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Text | Dictionary.. Strong's Concordance 1890

Heb. Oren.....Lat. Fresno....Eng. Ashtree.
.[ 766 ]....6575.. Exposition +
. 766...Ashtree
2725... parching heat ; drought
..........1 0 3 0.. house { of the } sun
.............264.. brotherhood
389..surely / wherefore
766. Fresno
1155. Grape..blues .[ Fresno county # 01 source.
...........6778...raisins...[ Number One again
............6012...deeper / depth
3784..whisper { a magic $pell*
. 766....* Number 1 in meth
...............594. pL } plumbline tent is here
............... 766....big F./ Ash- tree, UN disputed leader in baseball bat$....made from white Ash.
....P A R T 2.. Bigger Geography
Innervisions / Wonder
Hocus pocus / Focus
eYes of Texas / Sinclair
....o824. support..............7453. T X
....6629. cattle..................6524. abundance
...7453. Friends / texas......929..moo.) more cows.
1496..hewn-stone [ houston
3879.. attached..{ Heb., Levite
5375..nasa. [2 ] ..lift up..; to deceive
.....3 0 2 7..XL. } extra LARGE
.....4 4 2 6...[ 2 ] ...interpret ; satire
.....7 4 5 not think you can so easily escape
them, the eYes of TX are upon you until Gabriel blows his horn.....- Sinclair
5881..having eYes
... besides being wise, the Preacher also taught the people knowledge, weighing & studying & arranging muy Proverbs with great care...- hotel Version, p.559
..pilot in the sky of dreams / threshold
headed for Tomorrow / gamma Ray
Jet Lag ../..simple plan......) Standby.
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standing by
roadside assistance
6$ a month
best value is breakfast
i'll take the
Hungry Rancher
add some tobasco
keep the coffee coming
Mad mad mad mad world
..grapes of Wrath
Thelma & Louise..
Escape from NY...
Con Air.....} Just a few of the many films making a reference to Fresno....) For reasons known only to the Hollywood insiders.
I wish I could answer you but I don't know what you're talking about.
Your not the only one Mickey laugh
Every word in Strong's Concordance has a number
...hence alpha numeric...viz.

1. Father
3. Green
4 fruit...
It's not rocket surgery.

Part 2.
.. Obama's dog, Bo, has died....crying
Maybe this helps
5375. NASA / UP
5376. NSA, from 5375, to make Insurrection*

* See coming FAKE alien invasion
And yes, Virginia..
..there is a Fresno , Texas...
..that is what we are typing about.

But Fresno, TX is neither the grape nor
Meth capital of Amerika.
That distinction belongs to Fresno, CA.
You're witty agent. I like that.
But mate, is it the alians you try to outsmart, it may be working rolling on the floor laughing

This is really overkill. laugh

That was quite a journey right there! thumbs up
Thank you.

The point of the exposition is to challenge any other lexicographic authority to produce a similar logical pattern with less than 9,000 alpha Numeric entries.

766....Oren / Ashtree / Fresno
...19. the point
785.. flaming hot....sigh . very mad
That's a challenge you'll probably win.
First you have to have some competition.

I see none. sad flower
Get some cigarettes.
@Pat. Some folks here seem to understand what agent orange is talking about here.
At best it could be an effort to start some kind of secret code language that only the "inner safe circle" can get to. I'm not so sure that will work cos if a few ordinary cs users will get it fbi/cia/and kgb will too.

So why does blogs like this make me question my sanity when I know I'm right?
We get confused looks from PASTORS TOO !

ITS NOT A CODE ! Seeing as how Dr. Strong made
Several mistakes, including a mystake of omission..
No entry for the most repeated word in church Admin;. HALLELUJAH...which should be holding place number 1977.

We agree that at first glance the casual reader does not comprehend the logic...
Thus in order for the discovery to merit 'revelation' status, 100 or more equations- all of them logical- must be tracked down or looked up...} See past Mcblogment s....viz. signature, x Ray, Psalm 45..
Beehive [ or block chain...and good old Spectrum.
...natural Law....
All fit matter shall be improved to it's best purpose.
.... biblical Law...Isa.29:11
And the vision of all has become to you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, "read this." He replies,
"I cannot, for it is sealed"....

The seal is removed by knowing just a wee bit of Hebrew-- the language of Revelation & scripture.
216.. illuminated.[ owr.
217..[ 4 ] flame, East, sunrise x wake up.[ Uwr
433.. the Almighty { Eloah.
Hopefully it is understood now..
When eYe ADD
My tent is here
And I drop a plumbline
Your reporter is no longer in Fowler { little f.
But resides in Fresno [ big F

peace ..} FULL NIXON.
happy place
Fresno, for how long.
42.4 ..Frestiferous years
...deduct 13.6 for Fowler....but still worked the big F
Coming over the wire [ Kyno. 1430 A M
At 12:20 pm standard bat Time

...[ do not ask me how this is Mcpossible.]

But, statistically anyhoo, there is a 1 in 500,121 chance of meeting a real McBob if you are the
Non- vampiric, UN registered woken Independent
Cat woman.
Sorry, McBob can be more specific...
....158..Love / affection
.....608. Ye. ) You
.....766.. Oren.) Ashtree. ) Big F.

The radio man said; Fresno was the number One

MOVE OVER, Miami Beach, NY, LA / Malibu....blushing
This reminds me of what you used to write back at MD.
She is referring to the burn Ward -- meth doktor.

Missed One....
8384..Fig Tree [ s.
7618. sub division
766...our first exit into Fresno was Herndon Ave.
...on 9/01/78...and from Herndon all the way to Maple Ave. Was acre upon acre of fig trees.
Today, they are sub divided homes for the affluent.
Just real eYesd sum Thing
Zero hour / Paramount / f. King
Escape from NY
Con Air..
Mad mad mad world...) All referencing the big F.
..all using Airplane [ the Vector
All indicating a degree of Scienter.
For multiple airplanes became the Vector* of the covert infection at the Wuhan bat-Fish wet market
Event 201 military games of 10/2019.
* That is, each military plane, loaded with Elite soldiers from the Competing Nations.
.. China Town / destroyer
The timing. } Jets Overhead
Stressed out / 21 pilots
..A R ] singing in the wreckage / blk box recorder
Better Watch Out For The Skin Deep!
One more Time...
Move over Orange County, take a seat Vegas, goodbye Dallas Texas...
....and now, the Inquisition....
Bob. ) Does that $0UND right to you ?
McBob. ) Thanks for asking. It sounds like a Barker in a Carnival of Fakery.
Notbob.) Incoherent, please get sum Medicine.
..bob.) the question is...
McBob.) Who in the Family commission Ed such "a $tudy ?
Notbob.) And Y is F town featured as a mic- drop in hundreds of Films.?
.. McBob.) Yes, there are worse places. But the study is bent...but not nearly as bent as $tudies on the Covert Infectious Flu.
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