Fall heading in.

Despite 95 heat waves, it now feels more seasonal. Which means winter is aiming at me. I have been picking up acorns. Lots. That makes me nervous because that can mean a hard winter. Although the summer drought may have panicked the oaks too. I see two massive white pines that died.confused Can a tree that old and big die of drought?
Now is wood cutting. Guys will be out at the log pile tomorrow so I guess I can go and run the splitter handle. It helps and I don't have to worry if I can through chunks.
I figured I was safe..nope...more kittens. ARGH! Gator had 3. Blanket had 4. I collected them and put them on a box on the loggia. And then had to get 3 back again. Idiots! That spot will get rains! You would think by this time, cats know the difference between covered and not!
3 kittens of Gator are white with grey or calico spots. And fluff balls. Why cant they stay cute little fluffs instead of growing up into farm cats? Blanket had one grey and 3 blacks, more so tuxedos. Now where did that come from. My toms are white with tan and a beige. BUT! A stray showed up. A tuxedo who is the sweetest cat I have now. Checked the junk..hmm..hairy cat..female? Neutered male? Yes? No?dunno I am not getting that personal. Now my biggest tom, Trey is a male beyond any doubt. When he walks in front of you it is ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. Yep..that's a set of grin
Now the question is..where did the black kittens come from when my cats are all white, tans. Is Tuck holding out? If does he have secret? Maybe the neutering was not complete? I tried to see again and can't notice anything prominent.
Anyway, I plan to keep one or two of the black kittens. I am so tired of white cats. Each gen gets more white. And I wear BLACK all the time!crying
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Hi Orzzz I always delight in reading about your adventures.
I Googled about keeping Raccoons away from our home and one thing spices.
I had several that I don't use and spread that on the grass closest to the patio;
Vinegar on the tiles, is it working? Well so far have not seen a raccoon anymore.
I read ones they smell the spices and vinegar, they won't come back................
Hot here too and the fires are going on until late in the fall.....................wave
I wish we had more of a change of seasons here sometimes...

I can always tell when it is getting close...when this is in the stores...

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I hate winter. But, one good thing about it..it kills off everything and gives me a fighting chance in spring to start over. Not that I ever win anyway.blues I am attacking the hedge along my long drive which is prickly ash, hackberry trees, mulberry trees and whatever grows in the "row". Now it is drying off so I can wade into thorns and hack off the sprouts that got away. I swear a shoot can grow 2 feet in a week!
The joke with pumpkin spice is it has NOTHING to do with pumpkin flavor. Just the mix of spices one uses in pies. I avoid it. It belongs in a pie!
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