none of that fits me. I have a barn that is well over 100 years. It was built by the Guildner barn builders. One of them married the homesteaders daughter and lived here. The lumber for the barn came from a logging raft. Two guys were coming down river heading to New Orleans. They spent the night at the hostel that was here. Last run in November. In the morning, the river had frozen their raft in. They wintered here and bartered the raft. There are massive wood pegged timbers that run the whole length of the barn. I just need a second shingle roof done. Fast, easy, simple. But roofers either are busy or only want high price jobs on mcmansions.
As far as a lawyer goes...I have to do a trust because my inheritors are not related. And to avoid probate, you need a trust. I have the basis done, I am a paralegal. But, to be official and not mess up with the and ors, need it done by an estate lawyer. If he ever gets it done!!!
I have done all the roofs on the farm myself. The barn is not one! It takes scaffolding and the 2xs due to two story side and the steep pitch. Not a job for one person much less an old woman.
Once upon a time a long time ago, I gave a hand replacing Shingles on a roof in Puyallup in Washington State.
It is actually quite an art correctly splitting and fitting shingles.
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