Some things I’ve learnt along the way…(pt. 2)

"Over the last 20-30 years or so, I’ve had some ‘eye-opening/mind-changing’ revelations about myself and my life.

Some of those revelations are about my relationship with myself, with my immediate family, with ‘ex’ friends and with an ‘ex’ husband – and are very personal. Others were revealed to me through observations, mistakes and other challenges that I experienced along the way."

* Just because it worked for you, doesn't necessarily mean that it would work (at all/as well) for me.

In my part of the Southern Caribbean, the saying is "Gopaul luck eh Seepaul luck", which is a warning to avoid doing what others have done/may be doing, just because it seems to have worked/be working. This is especially important if what you see being done is either ethically inappropriate and or legally wrong. Whilst others around you may benefit or 'get away' with such actions, you may not be so lucky. Do the right thing and make your own way; don't be a follower.

*Change isn't always a good thing.

Many strides have been made over the last few decades, especially in the areas of Science and Technology. These improvements have changed the way(s) the mankind gets things done - work and play - which, for the most part, has increased the level of convenience for this Life's journey. In doing that however, certain other aspects of Life have also been increased, but to man's detriment instead.
For example, mankind has become so 'comfortable' that such ease has given rise to physical inactivity, obesity, health issues, social insensitivity and even spiritual and moral decay...just to name a few.

What have I learnt? Change itself, isn't enough to make things better; holding on to what is valuable amidst the change, is.
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Didi7 You end on a very common sense few sentences.
So many think that change is always good. I look back and look at the present and where we seem to be going and it not great on many levels.
I do look back at old fashioned chivalry and with there being nothing wrong in a woman being feminine but strong. Not afraid to dress and look as she pleases but the women of the 30s and 40s for instance , went through the war, did their bit and were stronger and yet more feminine and not taken in by media rubbish and telling them how to look as they are now.

I look back and see where I went wrong. I have learnt my lessons but the basic character does not change after 40 and this is a scientific fact. We are what we are.

So, I will always love animals, flowers, romance, romantic movies, good and real freindships, not just fairweather friends. I have an inquisitive mind and I love to learn and the more I study and read and learn, the more I realise that I know nothing.
I think I am totally myself and no longer try and impress.
I am not taken in by Media and the adverting agencies fear mongering that sells youth to women in the shape of expensive creams etc., I don't see that as liberating.

I embrace my years but still love to be a woman. That is me and I that is working ok for me, not necessarily for anyone else.
I hope I made some semblance of sense. I tend to type or speak straight from the heart and that can get me in trouble.

Take care, thanks for a a though provoking blog. bouquet
Thank you for sharing GG. As usual, your comments are insightful and pragmatic. We are certainly like-minded beings in our perspective of most things.bouquet wine
Didi7 I agree with you, you are probably less emotional than me, but that is something I can't change.
your Blogs bring a ray of light in to this blog site. That's for sure. You are a very open and gentle soul and that is not patronising , it's meat as a compliment. hug
"your Blogs bring a ray of light in to this blog site. That's for sure. You are a very open and gentle soul and that is not patronising , it's meant as a compliment."

I'm glad that you think so, and that you appreciate what I share on here. Thank you for the compliment; I really appreciate it.heart wings wine
Didi7 You are welcome. wine angel2
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