People who are easily emotional and feel the pain of others deeply are considered to be ‘softies’. Some see such persons as being kind and empathetic, whilst others see them as being ’weak and stupid’. For example, the Cambridge Dictionary states that a softie is “a kind, gentle person who is not forceful, looks for the pleasant things in life, and can be easily persuaded to do what you want them to”, whilst the Merriam-Webster’s definition is “1: a weak or foolish person and 2 : a soft-hearted or sentimental person."

In Psychology the term is “Soft Personality”, and identifies different types and traits.

If a man is seen as being soft (by women and other men), then that’s not a good thing, because that’s the equivalent of being weak and un-masculine. But some men can be big and strong, and still be a softie. Men usually have to present and maintain the image of toughness and stoicism (even if they aren’t naturally so), in order to be regarded in a positive light. However, women being soft is more acceptable, and is even desired as a character trait by interested males.

I can’t recall, exactly, when I first realized that I was a ‘softie’, but I can say that I don’t think I may have always been so. Seems to me, that when I was much younger I was less so, but who’s to say that I wasn’t ‘born this way’. Make no mistake, I’ve also been known to be tough and abrasive, not easily persuaded, and (very) foolish, so there’s no perfect formula to describe my brand of softie.

I’m mentally strong but physically weak, optimistic but pragmatic, appreciative of the simple things in life. I love to laugh but cry easily (at/for anything that’s sad), prefer to see the good in others but I’m too trusting, forthright but forgiving. Sounds like a resume or personal ad, right (laugh). Seriously though, I’m glad that I’m a softie, but it does have its downside…

What about you? Are you a softie, too?
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Hi Didi wave

I'm soft when it comes to caring about others especially those in more need than myself. I help in my community wherever and whenever I can and my door is always open to anyone who wants a listening ear.

However I can and will stand up and be counted against anyone who dares to cross my path in a disrespectful manner.

Must be the Capricorn in me.

Yip, that description definitely fits me, 'softie'. When me and my best buddy are alone together I share my most inner thoughts with him. I'm quite sure he, that's 'Dog' name of my best friend, will confirm my every word I just said.
Hi TM, I know just what you mean. I do too.handshake
smile Thanks for sharing,
Personally speaking, I think I'm the biggest softie I know hole
Having said that, I'm not a push over either and I have to agree, if and when I see men being door mats, I do loose a certain amount of respect for them, women on the other hand, I lean towards protecting, as in watching out for them instead.

wave Didi
I'm romantic in my own way and softie in my own way too.
It's not too obvious.

I don't like dragging out a womans chair at the first date, cos I feel that is false romance.
I want her to know that what I wanna do for her is at a higher level, so fukk the chair! lol

I love holding hands.
Is that soft?

Anyways, thanks for a good blog.
wave CW, only you would know for certain, because others don't usually see ALL of what you are.
Thanks for sharing, G. I know that being a softie is not something that most men want to own up to (except if they're trying to get a woman's attentiongrin).
Anybody who can't see the value of softice has got something wrong in the wiring. laugh
There's nothing wrong with men or women being a "softie" as you say. It's a strength all it's own.

"“Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.” – Dalai Lama

"If someone mistakes your kindness for weakness, that’s their fault – not yours."

"Being rude is easy. It doesn’t take any effort and is a sign of weakness and insecurity. Kindness shows great self-discipline and strong self-esteem.”

Not only men, but women as well, have to be strong and ready to lead as well. I know many women who are such.
Believe it or not Robrt but I do know a few soft women,
even in this day and age.

Nah, tough as old boots, me.

Embedded image from another site
laugh Btw, nice boots, Jac.
Wise words. Thanks for those affirmations, Robrt.thumbs up
I'm soft in the head, half-witted. Oh, street-smart enough when Microsoft or my bank phone me to be helpful laugh and I used to think my trust was hard to win, turns out, nope. I invent good qualities for the people I know and then doh turns out they never had them and sometimes never even pretended to have them. I'm my own worst enemy, it really grates my carrot. doh frustrated

I'm a bit of a soft touch with animals, they're generally less complicated, nearer my IQ laugh
They're not really my colour. I prefer darker greens, purples and reds.

I have a vague memory of you posting something and think they might be more your colour scheme, maybe?
I like greens (bright), purples and reds as well, but I also like orange and yellow. The colour combination on the boots goes well with the thumbs up
I just accept myself as i am. grin I act according to situation needs. I can be many things but am not a bad person roll eyes I think.

Anyways if we had all the same attributes we would be a world of robots laugh teddybear
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