Economy boom/bust

According to the media and idiots in DC, everything is rosy. The inflation is up only a smidgen. Which means..its up!doh Jobs are up. Wages are up. So are rents, insurances, food, and most everything.
Fast food workers got $15-20 wage increase. McD and Coke just took losses. American Doll just shut down the Wisconsin office from home or re-locate to Cali. Cutting costs. Car plants laying off after workers strike just ended for higher wages. Goggle lay-offs, Amazon lay-offs.
the economy is doing just fine. Yeah? Try surveying the homeless evicted lately. The laid off workers. The fixed income ( like aren't we all?) people trying to decide whether to buy groceries at inflated prices or pay for heat.
The true picture is not rosy. People splurged for the holidays. Ran stuff up on credit with no intention of paying for it. Cards are maxed out. Returns are up. People are employed..yep. Working 3 minimum wage jobs. Now they are hit with heating costs, rent increases, tax time and seeing how much they spent in December.
This country and others are set on a buy, buy, buy mode. But, half of the younger gens are living with parents like the old days. No new car..or used. No apartment. No house. No marriage. No kids.
And the Gen Z are rebelling. The new cool is second hand. Hitting resales for all their clothes. There goes the sales of new.
Bit, Obiden looks out his basement window at the snow and says, isn't summer pretty.comfort roll eyes
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And yet TRump supporters continue to add to his coffers, they must be getting the money from somewhere, maybe they are parking up their gas-guzzling cars/trucks and eating just three times a week.
"And the Gen Z are rebelling. The new cool is second hand. Hitting resales for all their clothes. There goes the sales of new."

New proto-landfill made by foreign slave labor? And still overpriced. I don't support that, or anybody's greedy passion to crash into the Affluent Society
Greed rules the world. Once, humans made what they needed. And an extra or two to trade for what they couldn't. Then the industrial age learned to make more crap than all the humans on earth can use. If consumerism takes a walk, maybe this earth and humans can learn to live in peace. But, the rich will no allow it. There is always the few who want it all.
Old age teaches us that after a lifetime of gathering, no one else wants it. And it went from us owning it to it owning us. Maybe the kids have it right..experiences, not junk.
Most people have no clue how the American economy works. Americans want to blame someone - anyone - for their existence. Capitalism and the American Market System are built on some key principles that matter to make the system operate smoothly and efficiently:

1. Limited Role of Government. Many people think the President controls how well the economy works. In fact, the opposite is true. Americans do the best when the government stays out of the economic decision-making process,.

2. Private Property. Ownership of private property allows individuals to make decisions regarding ownership; housing; personal ownership of goods and services; trade and the value of the goods we make; and the value of one's labor.

3. Freedom of Enterprise. The American economic system encourages each individual the opportunity to create, collect, buy and sell, goods and services without interference.

4. Freedom of Choice. Americans have the right to choose which occupation they work; the place they choose to live; the goods and services they buy; and the right to be left to their own successes.

5. Competition. Freedom means the ability to compete using your own skills and abilities. An economy where individuals have the ability to move and use their labor to their advantage is a healthy economy. Skillful and creative people are encouraged to improve on goods and services that will benefit them by selling or trading for other goods and services/

6. Profit Motive. The ability to sell a product or service for what ever the market decides it is worth - is the key to placing value of the worth of your labor; your abilities; your creations.

These basics are not the entire economic system. But, if you understand that the individual is the key component of each of these principles, you will understand that there is no one to blame for your success or failure.

Do better. Work harder. Continue to adapt. Learn as much as possible every day.
Yeah,everything that made the USofA great,until you Wokers and Libturds came along.
Now you are just paying lipservice to a great system while devouring it,and have that imbecile posing as POTUS turning it into a third world Hellhole!!barf
Oh Conman! I didn't make the rules. You didn't make the rules. We just live by them.
if you can't do the work - move aside - the rest of us will get the work done!
Go back and read the points of what the American Economy is.....then stop blaming everyone else for your failures!
you talk the Talk,Sunshine,but with your political affiliation,you are definitely now Walking the Walk!comfort
As if you know what that don't understand simple economics; and are conned into believing that you are somehow worse off now that your cult is not in power.
Arrait, so what happened was our cult leader was kicked ut by that coalition of dnc, fbi, soros, gates and the works with good help from corrupt courts (hence supreme stayed out of that mess) and the result was a "though stance" on Putin. Then throw in a pipline nobody can phantom who blew up...rolling on the floor laughing

Rite so- first we had covid (you know, those labs ran by cia) gave us the first blow then came Putin who could take no more of shize making him publuc enemy numro uno. Ok.... so far so crappy.

In this invironment of "hope and prosperity" (..not..) emerged a horde of smart azz retailers and middle men and together they hiked up the prices for us to where it is now, artificially high. Foundation for this nicely layed by the sittig gov. Does anybody finally understand why Trump tried to talk the hysteria down some? Hmm...
Perhaps a recession is looming and not what they call a “technical recession”. wine
rolling on the floor laughing comfort
Still talking the Talk I see!Wonder if you really believe that Dimmocrat-Drivel of yours!
But your Profession is benefiting immensely from the Chaos Biden has caused!
You're really the saddest Case I've seen in Ages!
all the Earmarks are in place to make it another one like the '29 Depression!
Unlimited Moneyprinting,Fed Interest-rates near Zero,Cheap Money spilling over into the Stockmarket,Corporations being more worth on Paper than in reality!
Gonna be some pretty Fireworks!uh oh
even cnn can't cover for the senility and destruction from the current misadministration. they denied the last recession with pencil whipping numbers to fit their narratives. they caused the inflation and more with their policies or lack there of when it came to working for the nation.

then you got the sheeple still trying to lie about how "great!" things are. bidenonimcs doesn't and hasn't worked for any one except foreign entities. terrorists, illegal immigrants, china, russia. many opec states and countries.

over 4% inflation for 2023. they still blame supply chain issues. they also try blaming demand with lower production when they're policies and lies are the ones that caused it all to begin with.

did i mention the other costs to tax payer with the expansion of government and medical fields? the quality of job creation over all hasn't actually been improving the ecomony but more burdening to the u.s. tax payers.

we won't get into the OP's mentions of lay-offs, cut backs, and closures.
over all, the stock markets have been crap. re-opening the economy is going to make it look good. lost most of that through 2022-2023.

they even lie about job creation. letting people go back to work isn't job creation. job creation also isn't people going back to work from a strike.
Are you still screaming "RECESSION"? Hahahhahhahhahhahhahhah!
Four years of nonsense "The Sky is Falling"; "The End of the World is Near"' Don't fall off the earth".
Perhaps you should check the facts:
GDP at 3.3%
Unemployment at 3.7%
Wage rates at the highest ever - 4% per year.
Inflation has dropped to 3.1%
The Stock Market is at an all-time high - NASDAQ reached an all-time high just today.

But then again ConMan - you have never been blinded by the facts. keep spreading those fake stories and conspiracy theories - the audience loves to laugh at your stories.
Sadly truthful facts have never swayed the Trump cult, they rely on lies and misinformation, just look at the post above yours, all based on lies and misinformation.
Yep spread your Pixiedust and Unicorn-farts!
Yep,that Stockmarket you love to mention all the time!
Watch it well!
And remember,the Fed has put that Penny back into the Fusebox!
I can't wait for your factless predictions to come true. You ahve been so spot on in all of your writings.
It is amazing that you are able to poke your head from your survival bunker long enough to check your blog posting. Sanity has never been one of your strong assets.
actual job creation is comparable to obozo.

many working 2-3 part time jobs because full time isn't available. the quality of the jobs also lend false credence to the "low?" unemployment numbers. still counts as "job creation?".

no one said they had to be of any quality. hence the low quality of government people, claiming to be working for the people.

it's like obiden destroying good illegal immigration policy then saying congress is holding him up. demonrat controlled when "the thing" was allowed to start squatting in the white house to reverse it all.

things will just get worse the longer it holds that position.
Conman - you really should stick
To Conspiracy theories and mis-information when you dig a deeper hole
For your logic. Facts have never dissuaded you of your intended goal of building up trump as a cult hero.
No one is listening to the garbage you sell.
Find a fact - try to honor the democracy you live; and watch American as real people make it work!
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